222+ Best Funny Quotes, Wishes, Messages, & Greetings {2023}

222+ Best Funny Quotes, Wishes, Text Messages, & Greetings No gifts will be given during the festival this year. Ten yuan and eight are not disliked, and one hundred and eighty thousand can pass. If you really do n’t send it, just a text message is fine. happy New Year! Are you happy today? I know you must say unhappy because my blessing has not yet arrived, I will send you a birthday gift. I hope you have today and now.

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Funny Quotes

I learned to be rich in five cars, and my belly is quite in stock: sugar, sesame, red bean paste, yellow cinnamon, walnuts, nuts, date puree … everything. This shows that I am broad-minded and have everything.

Tonight the stars are brilliant. You have grown up, wipe off the nose and nose, and wash away the mud in the past. Only you have today. Happy birthday, buddies, let us all unwind.

On your birthday, the devil is laughing and the angel is crying! Oh, angry? Don’t get me wrong, isn’t the angel I said exactly you? Did you laugh, I hope I can stop you crying!

Those who receive my blessing will never be fired; those who read will fly to Emperor: those who save will love sweetly; those who delete will have good luck again and again; those who forward will soar in salary! Happy Lantern Festival!

No sound, but blessings; no flowers, but true feelings, sincere wishes from the heart; since the Spring Festival is coming, I sincerely wish you and your family a safe and auspicious! All the best!

Ping often spends Christmas Eve, (Ann) reassures his wishes: (Night) Peace is tonight, Tonight, (Ping) is peaceful for one year, (A) is safe and steady. Wish you Christmas Eve!

For us, the greatest happiness is my parents who understand themselves. I have gained this happiness and never lost it, so on your birthday, I want to say to you: Thank you!

I am a mad monkey, singing loudly to scare away sheep, holding a cornucopia, and delivered to your door. I wish you: gold and silver treasures are piled up into mountains, you ca n’t run out of delicious food, health and happiness are always with you, happiness is year after year!

In the past, black, white, and white, I have a secret that I have been hiding. I decided to wait for the opportunity. Finally, the new year is coming. I want to tell you the secret in my heart: Brother, we are poor!

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The message to the face smiles, joyful mood is indispensable; the information must be sweet to see, always upset; the message raises eyebrows, auspicious jack always follows; the message of friendship appears, I wish you happiness!

The spring breeze comes all night, and the New Year is full of flowers. Lee does not fight for the spring, only reported to jack. Robert drifted quietly, and the blessing came quietly. Happiness is around you, good luck is accompanied by no less, happiness auspicious holds you.

I am very poor and can’t afford a lot of red roses. My money is only enough to buy a pot of cactus; but I am romantic and now I am holding this cactus and come to you, and have the courage to say those three words to you: sit Go up!

Short Funny Quotes

I will get an electric shock when I see you; I will charge if I don’t see you; I will lose power without you. Loving you is my profession, thinking you are my career, hugging you is my specialty, and kissing you is my profession! I wish you a happy new year!

Short Funny Quotes

Everyday is today, it ’s unusual for me, baby’s birthday, how dare to forget, text messages take the lead, chat to express my heart, surprises come one after another, just happy for you, I wish my baby beautiful all the time.

There are 364 days of happiness in a year, and the rest of the day, you are happier; 364 days of happiness in a year, the rest of the day, you are the happiest. Today is the remaining day, so I wish you a happy (life) day!

Health is gold, I wish you golden appearance, golden branches and leaves, and your body as solid as gold soup. Peace is a blessing. May the blessings of you be high and the blessings of both. Christmas Eve, I wish you a happy life.

One is hard and sweet when cold, the other is soft and sticky when hot, the other is intentional and not exposed, the other is innocent and round. May the delicious dumplings bring you the happiness of the Lantern Festival and the joy of the Lantern Festival!

Send you a warm, two greetings, three beautiful, four ignorant, five noble, six future, seven elegant, eight tenderness, nine fortune, ten sincere. Happy birthday and happiness.

Heart to heart holding hands, accepting the reward of spring. I wish you a happy new year. We don’t often have a new year, but we often have a new day. May you be full of happiness and joy every day of the year.

The lanterns are red, the moon is bright, the sky is bright, and I miss it all. jack Lantern, blessing is a spoon, round your wishes, round your dreams. I wish: Happy Lantern Festival, happy family, healthy companionship and happiness!

At the fifteenth, I will send you a bouquet of flowers: there are roses, paired in pairs; there is magnolia, everything is not difficult; there are jasmine, everything is as you wish; Happy Lantern Festival!

I hope you have the same constellation as the physicist Mary Curie with the same constellation as you, the talent of the painter Picasso, the dedication of the President Lee, the popularity of the movie star Robert, I wish you a happy birthday and happy every day!

