100+ Good Night Quotes, Wishes, Greeting & Messages [2023]

Good Night Quotes, Wishes, Text Messages, & Greeting [2023] Let go of your mood, let go of your troubles, relax your body, put happiness into it, and let your sleep sink. Good night, good night, darling girl.

Good Night Quotes

Sweet Good Night Quotes

The warm evening wave waved goodbye to you, the twinkling stars blinked at you playfully, the text message of friendship ran into your mobile phone, and said softly: pig head, Good Night!

I have you every night in my dreams. I think I must have walked into your dream. May we weave our thoughts under the same starry sky! Good night and wish you a Good Dream Tonight!

Warm smile tonight, sleep comfortably, wake up tomorrow and smile, all day life has a mood, smile when received the text message, all the troubles are forgotten!

Let my warm greetings turn into a ray of moonlight and fall next to your face, lie on the top of your head into a bright night sky, and turn into an intimate pajama to accompany your dreams, Good Night Text Messages!

Whenever the night comes, the stars in the sky are my eyes on you, the moon bends, it sends my most sincere blessing: Good Night, have a good dream.

Bright moonlight in front of bed, dreaming of drinking chicken soup, and you want a leg, then you want to be beautiful! Do you really want to eat? Then go to sleep! In the dream will give you drops, Good Night!

May all happiness accompany you, looking up is spring, and looking down is autumn; May all joy follow you, full moon is poetry, full moon is painting! Good Night Baby!

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You have dreams during the day. If you have dreams at night, you will. You have to take good care of yourself. Don’t catch a cold runny nose. If you sneeze occasionally. That means I miss you.

It’s dark, the mobile phone comes to light up, take a look, take a look, good night greetings come, climb out of the bed, and come back to ensure that you can sleep, and say: Good Night!

Eat enough, drink enough, it is time to sleep, do not snoring, affect the quality of sleep, a row of people tomorrow morning is still waiting to snap up your fresh pork! good night!

You’re not by my side, making me feel lonely; sending a text message to worry that although spring is already warm, but also to prevent cold at night, pay attention to eating and eating, please don’t bother me, and say Good Night.

A distant dream lights up a lamp, and listen to my wish, I hope you are safe and peaceful, I hope all the goodness fill your dreams, I wish you a good night to sleep, good dreams!

Watching the brightness of the moonlight reveals the freshness, listens to the insects chanting and jack, and you should also take off the fatigue of the day, and let the beauty of nature rest, and start a new sleeping experience.

Inspirational Good Night Quotes

It’s raining today, just like the thought of landing, greetings are not only in the night, blessing is always hidden in my heart, the rain stops and misses more, but I still care about the night, sleep, good night!

Inspirational Good Night Quotes

The wind doesn’t blow and the rain doesn’t rain. At this moment you are not afraid of anything; moonlight is falling, stars are blinking, and I often care about you; good dreams accompany you to dawn; Good Night.

Yawn, wash your face, bubble feet, lie in the quilt to count the baby, count the baby, lazy to urge, quickly sleep asleep, double the dream. Have a good night’s sleep.

The sky is full of stars, the eyes I watch for you every day; the lights of all homes are my attachment, the heart, and the love that I wait for you every night, I hope you have a beautiful night. 

Some things are doomed in the dark, and even if you are reluctant, you can only bear it. Along the way, don’t be afraid of silence and loneliness, only they will stand with us. good night.

In the castle of your dreams, is there a bear in search of the honey you want, and in the river of your dreams, is there a butterfly jumping on the dance you love, dear, Good Night.

What to do, what to say, what to say, what to see, what games to play, what summary to write, what dreams to do, right? Go to bed early, good night!

Send my cordial blessings every night. May the night in your heart be safe! Every dawn comes with my beautiful hope, and I miss you all the day! good night! Good dream!

I send you thoughts, what you receive is a blessing, and what is passed on is happiness; what you experience is caring, what you feel is true, what you share is life; good night! Good dream! miss you!

