Simplicity, functionality, and beauty – are the three main principles of home shelving storage. And you don’t need to invent anything: things should be stored simply (so that you can always find them quickly), and the storage system should be functional (there’s no point in a large closet if it’s absolutely inconvenient to store in it), and of course, everything should look beautiful, otherwise why bother at all coziness?

organizing shelves ideas

Look at your rooms: somewhere, most likely, there is not enough functionality, somewhere beauty, and somewhere a simple system. There’s always a way to improve your home storage – so why put it off? Today we will analyze another lesson in smart and practical storage of things – on the shelves. We won’t let you go without homework, so read the article to the end!

What problems arise with unorganized storage of things in the house

To begin with, let’s figure out why we generally say that things need to be stored in some special way. The fact is that if you are not engaged in organizing storage, then there are several rather significant problems at once:

  • Things are easily lost in the house, but finding them is not at all easy;
  • Clothes wrinkle and get dirty more often;
  • It is necessary to clean up more often and longer, that is, to spend precious time in which one could rest;
  • You don’t know how many things you have and what kind of things they are: you can buy too much, store it, and as a result, the rooms turn into cluttered warehouses;
  • It’s hard for you to bring comfort, you don’t feel at home easily and freely;
  • You find it difficult to find your place for each thing.

How to solve such problems

But all these difficulties are solvable! You just need to revise things – get rid of the excess, trash, and garbage, and then find a storage system that is convenient for you. In the people, it is called “put everything on the shelves.” What about shelves? That’s right – at the racks, and it is they that many often underestimate. While shelving will help you fulfill the three principles of proper storage:

  • Shelving helps keep things simple: one shelf for a specific category of things and no mess;
  • Racks help to store things functionally: what is expensive and fragile can first be put away in a beautiful box, and then the box can be put on a shelf, and what does not require special packaging is simply put on a shelf, maintaining a feeling of spaciousness in the room;
  • The shelving is beautiful! Check out all the stylish photos of Scandinavian interiors – how great open storage looks with elements of natural materials (wood shelving, for example). What can we say about the star “Billy”, right? This Ikea rack has become a symbol of the era – and not only because it is handsome, but also because of its unique functionality.

But Billy is not the only assistant. There are a lot of beautiful and ergonomic racks, the main thing is to choose the right size and configuration. To do this, determine how many things you have, what size they are, which of them you will put in containers, and which you will store immediately on the shelves.

How to organize shelving in different rooms

1. On the balcony or loggia

A narrow rack is an ideal option to collect all things from the floor, unload the balcony and at the same time leave things, that is, do not throw out what you really need. Usually not the most beautiful things are stored on the balcony – tools, remnants of building materials after repairs, and so on. All this can be collected in boxes, containers, or baskets so as not to spoil the appearance of the rack. Add a couple of plant pots and voila, the shelving is almost like the picture! And on the space vacated on the floor, you can lay a beautiful rug, put it on a couch and organize a place to relax and watch sunsets.

ways to organize shelving

2. In the bedroom

Shelves in the bedroom are rarely used – we are used to having bulky closed cabinets in which we hide all the most valuable from the eyes of strangers – underwear, clothes, all sorts of secrets. But in fact, from the eyes of strangers, and from our own, too, we are simply hiding a wild mess! With a rack, such a story will not work. A clean or dirty person who lives in the bedroom – will be seen immediately. If you are puzzled by the question – of how, in fact, to store clothes on the rack, then we will answer – very simple! Use the principle of vertical storageMarie Kondo: All you have to do is learn how to roll t-shirts and trousers into compact rolls, and put them in turn into rag boxes and baskets. Thus, you store clothes and linen in a closed way, but outwardly it looks open and fresh, since the rack, unlike the closet, keeps the room feeling spacious and airy. Therefore, it is especially worth taking a closer look at the shelving in the bedroom for those who have a small area of ​​\u200b\u200brooms.

3. In the hall or living room

In any living room, there are things – books, gadgets, wires, souvenirs, and small things. Usually, it is randomly scattered over all surfaces: a table, a piano, a chest of drawers, chair armrests, and a window sill. Because of this, there is a not very pleasant feeling of disorder in a room in which, in fact, you should rest. Put a high rack up to the ceiling (this way there will be more shelves): put on the topmost shelves what you rarely use – rare books, and archives. The most visible place is decor (beauty), and below you can put boxes with chargers, wires, and small things for everyday life.

If the hall in the apartment is also a work area, then you can order a small shelving (or separate shelves) above the desktop – this way you use the wall, saving space in the rest of the living room. The picture below shows a good example of how you can make yourself a semblance of a rack from a board (pegboard) and shelves.

4. In the nursery

The same pegboard, shelving, or just shelves will be very useful in the children’s room. Children do not have time to open drawers, or doors (which, moreover, is even more dangerous – you can hit, or pinch your finger). Therefore, it is more convenient for children to store things in plain sight – in a simple and understandable way without unnecessary obstacles. Remember the principle of accessibility – the racks should be tall so that the child does not have to reach for a thing or use a stool.

5. In the kitchen

Shelving in the kitchen is also possible: for this, you need to divide the shelves into zones. You can zone the kitchen space as follows – a shelf for dishes, a shelf for small household kitchen appliances, and a shelf for products (bulk mixtures, cereals, spices). You can also use a rack to store appliances in the kitchen: you can put a combine, mixer, coffee machine, and much more on it. And separately, you should think about a rack for storing vegetables in the kitchen – wooden boxes for potatoes will come in handy here since few people know that it is better to store vegetables not in the refrigerator, but rather at room temperature.

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6. In the bathroom

Here you can use a metal rack for storing bath accessories, and cosmetics, and leave the lower shelves for storing household products (powders, soaps, conditioners).

organizing shelves for bedroom

7. In the hallway

Shelving in the hallway will be useful if you have a large hallway area. And in this case, the rack goes in addition to the wardrobe wall or hanger. On the rack in the hallway, you can store sports equipment, tools, small accessories, and accessories (hats, bags, etc.).

8. In the pantry

In the pantry, the rack will help to avoid clutter: on the shelves, you can store jars with blanks, tools, dishes, archives, or household items (for example, cleaning products, iron, etc.) in an organized manner.