Famous Personalized Quotes, Wishes, Text Messages, & Greeting Confidence in the sea, if the world is close, true friends have no distance, true friends have no knot, miss you, bless you, I will send you a Personalized Text Message, my good friend, I wish you happy! Busy at work, busy listening to an MP3; working hard, taking part in a disco; having trouble at a meeting, distressed and distressed to think about happy things in the past; sleepy on duty, sleepy, and learning to send a text message to a friend. I hope you learn to adjust and be happy every day.

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The rainy season is coming to an end, and all the bad luck has slipped away. I wish you good luck and health, health, and peace of life. In short, all the troubles will be put aside, all suffering will disappear, and all happiness will stay with you.

I swear to be loyal to my friends: Friends are happy, I am happier than friends; friends are sad, I am more sad than friends; friends are happy, I am happier than friends. Today is your oath day, you are in my mood.

I miss your voice, delicate and warm; I miss your smile, sweet and comfortable; I miss your company, romance and tenderness; I miss all of you, satisfaction and intimateness. Do you miss me?

A friend is an umbrella, an umbrella that is happy when you are upset by a torrential rain; a friend is a medicine that is a good medicine to help you recover in the face of an injury; a friend is a knife that is pulled out to help you in a difficult situation; friends It is a blessing. It is a moment to share happiness with you when you are happy and successful. Friends, it’s nice to have you, I wish you happy every day Personalize Greetings, healthy and safe!

Autumn is coming, autumn rain and rain, clean summer heat and feel good. Autumn is here, autumn flowers are bright, love cream is sweeter than honey. Autumn is here, autumn fruit is fragrant, and one year of hard work is prosperous. Autumn is here, send wishes, and wish Jun a happy and healthy company!

The white clouds flutter, and they do not miss the meaning of missing; pouring rain, soaking the heart of not being wet with friendship; the long wind roars, blowing the love of friends; Bless you, my friend, I wish you happiness every day, good luck and constant happiness, happiness forever!

The water in the trickle stream is not blocked by stones, and the deep friendship is not sparse because of distance. In my “Friendship Ranking”, you always top the list, and the market is still bullish. How are you these days? In the distance, I bless you.

The world is so big, the hardest part is to worry about; the work is so busy, the friendship of friends is in mind; the life is so long, happy and happy to be with you; there are so many troubles, do n’t get angry when things happen, I wish you a Happy personal Greetings life every day Cheerful.

Pessimist says: It’s only Wednesday today? So frowning; the optimist said: It’s already Wednesday today! So happy. A good attitude determines a good mood. Be sure to adjust your attitude.

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The deepest and shallowest in the world are feelings, the widest and narrowest are the minds, the furthest and closest are the eyes, the longest and shortest are the distances of the human heart, the heaviest and lightest are the attitudes, the most beautiful and ugliest is the human heart, the most Really the ironiest are friends!

Miss a person’s time with a cup of coffee; open up a career with hard work; resolve a worry with a turning distance. To maintain the luck of a lifetime, just a greeting, good fortune and good luck in life!

Get up early and stretch your waist, smile in front of the mirror, take a deep breath, adjust your mentality, throw away all the troubles, go out with a smile, good luck naturally. A simple greeting, happy mood. Good morning!

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Happiness is a philosophy. Treat life with a peaceful heart, tolerate others with tolerance, appreciate the world with a warm heart, nurture all beings with a broad heart, and forget the pain with an understanding heart. May you do these things. Can understand happiness. I wish you a happy and sweet life!

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If I am the wind, I would caress your hair ends, if I were the rain, but I slightly touched your heart, if I were the flower, I would embellish your beautiful face, but I like myself as the dust, always around Beside you, look at your smile, listen to your joy, wave with you, touch all your simplicity. Friends, I wish to see your beautiful smile forever, I wish you happiness and peace.

There is a saying in the old saying: It is best to have crickets on summer days, and cooked crickets on cool summer days; both have the effect of quenching thirst and refreshing heat, and cooked crickets have appetizing, spleen and blood-reducing functions, which is very suitable for eating in autumn.

Do your best, make the worst plan, and be fearless; make the most effort, make the least expectation, and not be disappointed; make the most beautiful dream, live a realistic life, and not boring. How to cope with life and preparation. You can also check Engagement Quotes, Wishes.

Plant a tree of friendship for you, rooted in sincere soil, absorb nutrients of understanding, grow caring branches and leaves, and carry out “photosynthesis” with the sunlight of miss, injecting happy energy for you and warming you all winter!

The distance the eyes can see in the window is the sky and thinking of you. The sky took my eyes like a kite and flew to how to love your country, which affected my so happy life.

The song of wine, life geometry. Knowing is hard to find, no regrets. There is no companion without a companion. Winter is here, keep warm, and make less money, it doesn’t matter! ** Although the “money” journey must be grasped, physical capital is the most important!

Make a pot of tea and pass on the fragrance; sip a glass of wine and get fascinated; embrace a ray of sunlight to pass warmth; pick up a piece of grass and send it to care. Sincere greetings, my dear friend, I wish you happiness and safety!

