Remember the vanishing closet from Harry Potter? You go in one place and you go out in another. As soon as the move overtakes you, you will want to be in such a closet, if only not to see the scope of the disaster! And what to do when the closet itself becomes the culprit of the fuss? One “Wingardium Leviosa” is not enough here, because, in addition to the transportation of the cabinet in a truck, it still needs to be disassembled, properly packed, and loaded. How to do this without magic, we will tell in our article.

Moving a Closet Long Distance

In what cases is it necessary to transport the cabinet

You cannot live without a closet, and it cannot exist without you – in absolutely any house there is at least a small closet. But even small lockers are supposed to be transported competently. We list what situations the rules for transporting a cabinet and our article will come in handy for you:

  • Buying a new wardrobe in the store – especially if there is no option for home delivery or you do not want to wait for streaming delivery;
  • Buying a used cabinet “from hand” – in this case, the delivery option may be, but not always – given that the cabinet can be expensive and practically new, it is again recommended to approach its transportation as responsibly as possible so as not to trust the transportation to the stream;
  • Apartment, cottage, home, and even office moving – in this case, in addition to the closet, you will also have huge boxes with things and other large household appliances and furniture – the main thing, in this case, is not to spoil the closet by loading it with weights;
  • Long business trip;
  • School trips, etc.

General recommendations for transporting the cabinet

When transporting a cabinet (or several cabinets) yourself, you need to be prepared for the fact that:

  • You need to allocate time in advance – best of all, the whole day to disassemble the cabinet, pack fittings and boards, pack glass doors, meet movers, pull the cabinet out of the apartment, load it, deliver it, unload it, assemble it back;
  • You need to choose the appropriate transport – to do this, measure the cabinet in height and width, if it is not disassembled, and if it is disassembled, then you will still need the height of the boards, which is exactly to be sure that the boards will not stick out of the body (this is unsafe);
  • It is necessary to purchase the appropriate packaging in advance – thick film, air-bubble film for glass and fittings, corners for legs, adhesive tape;
  • Most likely you will have to disassemble the cabinet yourself – it will be safer and easier to load and transport it, because it takes up less space, which means there is less chance that you will damage it when taking it out of the apartment and loading it into the car.

Types of modern cabinets and their design features

Such furniture can be cabinet, built-in, or semi-built-in, so the wardrobe often depends on the overall furniture set and interior design. We list the main types of cabinets that can be found in all types of interiors and design projects:

  • Swing. The most popular type of cabinets with regular door openings is when they swing open 90 degrees. The advantage of such a cabinet is that you immediately have a whole overview of all things.
  • Sliding – the so-called wardrobes. Their advantage is that they look great, they can be complete without fittings, which is especially suitable for lovers of loft, hi-tech, and minimalist styles, and they are also indispensable in small apartments with a small area.
  • Wardrobes with an accordion-type folding door are also convenient in houses with a small area of ​​\u200b\u200brooms, narrow corridors, and hallways.

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For transportation, it is important to remember that cabinets with “compartment” or “accordion” doors must either be carefully disassembled, or their doors must be fixed so that they do not open or knock against each other in any case, especially if there is a mirror on the cabinet door -coupe. The design of a sliding wardrobe may be subject to disassembly, but in this case, it is better to entrust the disassembly to professionals with special tools.

Is it necessary to dismantle the cabinet at all?

Captain entered the chat – yes if he understands. Advantages of disassembled transportation:

  • It is easier for you to take out the closet from the apartment;
  • This is an opportunity to unload the cabinet even in the absence of a freight elevator in the house;
  • The ability to securely pack the cabinet elements so that there is no risk of damaging them when loading against corners, door jambs, or getting dirty on the street;
  • So you take care of your health – even a small cabinet weighs pretty decently when assembled – you should not tear your back, and it will be much easier to carry it out in parts (although even in this case it is recommended to load together).

How to properly disassemble the cabinet and how not to lose fittings and fasteners

  • When dismantling the closet, prepare a few packages that you will then sign.
  • For each type of fittings, nails, screws, self-tapping screws, and handles – a separate package.
  • Do not take apart several cabinets or pieces of furniture at the same time – you can mix up the parts.
  • Start disassembling with a large element, collecting the largest parts and accessories first, and moving on to small parts in stages.
  • Fasteners should be signed on the sides (“upper left”, “upper right”, “middle left”, etc. – this can be done by gluing a piece of masking tape – even an ordinary felt-tip pen writes perfectly on it).

How to properly pack a cabinet for shipping

In any case, the cabinet as a whole should be wrapped with a film, sealing the doors in advance so that they do not swing open. If you are dismantling a cabinet, start packing it with large items. Boards of the same size can be stacked together and packed in tight stretches. On the legs, it is worth fixing special covers or foam corners. All glass elements, shelves, and doors are packed in bubble wrap.

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What transport is needed to transport the cabinet

There are two options – either it is a passenger car (you can transport a light cabinet on the roof of the car, securely fastening it with straps), or a truck. Inside the truck, the cabinet must also be securely fastened so that it does not fall when braking (there are special belts on the sides of the cargo compartment for this). If you need to transport several cabinets at the same time (three, four, or more), then it makes sense to use a special furniture truck.

How to properly pack a cabinet for shipping

How to properly load and unload the cabinet

If possible, it is better to use a special trolley and a freight elevator so as not to strain your back and not scratch the cabinet itself on the asphalt or the floor in the front door.

How to move a closet in a new place

Start assembling with the largest parts:

  • The back wall,
  • Then the side walls,
  • Then the shelves,
  • Last but not least,

The doors and small fittings.