Everyone is looking forward to their birthday. Unlike other holidays, this is the most joyful event of the whole year. We will receive gifts and sincere congratulations from the people dearest to us. It’s always nice and inspiring, isn’t it? Delight your family and friends with them! But before moving on to the most important, we will tell you some interesting facts about the birthday party.

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Birthday Facts and Traditions

We are used to celebrating our birthday, of course, because it happens every year, unless, of course, you were born on February 29 of a leap year. But what do we know about him? Where does it come from and what traditions does it have? Learn useful facts about this holiday.

The ancient Romans were the first to celebrate the birthdays of loved ones, friends, and partners with whom they had important business. They arranged magnificent feasts, during which they always read prayers, paying tribute to their gods for their generosity and the opportunity to celebrate.

Children love birthdays most of all, but until the 19th century, it was mostly celebrated only by adults. Later in Germany, the term kinderfeste appeared, which in translation sounds like “children’s holiday”. From then on, children can fully enjoy their birthday with parties, surprises, and cake.

And what about the birthday cake? This tradition has different versions, but most of them come down to the worship of the gods. For example, the ancient Greeks decorated cakes with candles in honor of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. According to German tradition, candles were placed on a pie or cake with the image of the baby Jesus Christ, who personified everything joyful and bright in people’s lives.

The popular song “Happy Birthday to You”, which Marilyn Monroe sang in honor of President Kennedy, is actually a cover of another song. It was written at the end of the 19th century by two sisters, and teachers in the lower grades, and began with the words: Good Morning to All.

Each of us celebrates a birthday in our own way. Some prefer noisy parties with friends, others like to celebrate it with their families, and still, others like to be alone with a glass of champagne and watch a movie. But it is this holiday that gives us the opportunity to feel needed and loved. Therefore, statistics show that most people choose to celebrate in the company, and only 10-12% celebrate themselves at home or in a cozy place with a cupcake with a candle. In fact, all this does not matter, as long as at this moment a person feels comfortable and happy.

In any case, do not forget to congratulate your parents, sister, daughter, girlfriend, and other close and beloved people on your birthday.

Postcards and Congratulations on your Birthday

Congratulations on your Birthday

Mom, I congratulate you on your birthday! Always smile, be happy and healthy. I give you my fiery hugs and kisses! I love you with all my heart!

Dear father! Happy birthday! Your love and protection is always with me. I want to thank you for the incomprehensible experience that you gave me. I wish you good health and good mood at any time!

Dear sister! You are my soul mate for life! Our joint memories are an invaluable treasure for me. I adore you for your cheerful disposition, warm smiles and support that you give me every day. I love you baby!

Brother, happy birthday! Stay always cheerful, cheerful and happy. For me, there is no one more reliable than you. I trust you because you always help me and protect me from adversity. Catch my tightest hugs!

Hello niece, happy birthday! Let your dreams come true, and life throws up only joyful and inspiring events! Be happy always!

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Birthday Facts and Traditions

Our little granddaughter! Grandma and Grandpa wish you a happy birthday! You are our star that shines for us in the sky. We protect and love you, we wish you to grow healthy, quick-witted and cheerful!

Happy birthday, girlfriend! I want to thank you for your support and readiness for any of our crazy actions! You have no idea how much I appreciate that you are always by my side. My beautiful, funny and incredibly smart girlfriend, I give you all my love, attention and loyalty. Happiness to you in everything!

I raise a glass in honor of your birthday! I sincerely wish good luck, happiness and prosperity to you and your family! May all plans come true, and many joyful moments await you in the future!

Happy birthday! Celebrate it like never before, so that this day will be remembered as the happiest and most fun in life! Best regards, your friend!

Sweet cake, delicious wine, and bright impressions on your birthday! Have fun, rejoice, and dream, because today nothing is impossible for you. Remember what a cheerful, talented person you are and direct your irrepressible energy to achieve your goals!

Share interesting traditions with us and other readers and surprise us with new birthday facts in the comments!