Impressions Of Switching From PC To Console Gaming:- To begin with, my acquaintance with the console world began relatively recently, with the purchase of a used Playstation 4 Pro in December 2020, for quite adequate money (about 19 thousand). Against the background of the madness with outbidding and prices for a new generation of consoles, the latest revision in perfect condition and an almost unused gamepad looked like a good offer. Before that, I played on the PC, and even then I was not very active – studies/work made their adjustments and there was not much time left for toys. Now everything has settled down a bit and there is an opportunity to pay a little more attention to Video games.

switching from pc to console gaming


The idea of ​​continuing to play on the computer, wriggling at the table, somehow did not particularly inspire me. As a result, after some deliberation, it was decided to take the PS4 Pro together with the 4K TV set. Also, the presence of a large number of different genre exclusives spoke for the purchase of a curling iron, which just wasn’t on the PC. I would like to talk in more detail about my acquaintance with these games, since I set myself the task of acquainting myself, if not all, then at least most of Sony’s exams.

As for the gaming experience, I consider myself one of the fans of single games with a well-developed world and a plot (well, preferably), online hacks are a thing of the school past. I am not a hardcore player, I don’t play games 10 times to the holes and I don’t hunt for platinum, i.e. a typical sofa casual. I haven’t gotten into soul-like and others like them yet, but everything is ahead.

The beginning of the way

After buying the console, I immediately purchased a PS + subscription, and in addition to it, kind people helped with the PS + Collection activation, which gave me access to 20 games, half of which were the coveted exes, and all this “without registration and SMS”. About them a little later.

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

The collection is not from the PS + collection, I received it a long time ago on some distribution, even when I did not have a prefix. I liked all three parts, but especially the second one. A sea of ​​driving action and beautifully staged moments. Against the backdrop of a dull last stall with bare-assed natives, these games seemed very exciting, as if they were in a movie about a young Indiana Jones.

In total – 8 not found treasures out of 10.

The Order: 1886

The Order 1886 PC vs Console Gaming

The first discounted game. An adventure for just a couple of nights. In general, I liked the setting, the combat (especially the feeling of shooting), the lore, and the visual component. Victorian London with werewolves looks dark and chthonic. Rejected only by the levels with forced stealth and black bars “like in the movies.” It is a pity that the game is short and is unlikely to be continued.

Total – 6.5 Tesla coils out of 10.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

The second game was bought on sale. I haven’t seen such a disgusting shooter for a long time. With all my love for science fiction, I was able to master the game in a month or two with rare sessions, that’s how it didn’t come to me. Perhaps for its time (2014), it was the norm, but in today’s realities, it looks and is played very clumsily. The story is dull and secondary, the characters are not memorable. Gameplay – simple mechanics and monotonous shooting of waves of dummies, even the trunks look / sound and feel for the most part the same.

Total – 3 dead Helghast out of 10.

inFamous: Second Son

I liked the continuation of the famous inFamous series, although I was not familiar with the previous parts. The plot is not tense and not drawn out. The game itself throws up new abilities/locations at the right time and you just don’t have time to get bored. The secondary missions are monotonous, but there are not too many of them. The picture in the game is pleasant, Seattle looks especially good in the rays of the sunset.

Total – 7 out of 10 street graffiti.

Getting into the taste

After going through the above games, I realized that there is no desire to return to the game on PC. Now is the time to tackle something more solid and complex.

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Death stranding

To say that this work by Kojima amazed me is to say nothing. I did not think that after passing The Witcher, something would be able to drag me out for so long. I will not sing the odes to DS, for a long time everything has been said and written, This game either really likes it or does not come at all, but certainly, no one will remain indifferent. Let me just say that DS is ideal to play on the console. I am sincerely glad that I didn’t play it on PC. it is much more comfortable to admire fantastic landscapes while lying on the couch with a gamepad in hand during long hiking trips. And in general, this is not even a game, but a kind of meditation.

Total – 9.5 damaged containers out of 10.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Superhero in general and Marvel, in particular, is a bit out of my genre, but I couldn’t miss this game. By the way, a GOTY edition disc was purchased with a DLC * spoiler – they never got it *. At first, the game struck with a juicy picture, a fairly detailed city, GG animations, and flights on the web, but very quickly all this splendor crashed into a ton of the same type and annoying side quests that must be completed to open new costumes and pump skills. After a systematic clean-up of the city, when the game map in the 3rd act was again abundantly flavored with already annoying activities, I almost threw my gamepad into the TV. The plot is for the most part interesting, but for me, the story seemed a little drawn out (in comparison with the same inFamous) and very naive. As for me, the desire to catch up with drama was superfluous.

Total – 6 lost backpacks out of 10.