Once a year, summer comes one after another. Debut at high temperature, don’t forget to prevent heatstroke when you are busy; a touch of coolness, a little cozy, lightly to your side. I wish all life is good, Good Night Greetings!

I want to send you a moon, and I have a gentle charge to you; I want to send you a star, and I have a playful blessing for you; I want to send you a beautiful dream, and let good night along with the moon and stars follow you in your dream!

No matter how many troubles you have, if you are tired from work, you also need to rest, sleep peacefully, keep up your mind, get enough sleep, live a healthy life, and be energetic, and you can be happy every day. It ’s late at night, so rest in peace.

Good Night Quotes for Friend

Give you a good morning kiss in the morning and say to you: Good morning; hand you a cup of warm milk tea in the afternoon and say to you: good morning; hold you in your arms at midnight and say to you: Good Night. Dear, I miss you all the time.

Good Night Quotes for Friend

You pluck my heart string with your heart. I heard that my heart was rippling in love, I heard the most beautiful music of human beings, and I wish my message was like a forgetfulness grass, to wipe away the heavy heart.

A tiring day just for three meals. Easy or hard, bitter and sour and sweet. A vegetarian heart is more secure and peaceful. Freedom requires money, warm heart and intimate talk. Plan for tomorrow, dear you good night!

The flowers are charming because the butterfly is chasing; the dream is drunk because the moonlight is beautiful; the night is deep because the angel is coming; the love is precious because you have comfort; I am happy because you have been with you throughout your life. Good Night!

When I am tired of everything, I will think of you, thinking that you live somewhere in the world and exist, I am willing to endure everything. Your presence is important to me.

Are you still struggling when you are happy with wine, and you are still working overtime when the autumn breeze is sending off? My concern is the most precious. Tonight I am still thinking about you falling asleep, dear, good night!

Only when a person can look deep into his heart can his vision become clear. Those who look outwards are in a dream, those who look inward are sober ones. Good night, dear ones, good dreams.

With you, long night is not sleepless, with you, fate, the sky is no longer alone. You are the warmth in my warm memories, the sails on the road of my life. The night is long, Good Night!

A distant dream lights up a lamp, listen to my wish, and hope that there will be no scars in your life, I hope you will be safe again and again, I hope all the goodness fill your dreams, I wish you Dream tonight.

In the castle of your dreams, is there a little bear looking for the honey you want, and in the river of your dreams, is there a butterfly jumping on the dance you love, dear, good people and dreams, Good Night Wishes.

Cute Good Night Quotes

Drink a bowl of hot soup and apply a happy night cream. The quilt of confidence is always warm, and the hug is always lingering. Childlike words are blown to your ears. Your lover is always by your side. I wish you a peaceful sleep and a bright smile.

Cute Good Night Quotes

The clouds at dusk drift lightly, the red clouds are my heart, and I love you a thousand times this day, and I miss you a thousand times this night, a good night takes you into a dream, a love takes you away, tired, troubled, and sad.

On this peaceful night, hold the stars to my deep thoughts and deep blessings for you! May my blessings dispel the fatigue and worry of your day job! Accompany you into a beautiful dreamland! Good Night!

The Great Wall of world will never fall, ask you good night! Spring breeze has passed the Pass, I wish you double your salary! Every time I think about the holiday season, I can get a bonus every month! landscape is all over the world, and passbooks are stuffed with pillows!

I want to cry, tears dripping into my heart, because of the thought of loving you. I want to sleep, people drift into dreams, because in dreams we are always sweet together! I love you in my heart, I miss you, I love you!

I want to cry, tears are falling in my heart because of the thought of love for you. I want to sleep, people fall into dreams, because in a dream we are always sweet together! I love you in my heart, I miss you, I love you!

Happy days, happy to you. Beautiful life, tenderness for you. Happy days, I hope to share with you. In a beautiful life, there is your warmth and happiness! Good night Greetings! Good dream!

The moon hid in the clouds, the stars stopped blinking, the breeze stopped ringing, the flowers closed the smiles, and everything became sleepy. Please sleep calmly, forget about stress and anxiety, and suddenly enter the curtain of sleep. Dear Good Night!

