In June 2023, KSDK reported on Lindsay Du Buque, who had been awaiting insurance compensation for a devastating incident that occurred six months ago. She believes St. Louis City is to be blamed for her ongoing struggles, as she fights for rightful reimbursement after her car was wrecked in a crash involving a trash truck.

While driving on Juniata Street in late January, Du Buque was hit by a city truck that pulled out from an alleyway on a winter morning. She reported that the accident was due to the truck driver’s fault. However, the city has yet to fully accept liability or offer complete reimbursement.

Du Buque received a compensation offer from the St. Louis claims division, but it accounted for only 75% of the value of her 2018 Nissan Altima. This falls short of covering the costs of a replacement vehicle and does not consider the financial implications of lost wages and rental expenses.

Unfortunately, Du Buque is not the only one facing such a predicament. Lawyers consulted by the KSDK team have highlighted numerous incidents involving trash trucks causing accidents in St. Louis, and the city consistently avoids accountability.

According to St. Louis City spokesperson Nick Dunne, drivers involved in accidents with city vehicles should file a claim with the Citizens’ Service Bureau to initiate an investigation. The city insures its vehicles. However, despite filing a claim, Du Buque remains in a deadlock with the city.

In this blog, we will delve into seeking legal assistance to pursue compensation after a truck accident in St. Louis. Additionally, we will provide preventive measures to avoid such accidents altogether.

Filing a Truck Accident Complaint: Navigating the Legal Path

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) reported 15,005 total truck accidents in 2022. It is a slight drop from the numbers in 2021, with a total of 15,792 automobile accidents of big trucks and commercial vehicles. Additionally, in 2022, there were close to 119 fatalities because of truck accidents in Missouri.

It’s never a pleasant experience to get your car crashed by a heavy truck. The physical and emotional damages are enormous. Besides vehicle damage, there are times when people lose out on their income because of severe physical injuries. Here you need the assistance and guidance of a St. Louis truck accident attorney to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

TorHoerman Law suggests truck accident victims should maintain detailed documents of every expense they incurred. These include medical bills, vehicle repair costs, wages lost, and also the recovery cost of a loved one. Such records help a lawyer build a strong case, which, in turn, will obtain the compensation that you rightly deserve.

How To Avoid Truck Accidents in St. Louis?

Even though the streets of St. Louis are notorious for truck accidents, you can still exercise caution. Here are a few ways to steer clear of accidents when you are driving near a big or semi-truck:

●      Don’t Drive into Any No-Zone

Driving into a semi truck’s blind spots, the “no zones,” is the primary cause of truck accidents in Missouri. Typically blind spots are situated on the left-middle, right-middle, and rear areas of the truck, where a driver cannot see other vehicles.

To stay safe, the golden rule for all drivers is to be able to see the truck driver’s reflection in the side mirror. When you can’t see the reflection, adjust by providing more space to the truck or moving to the designated passing lane fast.

●       Avoid Cutting It Extremely Loose

It is dangerous to cut off a truck when changing or passing lanes abruptly. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), buses and semi-trucks need ample space (equivalent to two football fields) to arrive at a safe stop.

Therefore, you need to offer a huge space and blend into the semi-truck driver’s line of vision. When you cut off or merge very closely with the truck in its blind spot, there is a high chance of collision.

●      Have More Space

Semi-trucks are heavier, longer, and visually more obstructive compared to a generic passenger car. It is a wise decision to leave ample space between the truck and the car to avoid any accident owing to a sudden stop.

●      Know the Wide Turns

Trucks need extra space to complete turns than regular cars. Hence, it is necessary to be patient and wait for a truck to complete its turn before proceeding. As the truck takes the right turn, you will need added space because of the tight turning radius. Truck drivers must use the correct button hook turn to avoid probable accidents with other vehicles.


Encountering a crash with a truck or a semi-truck in St. Louis is not uncommon. Even though no one wants to be a part of it, you can’t predict its occurrence. At times, the street conditions lead to an accident, and at other times, it’s the driver’s negligence. But exercising caution is a smart decision, as that way, you do what it takes to avoid an accident.

However, when you face an accident, it is necessary to get the required medical aid and report the same to the nearest police station. Going forward, individuals who have suffered from a truck accident should count on the guidance of a lawyer to file a legal complaint and get compensated for the damages.