Days gone

Despite the complaints about the same type of tasks in Spider-Man, for some reason, I played Days Gone with great pleasure. I can compare the adventures of collective farmer bikers in the American backwoods with watching some mediocre series from Netflix – not stressful, moderately interesting, I don’t have time to get bored. The plot, game mechanics, locations, etc. – everything was done at a decent level, not a masterpiece, of course, but it suited me. For some reason, the characters in the game want to believe and it is interesting to observe their relationship.

Total – 8.5 cans of gasoline out of 10.

God of war

Another gem among Sony exclusives. An epic story about the adventures of the grim Uncle Kratos and his eccentric son Atreus. The story of growing up, becoming, and overcoming difficulties on a difficult path. Mandatory for everyone who likes story games. A separate like for black humor and gnomes. Now I understand those who bought the console for this particular game.

Total – 9 killed gods out of 10.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

After the trilogy, the game seemed secondary and not very interesting. In addition to a beautiful picture, I did not particularly catch on. It was difficult, especially in the second half of the game, where the action took place on a pirate island. Everything seems to be with her: a plot, a juicy picture, spectacular shooting, a jeep trip, and staged moments are also abundant, but something is missing.

Perhaps this is because the story has become more intimate and personal for the protagonist. The game caused mixed feelings, and I still did not understand why I liked the fourth unch less than the previous parts.

Total – 6 exploding mummies out of 10.

Still in progress

This concludes the list of completed titles. Currently, I am going through several toys, which I will not give estimates yet, but I would like to share my first impressions.

The Last of Us Remastered

I installed it right after buying the console, but I still haven’t mastered it: I went through about half. I do not understand the hype and screams of “SHEDEVR” around this series of games. Maybe I’m just fed up with zombie themes in other games/movies / TV shows/books, etc. Perhaps at the time of its appearance, it was some kind of revelation, but today the game does not cause any special emotions. Subjectively, it is more interesting to watch the relationship between the same Kratos and Atreus than the relationship between Joel and Ellie: smearing snot on the screen and forcing drama only causes rejection. We must force ourselves to finish, then, perhaps, closer to the end of the swallow will sparkle with new colors.

Ghost of Tsushima

An absolute thrill and visual enjoyment. For me, this game is on par with Death Stranding and God of War. The stylistics of medieval Japan and gorgeous visuals are breathtaking from the first minutes. I’m just wildly delighted with the gameplay. I can watch Jin brush the blood off his katana for eternity. I hope this enthusiastic feeling will not leave me during the passage.

Red Dead Redemption ii

After passing Tsushima, I will continue to slowly pick up RDR. Rockstars do top things, they have no equal in terms of the level of elaboration of the game world. The game is sometimes intimidating for its vastness and attention to detail.

Plans for the future

There are not so many significant (at least for me) unsuccessful exams left. For myself, I decided that in the future I would definitely purchase God of War III Remastered, and also try Gran Turismo Sport and Drive Club, although I’m not a big fan of racing. Horizon Zero Dawn is waiting in the wings, which I started to play on PC, but I never made it past the first third of the game (that’s how I ruined my impressions, and now I can’t bring myself to return to this game). Bloodborne is too hardcore, and Ratchet & Clank is too cartoonish, but one day I’ll take on them too (but that’s not certain). If I master the first part, I will go through TLOU2, an ordinary game would not have caused so much noise. There is still Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which I’m unlikely to like, but might be worth giving it a shot.

Game films such as Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection, and Until Dawn, were played by my girlfriend, and willy-nilly I watched what was happening on the screen, so, for now, I will not take on their passage.

I left behind brackets and new items that came out only for PS5, tk. there is nothing to talk about without a new console.

Impressions from the console

There is not much to say here, it works, Sometimes it makes noise, but not much. I prefer to play in a mode with an increased frame rate (if there is one in games), The picture on a 4K TV is excellent, and I did not notice an abundance of soap or terrible graphics. I quickly got used to the gamepad, and I did not experience much rejection after the keyboard mouse, it is certainly not so convenient for shooters, but this is a matter of habit. Taking into account the constant discounts and promotions on PSN, as well as heaps of disc offers at flea markets, curling iron games are not very expensive. Overall, very happy with the acquisition, the best investment of 2020 in terms of gaming experience.

With one eye

Considering the games I have already completed and the fact that there is no opportunity and special desire to roll over to PS5, I am starting to think about purchasing an Xbox Series S, tk. Over the past six months, a pack of interesting games has been delivered to Game Pass, and new releases are slowly appearing. After all, in the new generation, the prices for the multiplatform are lower, in new games for the most part it produces 60 frames, plus this is the only console that can be bought for adequate money.


Why did I write all this? God knows, I just wanted to share my impressions of the transition to the console. You can talk about some projects for hours and a couple of lines of short review is not an overview, just the opinion of an ordinary user.

By Mark