Make friendship deeper in caring, warmer affection in care, quieter heart in honesty, better life in simplicity, better blessing in greeting, and happier Lantern Festival in blessing!

Happy new year, happy new year, bless you all happy new year, we sing, we dance, bless you happy new year! A nursery rhyme sends my most sincere blessings, I wish you a happy family, good luck!

No gifts are given during the Lantern Festival, and a text message will bless you: Good health and longevity accompany you, good luck and you will not break up, and finally let me tell you that the bills flow into the bag, all the advantages are given to you. Happy Lantern Festival!

May you face with the mind of the sea every day, fall asleep with the feeling of a pig, bask in the sun in South Africa, spend with Gates’s dollars, accompany Drunk with Bush ’s gold, and evade taxes by pulling D. Happy New Year!

Happiness comes from a dull state of mind; health comes from a light diet; you must remember easiness when you are relaxed; you must not be indifferent when you make friends; you must not fuss about success; you must choose the Spring Festival. Wish: Happy New Year!

No matter how many stars there are in the sky, the brightest is my eyes, and I will illuminate the way for you. No matter how many birthday wishes, I hope my first one is sent to you: Dear, Happy Birthday!

The purple gas comes to the east, and the blessings also follow. The magpie is on the plum, and the flow is on the eyebrow. Well-being.

The new year is here, think about nothing for you, and don’t plan to give you too much, only to give you 50 million, 10 million happy! Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Do not forget me!

Funny Quotes and Sayings

365 days, you are very happy, you have taken the lead in your work, prepared for the rain, just made more money for everyone, do n’t forget to drink water, and wish you a good year in the Spring Festival. I wish you good health in the year of the monkey, and lead us forever !!

The first month of the fifteenth month of the first month, no matter how old or young, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival, and then wish you a happy old age! I wish you a new breakthrough in the new year, all hopes can be fulfilled, and all your efforts can be fulfilled!

Funny Text messages

Lanterns, firecrackers, moon glow, happiness, good luck, happy and happy, many blessings, lively, God of Wealth, hug, everything goes well, in the present, enjoy reunion, celebrate the Lantern Festival, send text messages, very wonderful.

Send you peony flowers jack, rich and auspicious follow. Send you lily fragrance fluttering, peace and happiness without trouble. Show you every layer of show, holding hands safe and healthy. I wish you more beautiful than flowers, happy birthday!

Dim sum, love, message, fax, and blessings, and keep sending greetings. May you be in a good mood every day, affection and love, work smoothly, succeed in your business, make money every day, and live a happy life!

Good New Year, eat a full meal, find friends one by one, run around everywhere, and say hello to people, the New Year is good, laugh all day, healthy and happy, wrinkles are gone, happy and worry-free, happy monkey year!

The stars in the sky are bright, the lights on the ground change colors; the moon in the sky sends acacia, and the dumplings on the ground send reunions. Once again in the Lantern Festival, warm wishes are sent to Lee; health and auspicious gifts to you, I hope your dreams come true.

Christmas Eve, bells ringing, sms blessings are busy; happy feast, wearing red clothes, Santa Claus sends Heli; beautiful night, people are intoxicated, good luck and good luck follow; Christmas Eve, wishing wishes, happy and happy forever,

Clone a peace for you, I wish you a healthy life; clone a happiness for you, share your happiness; clone one for you, let me accompany you permanently; clone a blessing for you, and wish you a happy birthday!

Let the text message give you my words of blessing, deep affection is in this sincere heart, may your birthday be full of endless happiness, may your memories of tomorrow be warm, and may you dream in the new year come true!

The new year is here, and I don’t want to see you all day. I have no energy in my eyes. I picked up the phone three times, cold sweat drips from my limbs, sighs, and blame myself. I have an idea over time. I wait for you at ten.

An inclusive heart overlooking the world. An ordinary heart, experience life. A grateful heart, taste the years. A happy heart, enjoy life. A sincere heart for friends. Happy new year!

It is another spring of the year. I wish you a prosperous year of the monkey, a bright future, a bright star, a wealth of wealth and prosperity, a happy family, a flying yellow, happiness and happiness, official transportation, prosperity, and dreams!

Come and taste the dumplings I made for you, use “acacia” and noodles, “auspicious” as filling, cook in “happy” water, and bring it to you in a small bowl of “peace”. Happy Lantern Festival, happiness forever!

Very Short Funny Quotes

Struggle is the source of career success. Career is the fountain of happiness. Happiness depends on health. Health requires happy petals. At the end of the year, eat and sleep well, keep warm, stay away from the flu and prevent flu, and be happy for the Spring Festival!

