According To Fitness Experts:- Spring Is the Best Time To Lose Weight. With the advent of the first warm spring days, we try to get rid of boring extra clothes as soon as possible: warm sweaters, clumsy jackets, and scarves – all this prevents us from feeling free and light.

Spring Is the Best Time To Lose Weight

But at the same time, having got rid of a few extra layers of clothes, you begin to understand that the once slender hips can hardly fit into demi-season jeans, and the hanging strip of fat that rolls over the rim of the belt does not allow you to look perfect, there is a desire to hide back in comfortable ” shell.”

Health Experts: Spring Is The Ideal Time To Lose Weight

There is nothing terrible and incomprehensible in the appearance of “winter” extra pounds: they are produced by the body in the cold season, so he simply tries to survive in uncomfortable conditions him. The most important thing is to wake up from the “winter hibernation” in time and direct the main share of daily activity to the process of losing weight.

Diet plan to lose weight in spring

And then a lot of excuses appear: work, household chores, children, husband, when is it to take care of yourself? In addition, according to the popular opinion of many women, little can be done during the unfortunate three spring months, and serious and high-quality weight loss will take a lot of time and effort.

There are a great many myths that prevent you from getting into a working mood and getting your body in shape during the spring period, and, as you know, most of them have a common ground of origin. Ordinary laziness, unwillingness, and sometimes fear, make you brush aside the problem that has arisen, and the once slender and toned body turns into a swollen piece of fat.

To prevent such a fate from happening to you, we decided to prepare a series of recommendations, following which, spring weight loss will be a pleasant addition to your daily diet, which does not require special financial costs, a huge amount of time and effort.

What is an active lifestyle? Why is it so popular and what are the benefits?

A good motivation is half the battle!

Surely, with the advent of the first warm days, many of us have often thought about how to lose weight in the spring at home. Of course, the most effective thing you can think of is to go to the gym, where, having chosen the right direction, under the supervision of a coach, lose extra pounds.

You can’t lose weight without sports and water

But even this method cannot be one hundred percent if a person does not have a strong understanding of why he is doing all this. And if, for some reason, there is no way to go to the gym or some kind of sports section, then hands down completely, they say, how can I do it at home?

Mandatory for all spring weight loss

The most important quality that you need to develop in yourself is understanding.

You need to draw a picture in your head that will explain your work, why do you need to lose weight? To force yourself to lose weight, you need to find a clear reason.

Perhaps you have long dreamed of wearing a short dress with a revealing cutout on the back, or perhaps you have already bought it, but you can’t fit into it. To do this, periodically take out this unfortunate dress from the far corners of the chiffonier, approach the mirror with it, and while actively losing weight, follow the result. Believe me, there will be a day when you wear it, and it will look perfect!

If you don’t have your favorite clothes, but the figure on the scale still doesn’t suit you, then start a diary in which every 2-3 days mark the kilograms thrown off, It can be 200, or 300 grams, but every day their amount will increase!

Or maybe you will dedicate your weight loss to your relatives who do not believe that you can get rid of your extra pounds. In any case, there must be a goal and a deadline to achieve it, this is the best motivation.

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Proper nutrition is the key to healthy weight loss

For the process of losing weight to proceed smoothly, calmly and, so to speak, naturally, it is very important to set up proper nutrition in the spring, which will be a good helper in this difficult task. First, it must be remembered that spring is a difficult period for the body when it has completely used up the entire supply of nutrients and vitamins accumulated in summer and autumn.

Proper nutrition is the key to success

For your active weight loss to be accompanied by good health and a surge of strength, it is better to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a pack of vitamins, a comprehensive course that will support your body during a difficult period.

The next step is to study your refrigerator, for sure, there are not a couple of extremely harmful and unwanted products in it. These include mayonnaises, ketchup, fatty meats, smoked meats, fatty butter and cheeses, and carbonated drinks.

It is hard not to note an important point: fasting is not a panacea, all the kilograms dropped in this way quickly return to their place, taking a couple more with them. The body, sensing danger, tries to accumulate everything that then gets into it, putting aside everything possible for it in the fatty layers.

Don’t Forget the Health Benefits of Tea

A complete diet based on healthy food is very important for those who are trying to lose weight. But such a phenomenon as fasting days is useful, during this period the body can get rid of accumulated toxins and harmful substances, most importantly, after such a day, do not overeat enough. For additional cleansing of the intestines and weight loss, on such days you can drink tea with ginger, and add it to food for the rest of the period.

Remember that the golden formula for all weight loss is: to spend more calories than you eat.

To make it easier to count them, get yourself a diary in which you can mark all the foods eaten for the whole day. There you can also draw up a nutrition plan for the future, what you can eat tomorrow, and what you still have to endure. Learn to replace your favorite foods with healthy, but no less tasty ones.

Sugar in tea can always be exchanged for honey, and instead of sweet and harmful candy, eat a few dried fruits or fresh berries. Remember that in active weight loss, your best friends are vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and greens, and your worst enemies are fried, floury, fatty, and, of course, alcohol.

Sports, sports, and more sports!

Proper nutrition, good motivation, and a healthy lifestyle – all this helps to cope with extra pounds and body fat. But, as you know, it is difficult to effectively lose weight with nutrition alone, Such a system needs to be diluted with sports, namely: running, fitness, aerobics, and cardio loads, which are best for removing excess fat.

Choose what you like, sign up for a club, and try not to miss classes, and after a short period, you won’t even notice how quickly you got involved at such a pace.

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to the gym, don’t despair, you can effectively lose weight at home: arrange for yourself daily jogging in the mornings or evenings, and choose the most convenient set of exercises for burning fat, There are plenty of them on the Internet.

And, most importantly, exercise regularly, if the T-shirt is wet after each such training, it means that you have done a good job, and a pleasant surprise awaits you on the scales.

By Mark