It is not for nothing that a perfectly even, radiant white smile is usually called a “Hollywood smile”. After all, most often it can be found in movie stars. Below we will take a closer look at what is included today in the concept of the “Hollywood smile” and how to achieve it.

The secret of such a smile lies in the standards of beauty and harmony as such. The teeth in this case should be even so that the four front teeth on both jaws are located symmetrically. In addition, they should be snow-white and large.

How a Hollywood smile is created

However, each nation has its views on beauty and its standards. For example, the Slavs are characterized by a type of semicircular smile, which is also close to Scandinavian. The first incisors are two to three millimeters lower than the second. But people with an oriental appearance consider small teeth to be truly beautiful, and if most of them are gold, then this is completely chic. So, in China, it is considered stylish to use metal crowns. For the Russians, just plain and snow-white teeth are enough.

How a Hollywood smile is created

Of great importance here are such parameters as gender, nationality, and social status of the patient. It also takes into account what type of smile he has in general – open or closed. In addition, it is necessary to find out whether it will be enough just to cure the teeth – or whether the soft tissues will also have to be affected.

According to anthropological characteristics, women are characterized by rounded edges of the teeth, while men are large and square. If career advancement is a priority for the patient, the size of his fangs can be slightly increased. Regarding the color, dentists use a special scale, on which the choice of shade by the patient is based. As a rule, experts do not recommend getting carried away with the snow-white color. It is better to choose a shade that is closer to a natural, healthy color.

In choosing a shade, the software also helps out, with the help of which a virtual model of a smile is created based on a photograph of a patient.

Procedures to Achieve a Hollywood Smile

Several procedures are often carried out in a complex manner. Their minimally invasive methods note professional hygiene and whitening. Deeper intervention requires the installation of lumineers, prosthetics with crowns, implantation, orthodontic treatment, and artistic restoration of teeth.

Can whitening be limited?

If the patient initially has even teeth of the optimal size and shape, then whitening using photo- or laser technology can be dispensed with. One such procedure will already make your smile brighter by as much as 4 tones. But it is worth remembering that whitening is indicated only for those who do not have gum problems, fluorosis, and caries. In addition, there should not be any restorations or old fillings in the oral cavity.

Sometimes, for a decent result, it is enough to turn to a hygienist altogether. True, many still do not know that professional hygiene should in any case be carried out at least once every six months.

When is dental restoration required?

Artistic restoration of teeth is used if the patient has caries, significant interdental spaces, as well as cracks and chips. After restoration, it is necessary to take good care of the teeth, and also remember that fillings are not eternal and last, at most, ten years. Then, one way or another, they need to be changed.

hollywood smile types

Lumineers and veneers

Porcelain veneers and lumineers are indicated if the teeth have an unsatisfactory shape and color, are characterized by increased sensitivity, and also if noticeable aesthetic defects are observed.

How many structures to install depends on the width of the patient’s smile. If it is of a closed type, four veneers or lumineers are enough for the upper and lower incisors, respectively. It is not recommended to cover fangs with plates. Otherwise, there will be an impression that the remaining teeth, already located more deeply, are missing.

If it is not necessary to significantly change the shape and size of the teeth, then they are not ground before installing veneers and lumineers. Also, the convenience lies in the fact that there is no need to install temporary prostheses. And the structures themselves can be removed at any time.

Crowns for a Hollywood smile

Crowns are installed on significantly damaged teeth, as well as if the teeth are not even enough. However, unlike braces, crowns can quickly correct both the shape and position of the teeth. However, many patients with healthy teeth still prefer orthodontic treatment using braces or clear aligners.

Orthodontic treatment

Incorrect bite directly affects the aesthetics of the face and smile. Veneers and crowns will not help here. Bracket systems come to the rescue. If there is a doctor’s indication for orthodontic treatment, it makes no sense to try to correct the situation by other means.

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Hollywood smile and implants

Implants are appropriate when one or more teeth are missing, as a result of which their remaining “brothers” gradually begin to shift towards the gap in the smile, and the bone in this area gradually atrophies.

The implant differs from conventional prostheses in that it is outwardly identical to a real healthy tooth. At the same time, chewing function is restored by 100%, and bone atrophy is prevented. Implants can last you decades.

Got a Hollywood smile? Save!

A Hollywood smile needs special care. Of course, you must, first of all, follow the basic rules of hygiene and brush your teeth in the morning and evening for at least five minutes. You should also floss regularly, buy a new toothbrush at least once a quarter, and visit a hygienist every six months. In addition, we recommend that you stop smoking, reduce your consumption of sweets, and forget about seeds. Prioritize foods high in calcium.

If the patient has implants or orthopedic constructions, he must use an irrigator – a portable device for cleaning teeth with pressurized water. For owners of braces, special brushes, brushes, dental floss, as well as compositions for restoring enamel are intended.