Very Short Funny Quotes

The scenery around you is beautiful because of your existence. The distant path in front is wonderful because of your company. I am no longer alone because of your love in life. Today is your birthday. I wish my dear you happy and happy !!

The Analects of the New Year: Happy New Year’s Eve Not a red envelope, a gentleman? When friendship is used, greetings are often reached, and good friends: A cell phone ringing is better than golden gold, salute!

The New Year is coming to you, and I wish you a year early. I wish you a lucky year, a complete sentence. /Good luck, good luck, happy new year, happy and happy Happy New Year!

Lee said: I don’t say it to keep you in my heart forever; Water says: I am constantly flowing just to hug you forever. The pot said: They are all so fucked, but still poor.

Whenever there is a text message race during the festive season, you contend for me not to be busy. Standing on this runway, I will send you a general third best blessing in the principle of friendship first match second! Wish all four seasons a happy Festival!

At the beginning of the first month of the New Year, I wish the text messages could not be sent. On the first day of the lunar calendar, I miss you in my heart, health first, safety first, happiness first, happiness first, all the first for you, I hope your wonderful life will never change!

The Spring Festival is here, early New Year; I will send you a glass of fragrant wine, I wish you good luck; I will send you an auspicious picture, life is happy everyone boast; I will give you a red, everything is flourishing; Congratulations in advance!

Christmas is here again. I ask Santa to send you gifts that are auspicious, happy, and happy. Remember to receive them! Don’t be surprised that an old man in red falls off the chimney on Christmas Eve! Here comes the gift!

The ground is chapped and frozen, small trees hang ice flowers, beckon at the end of the year, come to the Spring Festival to let friendship join hands auspiciously, love conveys warmth, love spreads spring, happiness is no longer far away, and the cold at the end of the year, pay attention to keep warm!

Christmas, Santa will become the God of Wealth, Christmas tree will become a cash cow, Christmas gifts will become pick-up cards, and hymns will become sesame spells. The Friendship Treasury has been opened for you. Come out and have a happy cornucopia!

Four lucky things: New Year’s Eve is booked for New Year’s Eve, stopped to get a taxi, went to the door to get New Year’s money, holiday to fifteen on the first day; I wish you good fortune, partial fortune, windfall, rich sources of wealth; Love!

The sight of willows on the moon, let us start the imagination of Christmas Eve. Listening to the buzzing of the wind bell is auspicious for Christmas Eve. See the courtyard walls of the shadow corridor and share Christmas Eve time. Christmas Eve is auspicious, I wish you good health!

On Christmas Eve, we urged our knees to stare at each other for a night. At this time, there was no sound. Although they didn’t say anything, they didn’t tell each other. I couldn’t help it until dawn, and said aloud: When will the money owed?

On Christmas Eve, I would like to invite you to dinner, but the water and power are out, I can’t pay, I ca n’t afford the noodles, I opened the manual, and found the answer. It turned out to be the primary stage of life. change! Happy Christmas Eve!

On the road of love, men always use friendship for love, while women always use friendship to reject love; love, if you hold tighter, the faster you lose; the new year is coming, I hope your love will be sweeter and your life more happy.

On Christmas Eve, you have to be a good baby, go to bed early, and wait for Santa to come down from the sky, a warm, happy and auspicious for you, get up in the morning, and my greetings come: Merry Christmas!

The public searched for her hundreds of thousands of jack, looking back, but the blessing was in the depths of the lantern, did you see it Each lamp is my sincere blessing. May your tomorrow be as beautiful as a lantern, and your future as bright as a lantern!

 Famous Funny Quotes

Christmas Eve has not yet arrived, and peace has been meditation; Christmas has not yet come, and blessings have been drafted; text messages have been prepared one after another, just to express your mind. In the beautiful candlelight, my greetings shine, and Merry Christmas!

 Famous Funny Quotes

Familiar blessings, familiar sounds, familiar lanterns, familiar dumplings, familiar festivals, think about it for a long time, think about it for a long time, what do you say to you? On the occasion of the Festival, I wish you a happy Festival in advance.

I support the meniscus, with stars on my head, autumn waves in my eyes, roses in the mouth, auspicious clouds on the feet, and fly to you in a thunderous way, just to send you Christmas gifts, and wish you a Merry Christmas happy.

Once there was a pig who had been in a drift bottle for a long time and was born. Later, every day the drift bottle passed, the pig would hold a drift bottle that looked like a cell phone and looked at the label on the bottle: “Happy birthday!”

The snowy season is here again, bringing Christmas and New Year, and bringing a day of sweet worry for gifts. Your peace is my wish, your sincerity is my happiness, and the gift is my blessing for life!