The night is a little deep and my heart is drunk! I don’t know whether you sleep or not, send my warm blessings, wash away the tiredness of your working day, good night on your behalf, to enter the wonderful country of dreams, it will be better to dream of you tomorrow!

Use the afterglow of the setting sun to warm you, use the calm of your evening in the atrium, accompany you to look at the sky with a cicada tweet, I urge you to fall asleep early with a greeting and send the most gentle text message for you: Good Night!

Good Night, send my blessings. May my blessing wash away your tiring day and allow my smile to cheer you up. Do not forget to go to bed early, good night gives you a wonderful dream. !!

They say that wine can relieve sadness, and smoke can relieve fatigue. Worry, drinking less alcohol is good, but don’t drink too drunk. If you are tired, just sleep, smoke, do not smoke, it’s too sad to get sick easy, Good Night Wishes!

Peter rose and smiled slightly, the stars blink, the heart jumps like a deer, let the message convey the key of love, my dear, you are my eternal pride, quickly fall asleep and embrace a beautiful dream! Good Night Baby!

Wise Good Night Quotes

Accompany you to count the stars on a sunny day, good mood, good night in the night sky, accompany you to calculate the rainy mood, all the way to happiness, to be a gentle companion to accompany you, to count the happiness in your heart, subtle feeling to make this life partner.

Wise Good Night Quotes

Rain, miserable flowers, wind and sad leaves, countless landscapes have sighed for many years; happy together, say goodbye to each other, and friendly communication on the path of life warms people. When everything changes, your blessings never change. Good Night.

Copy a sunny day, give you a brilliant night, copy happiness, give good luck, copy happiness, give peace of mind, copy starlight, give you a dream, dear, Good Night Good Dream.

Manage mosquitoes around you, control flies and buzz, do not listen to your ears, feel happy in your heart, burn hot troubles, sleep happily and hug your dreams, dear, sleep !! Good Night Text Messages!

I do not know what you are doing. On such a late night, maybe only I miss you so painfully, again and again. I do not want to bother you, I hope that you sleep peacefully, like a pig without worries. Good Night Darling!

Evening lights burned at night, tea was full of incense, jack devoted himself to training, and no one could make up for his injuries. Arriving in Japan, he thought carefully and hoped that the king would blow up the lantern in order to fall asleep early, dreams would drive away fatigue, and tomorrow the energy would be sharp. Good Night Sayings!

The night is quiet, the wind is refreshing, and the beautiful world is full of dreams. Good morning, good wishes and gentle hands are waiting for you, text messages, blessings and good night tonight, Good Night Quotes!

Quietly at night, listen to the breeze and sing the lullaby; enjoy the moonlight full of happiness and auspiciousness; whispers of worms, the thrill of greeting and the creation of a romantic meeting place;

On this peaceful night my warm blessings have gone and accept my deep thoughts. May my blessing wash away your tiring day, and good night bring you into a wonderful dream! The heart makes you feel safe every day.

Obediently, you can see that the crescent is on top of a tree. You hear that cicada is also missing. It is getting late. Rest early. Make sure the quilt cannot kick. Pleasant dreams. Can you open your eyes tomorrow. I have a honey mood, good night baby.

When the bird is tired, she decides to fly back to the nest. When the bird is tired, he decides to return home, take off his tired camouflage and relax. The original life is so beautiful, Good Night Dear!

Dear, often come to mind: usually pay attention to rest; forget the tedious day work, put aside the little things of everyday life, let be a bed, let cool the blanket, let me wish you good night, good night! Good Night Greetings!

Good Night Quotes for Love

A busy day, I hope you have a leisurely evening, enjoy the party with laughter, eat a delicious dinner, the smile becomes a happy evening makeup, rest early and don’t be late, I also wish you in time: good dream, good night !!

Good Night Quotes for Love

On this peaceful night, send my warm blessings and take my deep thoughts. May my blessing wash away your tiring day and a good night will take you into a wonderful dream! A heart makes you feel safe every day.

