With the advent of winter, the spleen is increasingly overcome, which means that the need for positive emotions increases. We have learned to change “cons” for “pluses” in many ways: in cold weather, we find comfort in the warm atmosphere of the house, we compensate for the lack of bright sun and lack of vitamins by taking the appropriate complexes, and we dilute the dullness of everyday life with colors of images and make-ups.

Pandemic Blues

We propose to get the upper hand over another factor that causes concern. During a pandemic, it is important to discover the uniqueness of the moment itself, without confusing it with a vacation. And since there is nothing better for the brain and psyche than certainty, as a response to the feeling of instability, we suggest choosing a clear plan of action. It will help you get not only the expected results but also the pleasure of small achievements on the way to big goals. We are talking about simple and effective ways to see new opportunities and add bright colors to your life.

Creating a structured schedule

In psychology, it is believed that making plans makes it possible to understand oneself and to highlight important and minor things. And most importantly, it returns a sense of predictability in an ever-changing world. Such a checklist can motivate one to learn languages ​​or engage in creativity, to further develop in the profession and reveal personal potential. Moreover, the anticipation of the next event on the list often inspires no less than himself.

Quarantine is a good time to do things that “did not reach the hands of”. Grow not only up, but also in depth. A clear list of the plans will help the maximum productivity of the period, because most, for sure, are familiar with the feeling of a uselessly spent weekend when the plans outlined in the head were not implemented as a result.

  • A paper or electronic checklist will help you manage your time wisely.
  • It is convenient to follow it by crossing out completed items. In addition, each completed case becomes another small victory. This means that it contributes to the production of endorphins (hormones of joy) and raises the mood.
  • It is recommended to think over a plan for the post-quarantine period. It will help you look positively into the future and focus only on the good.

Reloading the image

It’s time to review your belongings and get rid of the excess. It is better to start putting things in order in your life from the scale of thoughts, smoothly moving on to experiments in search of new successful combinations and images. Staying at home for a long time is a great opportunity to realize a long-planned change of image. For example, move to a more businesslike, office, “successful” style. Or, on the contrary, dilute the wardrobe with romantic bows that inspire new relationships.

Do not forget about accessories that can greatly enliven any image. And, of course, do hair. Not everyone will decide on independent experiments with haircuts, but almost everyone can do home painting or new styling. An unusually tied tail or bun can radically change the appearance, and light curls or cute hairpins can give tenderness and airiness.

Time to spend Pandemic Blues

Try different make-up options:

  • Makeup without makeup. Fashionable beauty direction, aimed at the freshness and naturalness of the image. Requires full skincare and minimal use of decorative products. Properly executed makeup makes the face seem to shine from the inside.
  • Perfect Arrows. The quarantine can be used to learn how to draw arrows quickly and evenly. A perfectly accentuated and expressive look is worth a lot!
  • Makeup with one product. A lipstick or tint that matches the skin tone is used as blush, eye shadow, and lip pigment. Just a couple of minutes and a refreshing monochrome makeup is ready.
  • Strobing. It’s time to learn how to accentuate and correct imperfections with the help of contouring, strobing, and also learn about the main cosmetic favorites in this business!

The world on pause: how to diversify your leisure time

Time to spend on good movies and series

It’s time to get out of the “long box” and things for the soul: watch some sensational Hollywood blockbuster, a motivational film, or a new series recommended by a friend. The best way to cheer yourself up is to immerse yourself in the exciting events on the screen. An interesting virtual story will certainly help dispel the blues caused by the pandemic and remind you that all restrictions are only temporary. In the end, everything passes – and quarantine will soon suffer the same fate.

Time to get creative

Another advantage of social restrictions is the ability to create and create. This is an ideal occasion to resume a long-abandoned hobby (drawing, embroidery, knitting), and to learn something new. Such activities bring great pleasure and help develop purposefulness and creativity. In addition, many of them can be used to generate additional income. For example, put up your products for sale on online platforms or conduct master classes to teach your favorite type of creativity.

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Engage in physical exercise

Although swimming pools and gyms are closed during strict quarantine, this is not a reason to forget about keeping fit. Regular exercise will help to cope with the symptoms of depression, improve sleep and recharge your batteries. Therefore, if you want to meet the end of the lockdown in great shape and immerse yourself in an active life without difficult adaptation, do not waste time in vain. It is easier to develop habits into rituals when there are clear and competent answers. Woman Challenge made sure that you can get useful information related to health and physical activity.

  • A clear schedule and preliminary preparation will help to tune in to classes.
  • For training, you should choose a spacious, well-ventilated room and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • As weights, you can use dumbbells or ordinary plastic water bottles. Or work with the weight of your own body, performing, for example, push-ups or a bar.
  • Don’t forget dynamic music! She will create a great mood and set the right pace for classes.

Caring for the skin of the face and body

A long stay at home is an excuse to take a break from daily make-up in favor of complex skin care: masks, peels, moisturizing, and self-massage. And you can also remember the full enjoyment of a bubble bath. When there is no need to rush and you can comfortably relax.

Since you often have to use an antiseptic during a pandemic, special attention should be paid to the skin of the hands. More than ever, it requires high-quality nutrition to avoid dryness and cracking. Do not forget about sufficient moisturizing of the skin of the face, since the operation of heating devices and dry air negatively affect its condition.

The one who sees the solution of the complex in simple things is right. Often the most ordinary things help to cope with the blues: favorite music and delicious fruits, fragrant tea, and communication with friends, even in instant messengers. The more your next day during this period will be different from the previous one, the more likely it is that you will meet its end full of energy and open to new things!


Q: How long will it take for my sad and anxious feelings to go away?

A: It’s different for everyone. Sometimes it takes time to feel better. If you’re feeling really sad or anxious for a long time, it might be helpful to talk to someone you trust, like a parent or teacher.

Q: Can I make friends online instead of in person?

A: Making friends online can be fun, but it’s also important to have friends in person. Try to balance both. Spending time with friends face-to-face can make you feel better and happier.

Q: What can I do if I’m having trouble making a daily schedule?

A: Start with small steps. Make a list of things you enjoy doing and try to do them every day. Ask your family or teacher for help in making a schedule that works for you.

Q: How can I avoid feeling sad from watching too much bad news?

A: It’s good to know what’s happening, but watching too much bad news can make you feel sad. Try to limit the time you spend watching the news and choose positive and happy things to watch or read as well.

Q: When should I talk to a grown-up about my feelings?

A: If you’re feeling really sad, scared, or worried, it’s important to talk to a grown-up you trust. They can listen and help you feel better. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it.