Happiness is so simple. Suddenly a greeting message comes in, and someone will comfort you when you are upset. You are happy and I am happy, take care of yourself in busy days! Happy Lantern Festival!

There are always things that can’t be forgotten. There are always people lingering around. The encounter is so wonderful, life is so beautiful, work is important, and the mood must be adjusted. Sending a text message is a happy harassment.

Bring sincere blessings, simple melody and lyrics, no intentional writing, no false claims, very simply, want to keep moving in yourself or you and your head, want to spend a quiet time with you Christmas Eve!

There is no gift for the Lantern Festival. I will send you a message to wish you health and happiness, and good luck is always with you. Let me tell you that God of Wealth has already followed you, and banknotes and jewelry are for you. Happy life belongs to you! Happy Lantern Festival!

Deer jingle is the most sincere call to miss, neon flashes, the happiest beginning of carnival, full of affection, the most sincere manifestation of the soul, warm blessings, the most romantic poem on Christmas Eve, I wish you peace and happiness every year!

 Funny Quotes About Life in General

There is a lot of entertainment during the Spring Festival, and the program is hilarious: wonderful mahjong table, explosive cards, dynamic dances, singing songs, laughs, and humor. I ’m alone, I ’ll come and play with you, okay?

 Funny Quotes About Life in General

Life! Content can only make you happy; please do n’t compare salary with others. If you compare salary, we do n’t want to live anymore. In the new year, happiness-oriented and health-oriented. Happy New Year!

It’s Christmas Eve again, I wish you as beautiful as roses: beautiful and charming, glorious, beautiful, charming, fascinating men, stunned women. May you: Be a confident woman, be your husband’s favorite woman, and wish Merry Christmas to beauties!

The weather is slowly turning bad, and the cool wind is gradually coming; because of your cuteness, you are specially cared for; the quilt should be covered at night to prevent the hands and feet from being cold; Happy New Year to you!

When the new year arrives, return to her mother’s home, and the parents in the family will blossom; buy things, choose practicality, and not pay attention to the price; Happy family!

Send you 365 sweet dumplings, one dumpling represents a day of smiles and blessings! May you be happy every day in 365 of 2016, 8760 hours a day, happy, 525,600 points! Happy life is sweeter than honey!

I twisted the fleece with blessings, and weaved a red sweater for you: the front is peace, the back is happiness; the auspicious is the shoulders, and the wish is in the sleeve; the collar contains thoughtfulness, and the pockets are full of joy! Let my heart accompany you through the new year!

Let the germs in the sun dry in the sun, evaporate sorrow, evaporate sorrow, dry up the troubles, run away helplessly; fill up health, restore happiness; happy mood, overflow with happiness. World Health Day wishes you good health and happiness!

Eat the Lantern Festival, enjoy the Lantern Festival, the fragrance of the Lantern Festival; guess the lantern riddles, play dragon lanterns, and be in a good mood; step on stilts, paddle boats, colorful life show smiles; text message, warm friendship, bless you forever! Happy Lantern Festival!

The bell of prayer rang and the thoughts in my heart surged. Year after year passed, and I remembered you again on Christmas Eve. May the bell of Christmas Eve reach your ears and bring my blessing to your heart. Wish auspicious Christmas Eve!

The cold wind blows snowflakes, Christmas season is coming, the bell rings the mobile phone, and blessings are indispensable to you. It is beautiful on Christmas Eve, sending you happiness and smile, and wishing you success to hug you, joy to follow you. Wish Merry Christmas.

Funny Quotes About Life and Love

Look up at the full moon, bow your head to make dumplings, reunite with sweetness, and be happy and beautiful. The fifteen lanterns are round, happy and auspicious, the smiles of men, women, and children are round, and the sky is round. I wish you a happy Diwali festival, a happy career, a happy family and everything!

Funny Quotes About Life and Love

Pack dumplings on New Year’s Eve, mix the sweetness with noodles, mix the stuffing with happiness, roll the skin with joy, wrap in the beauty, cook auspiciously, take out the blessing, chew the wish, cheer with laughter and bloom on the table, I wish you a monkey Happy every day and everything goes smoothly!

Life is like a white cloud dog. If you want to be like a dog, don’t make friends with fox friends, read chickens and dog thieves, do not steal chickens and touch dogs, don’t be foolish, work with dogs and tails, and do n’t jump over the wall if you are in trouble.

The blessing in my heart has been dormant for many years, and now the bright sword gives you a new year. Work hard and be proud of the world, there is no thief in the world in all seasons. jack eight-star hug, the lover in the dream is there. If you are not sincere, don’t stay together and have a happy family.