Leave the light footprints on the ground, throw the senseless troubles out of your heart, hold the happy sunshine in your hands, and dye the gorgeous colors in spring clothes. Go in the early spring season, let jack warm memories, I wish you a bright and sweet mood!

The smile trembles, fights hard to the end, and jumps proudly, happiness comes, happiness makes trouble, drifts the bitter head, dreams come true, proud branches, I wish you a happy brow every day, always happy, happy life No point.

In the rainy season, may my wish bring you the coolness of the summer; a greeting will give you bursts of joy; a greeting, release your upset mood. A message sends my deepest blessings. May rainy season, I hope you have a good mood every day.

Red orange yellow green blue blue purple, is the weekend; rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, the taste is the weekend; spring summer autumn and winter, season season is the weekend; today is the day after tomorrow, every day is the weekend. May your life be happy every day like a weekend!

There is no perfect choice in this world. You cannot have both spring flowers and autumn moons, nor can you have both fruits and flowers. But you have to learn to weigh the pros and cons and understand the trade-offs, because this is life. Wish you happy!

Except for life and death in the world, all are trivial matters. Starting today, smile every day. Don’t embarrass yourself even if you are upset, because tomorrow will always be the starting line today.

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Midsummer has set off a billowing wave, sending a cool storm with short messages, blowing away the bright sunshine, driving away from your heart, being irritable, the cool breeze surrounding you, heavy rain to wash away the trouble, it is important to take care of yourself, it is important to take care of yourself. wonderful!

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Regardless of the distance, greetings are just intentional. It doesn’t take long to worry about it. Whether the letter is busy or idle, just be affectionate. There is no need to send an email, just receive it. Bless friends: I have more than one year after year, and I have a wealth of money. The road to friendship is long.

Although the leaves are withering, there is still my concern. Although the snow is cold, but there are my greetings, I would like to warm you in the sunshine in the winter, I wish you happiness forever, health and peace, and happiness forever Good luck, everything goes well!

Although the weather is cold, the warmth of my blessings does not diminish. Although the temperature is low, the temperature I care about is not low. Although the cold wind is cold, it will warm your heart with my deep thoughts. May you pick up your blessings, take care, choose your thoughts, and warm up every day.

The morning breeze carrying the breeze blowing the birds and the floral fragrance brought fresh air on the weekends. After a busy week of work, at this moment, you need this warm atmosphere, to cheer and laugh, and to open you heartily, dear friend, I wish you a happy weekend.

On a hot summer day, the breeze brings my blessing, gently blowing into your heart, soothing the irritable mind. Let the cool spring water, with your body, slowly return to calm; let the cool breeze accompany you through the hot summer.

The temperature drops, warmth sends you! One is to keep warm and add clothes, the other is to exercise and strengthen the body, the third is to pay more attention to the flu, the fourth is to live a good regularity, and the fifth is to contact more friends! I do n’t care about the cold weather, and I care for you and keep you healthy.

The snow drifts in winter, and it ’s okay to freeze people in the cold. The whole message is sent to the silly hat. The silly hat is busy looking at the phone. It turned out that I came to pray. Hee hee!

The maple leaf is red, that is the maple leaf’s attachment to autumn; the sweet-scented osmanthus is the note of sweet-scented osmanthus to autumn; the moon is full, that is the relationship between the moon and autumn; the text message is coming, this is my love for you Deepest wishes; May you meet with a sweet smile every day!

Add some temperature to your thoughts and give it to you. It ’s cold and you should add more clothes. Add some heat to the concern and give it to you. When it ’s cold, pay attention to keep warm. It’s getting cold and cold-proof, I put some greetings from the blessings and give you, I hope you have a good mood every day.

Life is like the same tree: shoots sprout in spring, leafy branches in summer, reborn in autumn, and nutrients in winter. Every cycle of life, let us mature step by step. Arbor Day wishes you a better life every year!

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The coming of late autumn, I hope you shake hands with health, hold hands with love, beckon with happiness, throw away your troubles, throw out disease, and throw depression into your hands. I wish you every day an extraordinary shot.

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The weekend is here. Please stop and hurry to relax. Please let go of your work to be happy. Please remove the pressure from your body and be happy. Please take off the tiredness and be happy. Let your mood rest and let happiness return. Naturally, let the sun bathe your face through the window.

When you hold something in your hand, you can only own it. If you let go, you will have a chance to choose something else. If a person’s heart insists on his own ideas and refuses to let go, then his wisdom can only reach a certain level.

The wind is a little sticky, the air is a little tide, the sun is a bit sunnier, the sky is a bit blue, and my heart is a little worried. Day by day, there is no trace of time; little by little, feelings slowly settle down; sentence by sentence, I wish you happy every day!

Birds flying freely in the sky is happiness for it; stars guarding the moon is happiness for it; I am sending you greetings in this beautiful morning, and that is the most beautiful. good Morning!

Good memories will linger in the mind; a distant goal must have a solid foot; a happy life, painted with colorful brushes; sincere greetings always come by accident. I wish you a successful career and everything is fine!

There is a kind of cooperation called sincerity, there is a kind of development that can be unlimited, a kind of partner can be mutually beneficial and win-win, and a kind of blessing to send to your heart. May we work together to linger, and have a promising future. In sight!

