Today we are exploring Light city bike. Moving around the modern metropolis can be difficult. Traffic jams, parking problems, and interruptions in public transport schedules create a lot of inconveniences. A light bike for the city will help to alleviate the situation, which will easily take the rider 5-10 kilometers. Instead of a burdensome hustle, a business trip turns into a pleasant walk.

Often, cyclists move around the city on ordinary MTB bikes, but manufacturers are ready to offer a large selection of special urban transport.

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Light city bike

A bike that has to move on urban asphalt has special requirements. The main ones are:

  • Reliability and ease of maintenance. Since they are bought by people who do not have the time or desire to spend a lot of time on settings and adjustments, they tend to minimize the number of parts.
  • Increased comfort. For a trip to a store or office, I don’t want to put on equipment, shorts with a “diaper” and other ammunition.
  • Lightweight. The bike will have to be brought into the house or office, and the less weight, the easier it is to move around.
  • Since the city bike part has to be left unattended, its price begins to matter. I don’t want to tempt attackers with a thing that costs several thousand dollars.

Stark Terror 700S

This bike attracts bright wheels, which is the main advantage. Their size, 27.5 ”, allows you to move comfortably on asphalt, and they easily swallow small bumps. This eliminates the need for suspension forks. It is on this principle, large wheels absorbing bumps, that road bikes, such as the Titan Bike, are also designed.

Since the STARK Terros is not required to accelerate quickly, there are no gears on it. Singleped makes it possible to move around the city with maximum comfort, and simple and reliable caliper-type brakes will help you stop.

Fuji Bike Declaration

It is a technical twin of the previous model, the difference is only in the design and frame material. Fuji designers have made a city bike in a classic style, with round tubes and straight triangle lines. Therefore, they made the frame from steel tubes to emphasize adherence to tradition. The result is a lightweight city bike that doesn’t have many frills but serves as a reliable workhorse.

Merida Crossway Urban 20-D FED

For those who want to feel like a real racer in urban conditions, Merida offers the Crossway Urban model. This is a fairly light bike with traditional 28” wheels for the city, with a rigid front fork.

However, it has 24 gears, which makes it easy to cope with uneven terrain and select the speed for specific conditions. Relatively wide tires will make it possible to overcome unpaved areas.

ELECTRA Townie Original 3i

The designers of ELECTRA offered a completely different approach to convenience, the Townie Original 3i city bike is built based on the frame of the original layout. The cyclist sits far back from the bottom bracket, which allows for minimal effort when pedaling.

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Therefore, the Original 3i does not require large wheels, the standard 26” is quite enough for it. Conventional caliper brakes are responsible for braking, while a 3-speed planetary gear shift system will help you choose the optimal speed. Despite the apparent massiveness, the bike is quite compact. It is lower than competitors, which will be appreciated by beginners. In a moment of danger, you can put your feet on the ground in an instant and find balance.

ELECTRA Amsterdam Original 3i

The pinnacle of sophistication is another city bike for men, Amsterdam Original. On this, it will not be a shame to come to the office or a business meeting. Solid mudguards and chain protection will completely save you from road dirt, its appearance will attract others.

The ergonomic frame geometry, a wide spring-loaded saddle, and a three-speed SHIMANO NEXUS INTERNAL planetary with drum brake are responsible for comfort here. Beneath the retro styling with round tubes is aluminum alloy, making the bike light enough for its class.

Light city bike for women – differences and advantages

In sports, the difference between male and female models is reduced to zero, it is compensated by clothing and equipment. The only difference lies in the individual selection of the size, occasionally due to the replacement of the saddle with a more anatomical one.

But in the city, the beautiful half of humanity wants to stand out and ride in skirts and dresses. However, you should immediately warn that a long dress is not safe when cycling, getting fabric into the wheel can lead to a fall.

The designers meet the aspirations, they have created a lightweight city bike for women with a special frame geometry and a delicate design.


