Christmas time is a mysterious and magical time. It starts on Christmas Evening (January 6) and lasts until Epiphany (January 19). It has long been believed that during this period the boundaries between the earthly and other worlds weaken, and a person has the opportunity to look into the future. The unusual atmosphere of Christmas traditions inspires faith in the possibility of a miracle.

Divination for Christmas time

We offer you to plunge into the magical world for a while and talk about divination at Christmas time, which today has been somewhat transformed and filled with new meaning. They will help during the holidays to have fun with friends. Mysterious rituals will be of interest to both girls who are expecting a betrothed, and family people who want to understand more “pressing issues” – economic forecasts and prosperity, the fulfillment of cherished desires, and the appearance of children.

Divination for Christmas Time

The roots of festivities at Christmas time go back to pagan times. The first mention of traditions dates back to the 4th century. After the adoption of Christianity, the rituals of dancing, disguising, and divination at Christmas time were preserved. Although the church condemns such rituals, considering them superstition and assistance to evil spirits. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that fortune-telling is based on untruth and mysticism, which is contrary to divine laws. In addition, turning to magic and evil spirits can cause spiritual harm: causing anxiety and despondency in the case of negative predictions. The people also say that traditional baptismal dipping in the hole helps to wash away the sins committed during Christmas time.

From time immemorial, Christmas has been the most auspicious time for those who want to lift the veil of mystery a little and find out their future. Snow crunches outside the window, the house smells of knots and kutya, and faith in a miracle is born in the soul … After the appearance on Christmas Eve of the first star in the sky, which symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, Christmas time begins. On the night of January 6-7, it is customary to tell fortunes about love, money, luck, harvest, and health.

If you also want to plunge into the mysterious and exciting atmosphere of divination, touch the mysterious and incomprehensible, get away from the routine, or just believe in magic with friends, you can check out the classic rituals.

Tarot Cards

The standard deck needs to be shuffled and the “cap” removed from it. Having chosen a king or a queen of any suit, you should lay out 9 cards on the table in 4 rows. The cards that will be next to the chosen lady or king will show the future fate. For example, the red suit promises love, fidelity, honor, and friendship. The peak symbolizes good luck in any undertaking, and the diamond symbolizes a prosperous and cheerful life. But the suit of clubs can predict boredom, infidelity, trouble, and illness. The “value” of the card itself also matters. So, the six speaks of an exciting journey, and the ten speaks of an imminent declaration of love.

Divination for Christmas time Tarot Cards

Candle Magic

To carry out the ritual, you need to take a few wax candles and a large basin of water. After the lit candles flare up, it is necessary to tilt one candle over the container and drip wax onto the water. According to the formed figures, further interpretation is carried out. To do this, wax figures are taken out of the water and their imagination is connected.

Wax froze in the form of a fish – this is a warning about new acquaintances and good news. In the form of a snake – to incidents. A large number of frozen small drops is interpreted as wealth. The more droplets, the better.

Scrying with Mirrors

Such fortune-telling is done at home in complete silence, with the presence of one or more girls. To do this, they put two mirrors (small and large) opposite each other, and candles are lit between them so that a kind of “fiery” corridor is formed. According to legend, at the end of this corridor, it is possible to see your betrothed. After the vision, you need to extinguish the candles and disassemble the mirrors, covering the small ones with a white handkerchief.

Scrying with Mirrors

Another option is to take a mirror and go out at the crossroads at night. Turning your back to the moon and looking at your reflection, you need to say: “Narrowed, mummers, show yourself in the mirror.” Just next to your reflection, you can see the image of your future lover.

Coffee Ground Reading

To do this, a drunk cup of coffee is covered with a saucer on top and turned up and down 3 times so that the coffee grounds spread along the bottom. It is better to take for these purposes a smooth porcelain saucer without a pattern.

According to the educated figures determine their fate. Everyone in these drawings will see something of their own. Divorces can take the form of sticks, various geometric shapes, buildings, people, animals, constellations, etc. For example, a gate symbolizes the arrival of guests, a mountain – a difficult life, a dog – friendship, and a forest – wealth. Divorces in the form of sticks speak of important matters: the more there are, the more things to do. It is worth noting that a small number of divorces and stains on a saucer and in a cup speaks of a calm life of a person, a large number – of its saturation with various events. Chaotic divorces indicate uncertainty.

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During fortune-telling at Christmas time, look for only positive meaning in predictions. Do not take dark signs to heart so as not to program yourself for failure in the new year. Today, these ceremonies, like the customs of caroling, giving generously, and sowing, for many remain only a tribute to traditions. However, they make a lot of sense for those who wholeheartedly believe in them. And most importantly: during the Twelve Days of Holy Christmas, a warm and friendly atmosphere should reign in the house. Therefore, we wish you consent and harmony!


FAQ 1: Can divination tell the future?

Divination helps us understand things better, but it doesn’t predict the future exactly. It gives us ideas about what might happen based on signs and symbols. Remember, we have the power to make choices that can change the future.

FAQ 2: How accurate are divination methods like tarot cards and coffee ground reading?

The accuracy of divination methods can vary. Sometimes they can give us helpful insights, but it depends on how the person doing the reading understands the symbols and what we ask. Different people might have different interpretations.

FAQ 3: Can anyone learn to do divination?

Yes, anyone can learn divination! It takes practice and patience. You can find books or online resources that can teach you different ways to do divination. It’s a skill you can develop over time.

FAQ 4: Do you have to believe in a certain religion to do divination?

No, divination is not connected to a specific religion. People from different backgrounds can practice divination. It can be adapted to fit with what you believe and what feels right to you.

FAQ 5: Are there any risks in doing divination?

Divination itself doesn’t have risks, but it’s important to use it wisely. Don’t make big decisions based only on divination. It’s better to use it as a tool for guidance and to think about things carefully. Also, remember that divination doesn’t replace professional advice.