The highest state of doing things is tolerance, the highest state of friends is tolerance, the highest state of being a person is dignity, the highest state of mind is calmness, sincere greetings are not plastic surgery, I wish you always a bright smile!

The alarm rings every morning, and the dreams wake up. When you reach out to turn off the alarm, being late will increase your palpitations. Get up early, dream is greedy. Friends, I wish you all a good day.

Sending text messages to you is a habitual action. Greeting you is a simple joy. Missing you is a required homework. Bless you, it is my life-long commitment. Friends, I wish you all the best!

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Those who stay, we will stay with you; those who are far away will follow your steps; through this city, through this forest, through this beating fire, we will always be with you! treasure!

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Don’t sleep anymore, get up quickly, think about the alarm clock several times, don’t do struggling anymore, you will be late if you don’t get out of bed, although the quilt is very warm, but it will be warm when you get the salary Get ready for work. Good luck with your work.

Occasional busyness does not mean forgetting. May you be late to greet your mood, and the blessings that once fell will be compensated together this time. This winter is so cold, no matter how the season changes, take care of yourself and wish you happiness and health!

Blessings come before the Spring Festival; greetings come before the family arrives; blessings arrive before the red envelopes arrive; heartbreak arrives before the firecrackers arrive. May you be in the new year: be safe and secure, have rich resources, and have more than one year after year.

You are a firm conviction when you are struggling, and you are encouraged to move forward bravely. You are a rational exhortation when your career is taking off. Wake me up to work hard. With you, you are happy, sweet, warm, and happy. Partner.

Struggle hard every day, dreams are beckoning, we work together and work meticulously. I am fortunate to be a colleague with you, and I am very happy to fight with you. Come on, work hard!

Spring sleepiness and autumn fatigue are really tiring. I just want to doze off at work, soak in a cup of jasmine, go to my heart to relieve fatigue, do n’t get stubborn when things go wrong, and talk around, I wish you all the best!

One day, love will bloom like wild flowers in spring, and success will bloom like brilliant fireworks. Although there will be wind and rain on the road, you always smile forward, my friend, I hope all your wishes come true.

Purple eggplant cough syrup, onion spicy ginger soup for colds; salt and vinegar anti-toxic anti-inflammatory, pig cattle and sheep liver eyesight; cabbage diuretic detoxification, mushrooms inhibit cancer cells. Home-cooked dishes, extraordinary effects, help you get better in winter!

A small blessing cannot warm the weather, so I have to send some more blessings to warm your heart. I wish you a happy smile in your life, a lot of money in your career, and a healthy and healthy body. Finally remind me to remember to wear thicker points.

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Spring comes to the outdoors, soothes the mood, listens to the sounds of nature, catkins flutter green, the lake is full of spring, the sweetness and warmth come to the dream, the door of happiness has opened, good luck is lined up this spring, I send text messages to care, words Sentences are all love, may you be crazily in spring!

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Happiness comes and knocks on the door, happy smiles at you, beautiful scenery sends beautiful, good luck leans side by side, the days step out of backgammon, successfully raise a glass to invite, forget the world’s sorrow and annoyance, happy and happy . I wish you all the best!

Eye protection for office workers: It is easy to get tired after watching the computer for a long time, and it is important to take breaks from time to time. Occasionally, it is important to relax when viewing from afar. The adjustment of the seat is even better. May health!

Cold and cold winter nights, add clothes and warm your back, often exercise and fitness, drink soup to moisturize the stomach, warm water with bubbles, go to the sun, soothe the nerves, send text messages to convey your feelings, and always wish you good every day.

When the alarm goes off, I don’t want to wake up. I continue jack to interpret my dreams. Unfortunately, I have to be late for work and have to get up. I have to think of weekends every day. Only dreams come true. I hope that everyone will go to bed early and get up early.

Spring is a colorful season. It is the most colorful one, and I do n’t know where to start. May the deepest blessings linger around you, day after day, year after year.

Looking back on these six months, I can only look back with love. I have not been with you for six months. I just feel that happiness should grow like this. If I can, let me make this wonderful time. Keep it fresh!

Those who accept my blessings, have good luck before bedtime, have good dreams after bedtime, wake up and have good drama, happiness is your dream companion, happy to be with you in your dreams, lucky to see you in your dreams, sweet and your dream Mid-running, I wish you a lot of dreams tonight and happiness!

The imperial decree arrives and is carried by heaven. The emperor said, “The autumn is here, and the sky is refreshing. I will send a text message. I wish Oliver health in the days of fragrance, all the worries will disappear, and she will keep her happy everyday!” Thank you!

Open one eye, close one eye, sleepy eyes can’t see clearly, left ear goes in, right ear goes out, the alarm sounds, no sound can be heard, the left hand is lifted, the right hand drags the leg, and no longer gets out of bed Salary, cheer up, and wish you all the best!

No matter how far you go, you can’t get out of my sight. Silent, flowing concerns. Sincere feelings are lighter than Lee, and become thick when I miss them. A light greeting, so simple and sweet. Friends, I wish you all the best!


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