222+ Politeness Quotes And Sayings Text Messages Don’t be too sad when you are sad, don’t be too happy when you are happy. The poor can’t be moved, the rich can’t be prostitution, and the mighty can’t be conquered. Criticism is a bond of solidarity, and mutual assistance is a bridge of friendship. The reason why the sun is great is that it consumes itself forever. There are no uncured trees in the forest, and there is no perfect thing in the world.

Politeness Quotes

Politeness Quotes

Without ethics and integrity, man will be ignorant.

Courteous and courteous, everyone welcomes.

See bald people do not talk about sores, blind people do not talk about light.

Politeness is a desire to recycle polite respect.

Respecting others is respecting yourself.

Don’t forgive yourself, but be forgiving to others.

Politeness pleases polite people.

One’s most sad thing is not the death of conscience.

Predict for the good and go for the evil.

Gentlemen do not remember villains.

It’s not stupid to suffer, it’s not foolish.

Christine can calm people’s anger, let the rest can fight.

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Static to self-cultivation, thrift to foster morality.

Those who are extravagant and lazy are poor, while those who are strong and thrifty are rich.

A loved one is like a son, and a teacher is like a father.

10 Lines About Politeness

Goodness welcomes people like a brother; evil spirit welcomes people and hurts Ge Lee.

10 Lines About Politeness

Politeness creates civilized people.

 Politeness costs nothing.

Etiquette is the smallest but most stable of all rules.

It is better to suffer than lose.

Do your best to love others with a love for yourself.

Lee was born in wealth, and theft began in poverty.

Politeness is the second sun for educated people.

Politeness can often replace the most noble feelings.

It is not strange to have many people, and not too bad to have oil.

 Politeness Theory

Virtue is priceless.

Ceremony, heavenly scriptures, and people’s trips also.

 Politeness Theory

Ceremony is to others, and there is still to drink.

If the lights are unknown, ask someone to dial;

Courtesy is warm and rude.

The thief in the mountains is not easy to control.

The prodigal son does not change his money.

Bullying is not right, it is not right.

People should eat for their lives, not rich and out of touch.

Be decent and not look at each other.

Politeness wins without spending a penny.

Often walk by the river, expensive shoes are not wet.

You respect one point, people respect you very much.

Those who love others always love them; those who respect others always respect them.

Really civilized people know their mission in life.

Goodwill produces happiness, and civilization brings harmony.

 Advantages of politeness

The sea of bitterness is boundless, and the shore is turned back.

Remember the benefits others give me, and forget the kindness you give others.

 Advantages of politeness

The gentleman said that it was difficult to chase a horse.

The gentleman’s self-cultivation has his heart inside and his appearance outside.

Etiquette and thoughtfulness can calm things down.

Criticism is a bond of solidarity, and mutual assistance is a bridge of friendship.

Politeness is the flower of fraternity.

Beautiful words and beautiful words are respected, and bad words are heartbreaking.

Sincerity is glass, caution is diamond.

Respecting others is respecting yourself.

Reputation is more valuable than gold.

Good medicine bitterness is conducive to disease, loyalty is conducive to action.

The candle burned out and illuminated others;

Civilization is the creation of civilized people.

Goodness will live long and evil will die prematurely.

Do not ignore indecent assault, do not say indecent assault, do not listen to indecent assault, do not listen to indecent assault.

Rudeness is the illegitimate bastard.

Courtesy, don’t talk about people, don’t quit.

Flowers decorate the world with beauty, and we beautify the campus with action!


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