On a peaceful night, I can’t see your beautiful flowery smile, I ca n’t hear the sound of your peter, there is no trace of the warmth of words, only loneliness belongs to me on a lonely night, I will always give you joy and happiness, good night !!

After a day of running, are you tired? Smile for a day, are you happy? After a day of trouble, are you tired? Have a good rest and go to bed early. It ’s time for me to come to your mind and laugh with you all night, OK? Good night, darling, see you in your dreams!

Look at the twinkling stars outside the window, shuttled in the night sky; see the moonlight as clear water, Ren thoughts magnificent in the moon night. When the night is coming, say “Good night”, I wish you in the dream will always show a sweet dimple!

The night is approaching, cicadas humming, and frogs sing in harmony; moonlight, breeze blowing, and james to cool off; send text messages, send blessings, send good night to dreamland; accompany a good dream, sweet dreams, The corner of the mouth is beautiful. Good night, sweet dreams.

It is said that tonight, the ghosts are scattered, the light of death is reappearing, and the ghosts are turning around! May the ghost hear my call and come to you in the middle of the night to celebrate your head, pale face, green eyes, dry hands touching your face, and say to me: Good night!

The stars in the sky are blinking, the moon is jumping with thoughts … In the sleepless night, there is a sleepless person who is thinking about you … Good night, dear … I have in my dream … Whether it is good or bad, at least it can prove There is me in your heart!

On a starry night, I think about my past feelings, lingering in the night breeze, sighing in the sky when there is nowhere, longing for tenderness, longing for sex, longing for a lullaby that drifts away, let me sleep, good night.

Every good morning is the warmest greeting to you, every good night is the most beautiful ending to you, every goodbye is so intimate, because you are on my body, showing off so brightly, caring for your teeth, from every day Start.

Tired, go to bed early, go to bed early, good spirits; sleepy, go to bed quickly, sleep fast, white skin. Sleep well, dreams go hand in hand. I am with you in my dreams, and I wo n’t be alone; I will accompany you in my dreams, no longer worry. Good night, honey!

I linger in the night breeze, thinking about my past feelings in the starry night, sighing in the sky when there is nowhere, longing for tenderness, longing for sex, longing for a lullaby that drifts away, let me sleep, good night.

good night wishes

Your love is the only “drug” in my life. I have been poisoned by it and there is no cure. Your love is the oxygen that I rely on in this life. I am deeply trapped in it and cannot be extricated. Dear, Take a good rest! good night!

Greetings come because you are lovely. Give a task and sleep the game. Free combination, move fast. Straw mat pillows, each bring their own. Snoring accompaniment. Don’t show your belly button, beware of frost. See you soon, bye-bye!

A greeting, accompanied by the lingering lights, to the ears of honey; a wish, better than the warmth of the quilt, will warm the heart; a good night, the words are short but affectionate, containing countless concerns and thoughts; good night!

Cry to yourself and laugh to others. This is the so-called life. Many times, all we want is a positive look and an understanding heart. Everything in life is not calculated, but sentimental; not obtained, but cultivated.

On this peaceful night, take off your tired coat, let the noise of the whole world be silent at this moment, all the beautiful blessings are buried in everyone’s heart, joy, tranquility, and peace surround you. You are enjoying the sleepiness of dreams.

The smile hangs on the face, the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, the eyes are full of smiles, the heart is overjoyed, relax and stay with you, do the above, ensure that your sleep quality has improved, rarely lose sleep, and dreams are always with Now, may you sleep well and sleep well.

Long nights, I will give you a pretty face, I hope you will no longer be alone in summer nights; neon sparkles, I will give you a warm harbor, I hope you will have my company in my life; Sincere testimonies, I hope your life is more colorful. good night!

The deep blue light at night, this season makes people yearn for, life is enough to be confused, but we still have to wait for tomorrow’s hope, say good night, rest early, and work hard tomorrow, say good night, Take a good rest and settle all night!