For some, success is inextricably linked with high income and the ability to travel frequently in business class; someone feels successful doing what they love, doing art or raising children; someone dedicating their lives to helping others. Regardless of how you define success, reaching your desired goals will require persistence, effort, and discipline. Successful women are not born with the world at their feet, they have to work hard to reach their intended heights. As a rule, they are united by similar habits. I propose to take them into service in order to take place in an important area for you – personal, professional, creative, sports, and any other.

Wake up earlier

Habits of Successful People

1. Wake up earlier

…and you will find yourself in the company of beautiful women. Many early risers devote the beginning of the day to training, meditation, or work tasks, but they have one thing in common – they do not stay in bed until lunch, but get up early to conquer their own peaks.

2. Expand the boundaries of the familiar

Thomas Corley devoted five years to researching the lives of rich people, the results of which he presented in the book Rich Habits: The Daily Habits of Successful People. The author claims that only 2% of poor people read self-development literature, and 88% of wealthy people allocate at least half an hour a day to reading. Read books and blogs, watch TED Talks, attend seminars, or take online courses to help you think big.

3. Time Management

Women can cook breakfast for the family while answering emails and mentally planning a party for a friend. People who have achieved heights in their field do not find multitasking such an attractive idea. In their opinion, spraying on several tasks at the same time depletes productivity and harms the quality of work. American investor Timothy Ferris suggests focusing on one or two large tasks a day, not clutching at a dozen.

Time Management

4. Be active

It is important to alternate mental work, caring for loved ones, and household chores with physical activity. Pilates, yoga, body ballet, dancing, tennis, boxing, and a host of other activities will help you stay active and alert, maintain overall tone, and relieve stress. If attending group classes does not fit into your budget, you can study at home – dozens of free workouts are waiting for you on youtube. And, if running attracts you, look for information about running clubs in your city, join the training and, perhaps, one day you will run a marathon (or more than one).

5. Productivity Techniques

Chooses a new hobby every year “to learn something about the world, to broaden my horizons, to teach myself discipline.” Creativity gives relaxation, and pleasure develops the imagination, and ultimately helps to think outside the box and respond flexibly to change.

6. Find time for solitude

Meditation, writing practice, or just half an hour in silence alone with your thoughts is another useful habit. Being alone with yourself from time to time, you will be able to keep in touch with your deepest desires and aspirations. The idea is not to spend this time scrolling through the Facebook feed in silence “alone with yourself”, but to listen to yourself and align your internal compass with how your life is going.

7. Master time

Thousands of women around the world are trying to break the stereotype that a successful career woman is not destined to have a strong family, or that there is no balance between ambition, personal affairs, and a healthy lifestyle. Mother of four and time management student Laura Vanderkam analyzed the timeline of the lives of women whose annual income is more than $100,000. As it turned out, they are united by a competent distribution of time. The basic principles of time management, which Laura shared in the book “The Book of Lost Time. You have more options than you think”:

  • Plan important things for the morning (which echoes the point about getting up early);
  • Perform small tasks in small intervals of free time;
  • Find an opportunity to work remotely for at least a few hours a week.

8. Relax

The immortal pony mode can work for you for some time, but then it threatens to worsen your well-being and health, and also emotional burnout. To succeed in what is important to you, you need to give yourself a break and be able to switch off. Only when the internal batteries are charged will the strength and desire to continue moving towards your goals appear.

9. Bet on “being”, not “appearing”

Social networks, in which many people look more attractive, more successful, and better than they really are, sometimes force us to apply filters on photos, smile while taking selfies, even if we are not happy at that moment, and post pictures of a laughing baby with a caption about the happiness of motherhood, although the angel in the photo is teething, which is why you do not sleep for the third night in a row. If you constantly retouch reality to look better to strangers on the Internet, you will spend a lot of resources maintaining some illusions instead of using energy for other tasks.

10. Build relationships

The environment can become a source of support and joy, or, on the contrary, it can reduce motivation and devalue your actions, decisions, and lifestyle. Reduce the number of toxic people in your environment, or better yet, cut off contact with them. Keep in touch with those who believe in you, who want the best for you, and who are ready to help if the need arises.

Build relationships

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11. Tune in for the best

Throughout the day, all people lead some kind of monologue with them. Scientists suggest that we talk to ourselves about 12,000 times a day. And it is very important what exactly we say to ourselves, and what thoughts are focused on: “You can do it, you will succeed, you are great” or “Nothing will work out, where are you climbing”? Successful people know how to set themselves up for success and cheer themselves up, and you can learn this too.

12. Be grateful and give back

When dissatisfaction with life, life, work, relationships, and other moments creeps into our thoughts, it is very difficult to remain optimistic and grateful. Many successful people spend some of their time and/or money helping those in need. This helps them to appreciate their life more and find more meaning in it, and also to feel gratitude for everything they have.

I haven’t become a bestselling author yet, haven’t been on the Forbes list yet, and haven’t won any awards like Woman of the Year, but I also have a habit that helps me move towards my dreams. It sounds like “listen to yourself”. Read about the experiences of successful people and articles like mine, but don’t follow blindly. Try, compare, and listen to yourself and what works for you. Just as the concept of success is different for each of us, the path to it is also unique.