To find the most beautiful bike in the world, you will have to interview thousands of people and gather a lot of opinions. However, one cannot hope that they will agree with each other. Mom and dad will choose different models. And what will appeal to a road racing fan is unlikely to appeal to a fan of extreme cross-country skiing.

Best bike

How to find the most beautiful bike in the world

Since there are no universal models, all cyclists will have to be divided into categories. At the same time, only those beautiful bicycles that have practical applications were included in the rating. Design delights have recently reached new heights, there are already bikes made of wood or in the form of cars, but it won’t be easy to meet them on the road.

Therefore, the following categories were chosen:

  • Mountain MTV;
  • Highway;
  • Urban for women;
  • Urban for men;
  • Children;
  • Exquisitely – aristocratic;
  • Designer;
  • For everyday riding;
  • Retro.

All of them imply significant demand among fans of active skiing, although the price of some models is not designed for mass demand.

Off-road handsome

That’s what you can call the Specialized S-Works Epic 29 World Cup, which embodies the best achievements of engineering. The carbon fiber frame, carbon seat, and rims provide perfect cushioning.

The front fork with 100mm of travel, preload, and dropout, will allow you to choose the driving parameters for any track. The Specialized S-Works Epic 29’s niche is marked by the absence of a front derailleur, the SRAM XX1 11-speed rear derailleur easily handles pick-up on the trail.

With 48mm of travel and plenty of adjustment, the Fox/Specialized Remote Mini Brain rear shock is a sure-fire companion on rough roads. The 29” wheels, which are designed to overcome tough trails, will add a smooth ride.

Housewives do not understand the listed charms, but a real MTB rider will fall in love with this miracle at first sight. If not for the price of 670,000 rubles, Specialized S-Works simply would not have competitors. However, amateur use of such a technique on regular rides will be expensive, and there is no need. To do this, it is better to choose a beautiful city bike, the price of which will be much less.

Smooth Roads Winner

One of the giants of the bike industry, Scott, offers the Plasma Premium road bike. The pinnacle of engineering is made mainly of carbon fiber, which has reduced its weight to 8.56 kg. This is not to say that this is the lightest bike, but it is without a doubt the most beautiful.

Shimano’s 22-speed electronic drivetrain is renowned for its flawless shifting, while carbon wheels keep rolling resistance to a minimum.

Of course, the rolling of such a handsome man is wonderful, as is the aerodynamics. Even the triangular-shaped Seatpost is designed to increase the speed of movement. However, the cost of 734,000 rubles again will not allow amateurs to use it for training.

Off-road handsome bike

Beautiful road bike for life

Another bike falls into a completely different category, the Titan-Bike from the organizers of triathlon competitions in Bronnitsy near Moscow. The price of 40,000 rubles is affordable for most athletes, but even this is not its main advantage.

Usually, after buying a bike, it is necessary to complete it with various accessories, which results in a mixture of colors and styles. In this case, the manufacturer immediately took care of resolving this issue. The Titan bike is already equipped with a sunbed, bike computer, and even a bottle holder.

And his wheels deserve special attention. Initially, it was decided not to save on this, but to put high-level rims and tires. It turned out aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and inexpensive.

Walking option for women

The beautiful half of humanity needs a beautiful city bike that will be comfortable. This is exactly what the American manufacturer, the company Elektra, decided. Her Townie Original 3i EQ has all the qualities of a modern bike:

  • Aluminum frame that provides a comfortable vertical fit;
  • Unusual design from the best artists and designers;
  • Planetary gear changer with integrated dynamo;
  • Painted fenders and chain guard;
  • Comfortable steering wheel.

And the price of only 43,000 rubles is not sky-high. It will allow you to experience the pleasure of comfortable riding through parks and paved paths, without worrying about a hole in the family budget.

City ​​cruiser

Schwinn, a Chicago-based company, is pleased with inexpensive pedal-operated choppers that will appeal to modern fashionistas.

Schwinn HEAVY DUTI + is a hybrid of three types of bicycles at once – a pleasure bike, a city bike, and a fat bike. Its three-inch tires easily cope with off-road, however, the HEAVY DUTY saddle will also be very comfortable to sit on the pavement.

