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In a situation of economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult to make an accurate forecast of the state of the world economy in 2023. However, some assumptions can be made based on well-known data.

Real Estate investors will choose the UK

The Real Estate Leader Has Already Been Determined

Real Estate London: For example, market analysts are confident that in a year the UK will become the absolute leader in terms of foreign investment in the residential and commercial real estate sectors. This is evidenced by statistics obtained by researchers of the British economy over the past five years.

Homes for sale in England countryside with UK Real Estate App. Even in the difficult years associated with the exit from the European Union, Great Britain did not stop developing and set itself ambitious goals. Therefore, immediately after the end of Brexit, the country made a qualitative economic breakthrough.

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The situation was gradually improving not only in the real estate market of economy class and objects of the middle price category but also in the premium segment. As a result, the rise in prices for residential real estate over the past six months in England amounted to 1.5% to 3%. As you can see, after the end of the pandemic and the stabilization of the housing market, the rise in prices per square meter in this country will continue.

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The investment race, which does not stop even during the pan-European quarantine, attracts the most serious players in the real estate market. Forecasts regarding the economic situation in the EU and the post-quarantine world are contradictory. Some researchers say that there will be no winners, others predict a change in the leaders of the investment market.

Of course, changes in the economic situation after Europe’s exit from quarantine are inevitable. However, radical changes, most likely, will not happen. Countries that have managed to provide themselves with a financial safety cushion (Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, etc.) will remain among the main contenders for economic leadership even after the epidemic. The approximate rating of European countries, which in 2021 will strengthen their investment attractiveness (s), is likely to be as follows. Popular California Real Estate Investing Strategies

Why is the United Kingdom Real Estate Market?

The UK will naturally become the leader in the fight for foreign capital in 2021. By leaving the EU, this country has thrown off a lot of costly obligations that donor states are accumulating. Now the United Kingdom will not have to drag on itself a bunch of economic and political problems that have ripened in the EU, created more than 26 years ago.

Great Britain has always loved to play its game and has never fully shared European collective values. In fact, leaving the EU untied her hands and allowed her to understand her place in the global world in a new way. The economic and political independence gained by the country with no little blood is, in the final analysis, an excellent resource for more intensive development in the near future.

It is already clear today that the UK has embarked on a radical market transformation, which immediately attracted the attention of serious investors from different countries. The “interrupted flight” situation that skeptical economists talk about will not happen. The British market in the context of the pandemic did not stop at all, but only took a wait-and-see attitude. The spread of the coronavirus will end someday and we will definitely see the UK economy grow rapidly.

Popular California Real Estate Investing Strategies

For several years in a row, it seemed to European developers that the center of the most significant events in the world real estate market had shifted to the Asian region. Beijing, Hong Kong, and Dubai have shown unprecedented economic growth during this period – in particular, due to the construction and sale of commercial real estate. However, falling prices for Arabian oil and the coronavirus epidemic that came from China negatively affected the business reputation of Asian markets.

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Meanwhile, European markets proved to be more resilient to economic market turbulence in 2020. The UK looks especially advantageous against the background of the EU countries crushed by common problems, the demand for commercial real estate which continues to gain strength. While it is too early to summarize the impact of the epidemic on the real estate market, one thing is certain – the United Kingdom will maintain its leading position in the fight for foreign investment.