Do you have any Creative ideas for Ideas for Corner Storage in small spaces? If not then you’re on the right place. If in a second you see three things around you that you don’t remember when you last used it, then most likely you are a thrifty plush, and you only dream of minimalism. When things get out of hand at home, it’s obvious right away: there’s too much stuff you don’t use, and it’s too hard to find what you need. How to return everything to its place?

Corner Storage in Small Spaces

Let’s figure out how to arrange things in the house so that it was convenient and beautiful, and also find out where to put what is temporarily not needed in the house. Spoiler: there may be many such things. And what will help to deal with clutter and heaps of things? Corner storage! If you have not used this type of home storage before, this article is for you.

Basic principles of corner storage – what is it

Corner storage is a type of storage in the corners of a room. It can be arranged using shelves, cabinets, racks, organizers, hanging boxes for corner storage, etc. That is, corner storage can be closed, opened, and combined just like usual.

Benefits of Corner Storage

1. Simplicity

When you choose corner storage, you no longer need to think about whether the furniture will fit each other in design, you don’t need to measure and select anything. In the corner, a cabinet or shelving merges with the wall, becoming part of the room, and not a piece of furniture. Therefore, such a storage system is very suitable for those who love the eclectic design and the combination of different interior styles.

2. Significant space saving

When you use the corners, you free up a lot of space along the walls to fit a massive sofa or wardrobe. At the same time, outwardly, you maintain a feeling of spaciousness and volume in the room. A wardrobe in the corner will look much more compact than in the middle of the room against the wall.

3. Visual originality of application in the interior of the house

While corner storage brings simplicity and convenience to your home, it can also be a feature. For example, use a corner store where they usually do not – on a glazed balcony, in a nursery, and in a hallway.

4. Comfort and zoning

It turns out that space can be zoned using corners. If you put a rack with books and a rocking chair in the corner, you get a separate reading area and a mini-library. Such a zone can be easily organized even in a small room. The division of space will be especially felt if you outline the boundaries with a carpet or floor covering. Additional comfort can be created with the help of wall lamps, sconces, and floor lamps.

Benefits of Corner Storage

What will help in organizing the corner storage system

If you are seriously thinking about how to properly arrange the corners in your home space, then use the following techniques and furniture.

1. Compact corner cabinets

The easiest way to store things in the corner is to buy a corner cabinet. It will be about a third more spacious than a regular cabinet, and one of the doors can be pre-ordered with a mirror – this will help maintain the feeling of volume in the room. Storage in corner kitchen cabinets is very convenient since the sink is usually located in the corner, which means that the shelf for storing dishes should be as close as possible.

2. Corner racks

Open shelving is perfect for a living room. There you can store books, small things, and souvenirs. At the same time, the rest of the walls remain free, where you can put a large sofa or armchairs.

3. Corner shelves

If you do not want to put it in a large closet, limit yourself to shelves. Corner shelves will smooth out the corners in the room – visually the space will become softer and more comfortable. But not only things on the shelves but also decor, and indoor plants – will enliven the corner. And the shelves help out when the visa is worth a corner sofa – this is how you use the space as efficiently as possible.

4. Corner wardrobe systems

This is a good option for a bedroom where you do not want to keep a lot of furniture, but at the same time, you want to fit everything you need in closed storage. Again, use the mirror hack – as soon as it appears in the corner, you will see the magic effect of preserving volume. How to organize storage in a corner cabinet? Sort all your clothes in order of importance – keep the most frequently used closer to the door, and the least important and rarely used – sports, festive – in the very corner.

5. Corner sofas and beds with storage boxes

The corner can be used not only for storage but also for furniture. Corner sofas take up space, but they can also save you a lot of closet space. How? Choose a corner sofa with a niche for storing linen, and hide home textiles, blankets, pillows, and more there. A corner bed with storage drawers is an option for small studio apartments where every inch of space matters. In the storage niche, you can clean not only linen but also personal items, shoes, and clothes.

6. Corner cabinets

Another option for a compact bedroom is to place a bedside table in the corner by the window, and next to the bed – thus freeing up space at the door, that is, at the entrance to the room.

7. Drawers

Drawers in the corner of the kitchen will give you a whole cubic meter of space where you can store dishes, food, and more. The main thing is to think over the opening technology to have easy access to the most remote places of the boxes.

8. Boxes

Boxes in the corner are an interesting option for a child’s room, where you don’t want extra corners at all. A safe option is a corner box made from soft materials such as fabric.

9. Corner storage containers

According to the principle of boxes in the corner, you can store things in containers. Containers with lids can be stacked on top of each other, increasing the storage area upwards. Unlike shelves, containers can be rearranged from place to place.

10. Baskets

This corner storage basket can be placed in the bathroom – for dirty laundry or storage of household items. Also, these baskets can fit perfectly into a very small space – for example, a pantry, a balcony, or a loggia.

organizing the corner storage system

Where can I organize corner storage?

Corner storage can be arranged almost everywhere: at home – in the kitchen, in the office, in the bedroom, in the hall, in the bathroom and the hallway, as well as in the nursery; in the office – for storing documents and stationery; in the garage; in the country; in a country house.

Where to put the “extra”

After you figured out the things and the corners, you are left with temporarily unnecessary things. Do not be afraid that now there is nowhere to put them – this is not so, because there is an Attic in Moscow! This is a storage service for seasonal and temporarily unnecessary things. To be more precise, this is a warm warehouse for storing clothes, shoes, household appliances, car tires, bicycles, and any other things that you don’t need temporarily at home, but take up space and are simply annoying. visit this site

In the Attic, things can be stored in a turnkey format: you place an order by phone, on the website, in social networks, or via instant messengers and you don’t need to prepare anymore. Movers will arrive on the appointed day directly to your home – yes, this is convenient, because. You can even deposit items without leaving your home. Advantages of the service from Cherdak:

  • No need to buy packaging in advance;
  • No need to pack things – this is also done by the movers, including disassembling furniture;
  • No need to drag heavy things into the car – load and unload, lift weights;
  • You don’t have to organize delivery – look for suitable transport or rent a car.

“Turnkey” is a modern format in which the client is completely protected from all the hassle of packaging and delivery, everything is done by specially trained people. Movers know how to pack any type of thing, how to take apart furniture, and how to properly handle household appliances.

Corner storage – try it out to see what your home could be

To have more space in the house, you don’t need to throw everything away, it’s enough to get rid of the trash, and unnecessary things and properly organize the space. We can rearrange sofas from wall to wall for years, but not notice a simple trick – that the furniture can be put in a corner! And even if there is already a sofa in the corner, this does not mean that you cannot store things there – just hang shelves above it. Corner storage of things can be organized absolutely in any room of the apartment and even on the balcony. Try experimenting and remember that extra things can always be handed over to the Attic!