Despite such a solid appearance, the weight of 20.4 kg is not much more than most MTVs. The aluminum frame, with a brutal black coloring, will not leave anyone indifferent.

A simple single-speed transmission emphasizes that the model belongs to walking bikes, on which you can safely ride through the streets of the city. This handsome man costs only 30,000 rubles, which is quite inexpensive by modern standards.

Walking option for women bike

Teenagers on the road

Among bikes for teenagers, it is difficult to find a more original model than the Stels Pilot 280 MD. It is designed on the prototype of a fat bike, as evidenced by powerful tires and a rigid front fork.

The most beautiful bikes do not have to have graceful curves or wood trim, the boy will be more attracted to brutality and a bright look. Everything is here to feel the power of a two-wheeled horse:

  • Wheels with a diameter of 20 inches;
  • Front and rear disc brakes;
  • Lightweight aluminum frame;
  • 7-speed transmission;
  • Original coloring in the color of the racing car.

The special charm of the Stels Pilot 280 MD is the low cost, just over 20,000 rubles. For a bike of this level with an aluminum frame, this is not at all inexpensive.

For a true aristocrat

Pashley has released a bike for princesses that appeals to riding on the narrow paths of a shady park. This is the Princess Sovereign, an exquisite model for a prim lady.

The apparent fragility is very deceptive, since the steel alloy frame, combined with new technological solutions, allows you to cover considerable distances with little effort. In addition, the Brooks Antique Brown B66s spring-loaded genuine leather saddle adds an extra touch of elegance.

Of course, the Pashley Princess Sovereign is not designed for racing, its task is to leisurely move a beautiful lady from point A to point B. But it must be admitted that this is a beautiful city bike, the female counterpart of the male image of perfection.

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The classic Buckingham look is completed with a wicker basket, while the all-over chain guard allows you to travel in a dress or wide trousers. The weight of 20 kg is standard for such a bike, and the price in the region of 45,000 rubles is quite consistent with the aristocratic appearance.

The delights of design art

The French have always been famous for their unconventional approach to things, this manifested itself during the development of the bike rental network in Bordeaux. Designer Philip Stark, together with the Peugeot company, built an unusual vehicle.

A single-speed bicycle transmission is combined with a scooter, and even the frame is made according to a completely unimaginable project. For such a miracle to gain popularity, the first 300 bicycles were given for rent completely free of charge. It is impossible to estimate how much Pibal from Philippe Starck costs. This model is not available for public sale, its “water pipes” design is for public use only.

Retro bike for women

Although it can be unequivocally said that all women’s bicycles are beautiful, not all of them have their personalities. In this case, the designers were able to create a miracle that sends back to America in the 30s.

The overlays on the frame scream that there should be a gas tank in this place, but alas, decorative panels are located here. Which adds grace to the smooth lines of the frame.

Yellow and lilac bloomy indicate that Schwinn Hollywood is intended for the beautiful half of humanity. A luxuriously padded saddle will comfortably cover the distance to the store or a hairdresser, a high handlebar will provide a comfortable seat, and a 7-speed shifter will help you easily climb a small hill.

The price of 32,000 rubles for such beauty does not seem overpriced, especially when you consider the aluminum frame and many additional accessories.

Combining the incompatible

You can’t help but add the creation of Japanese designer Yojiro Oshima to the list of the most beautiful bicycles. He assembled a bike from wood, and the use of metal and rubber is minimized here. It is unlikely that his creation will be able to drive more than 100 km on the roads, but the idea itself seems amazing.

Although the creator assures that such bikes are the future, it is very difficult to agree with him. The creation of Yojiro Oshima can be called the most elegant and beautiful, but it is unlikely that it will be awarded the title of the most practical.

The embodiment of the idea

But the Dutch company Bough Bikes took the matter seriously and began mass production of wooden bicycles. The most amazing thing is that she gives them a guarantee of 10 years, which other manufacturers do not allow themselves.

Surprisingly, the heavyweight is offset by the use of modern technology – an electric motor. After charging for 6 hours, it can accelerate the bike to 25 km / h and keep this speed for 30 km.