The well-known bicycle manufacturer Schwinn has released the VOYAGEUR model, which brings together all the possible ways to make the ride more comfortable:

  • Front shock absorber;
  • Cushioned Seatpost;
  • Big wheels 28”;
  • Front and rear fenders;
  • Soft seat with springs;
  • Trunk.

Just as the triathlete’s Titan Bike is ready for any competition and equipped with all the necessary equipment, the Schwinn VOYAGEUR 1 is completely ready for a comfortable ride around the city. Amazingly, a road bike is only 500 grams heavier than a sports bike, it weighs 11 kg. Conventional MTVs have a mass of 12-18 kg.

Cannondale Adventure Women 2

The strict and even ascetic look of the Cannondale Adventure Women’s 2 is more than offset by a comfortable fit. When riding it is easy to keep your back straight. Athletes, for the sake of aerodynamics, occupy an almost recumbent position, which is not very convenient for the city.

At low speeds, aerodynamics do not play a significant role, but a direct landing provides comfort and good visibility. But if a beautiful girl wants to accelerate, then Shimano transmission with 24 gears will be at her service.

Electra Princess Classic

The English prim style has been revived in the Electra Princess Classic, a city bike with a planetary shift system. Thin tires on large 28” wheels give a comfortable and easy ride feeling, complete protection against splashes and drops is provided by polished aluminum fenders with plastic lining.

Even a decorative basket organically fits into the composition. This bike for women is light, agile, comfortable, and modern.

Lightweight folding bikes for the city

The problem of storing a two-wheeled friend forces engineers to go to various tricks. Of course, it is impossible to participate in competitions on such a city bike, but you can get to a store, work, or coffee shop without any problems.

light weight bikes for ladies

Orbea Folding F10

Bicycles for adults with 20” wheels are usually referred to as pleasure bikes. They are designed for leisurely riding on good roads. If the folding city bike can still cope with the rolled primers, then the curbs will not be up to it.

At the same time, he has:

  • 6-speed transmission on a cassette, only one speed in the system;
  • V-break brakes;
  • Fenders and trunk.

It turned out to be a solid transport for short trips, which is easy to store on the balcony or in the pantry.

Ford Convertible

Almost the twin of the Orbea touring bike, the little Ford Convertible differs only in its large selection of gears, there are only 7 of them, and they are controlled by a Shimano Tourney derailleur. A nice bonus is a folding system, which even a girl can handle. Probably, the Convertible is designed for fragile creatures, the maximum weight of the rider cannot exceed 70 kg.

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Strida 5.2

Such a wonderful miracle, like Strida 5.2, is hard to see on city streets. This small compact bike can carry a rider up to 193 cm tall and weighs up to 110 kg. At the same time, the bike is equipped with:

  • Disc brakes;
  • Reinforced frame;
  • Belt drive;
  • Wheels 16”;
  • Folded dimensions 114x51x23 cm.

It is not difficult to hide such a baby behind the door in the hallway or office closet, which can be very useful. But the weight let us down, the reinforced frame makes the bike not quite light, its weight is 10.8 kg. Even a full-sized Titan Bike, with all the gear, weighs 300 grams. less.

Cronus Soldier 1.7

To make it possible to fold the bike, the designers had to replace the front triangle with a single pipe. This greatly changed the appearance but had almost no effect on performance. The result was a comfortable bike with 24 speeds and disc hydraulics on the brakes. There was even a place to attach a water bottle.

Stealth Pilot 810

A folding bike with 24-inch wheels is called a road bike, it is well suited for leisurely long trips. Comfortable movement is provided by high-relief tires, and a large range of Seatpost and handlebar angle adjustments allow you to adjust the size to riders of different heights.

Stels Pilot has only one speed and foot brake. Its design is very reminiscent of the Kama familiar to people from the USSR, one of the most popular models. The main difference is in the frame, which today is made of 6061 aluminum.

Today, the market offers cyclists a huge selection of men’s and women’s city bikes. Modern materials and technologies have made them not only lighter and more compact but also cheaper. Everyone can afford to buy a bike to get on it to the office or store.