Beautiful Good Night Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, & Text Messages On this Quiet night you will get rid of the exhausted coat, let the whole world linger at this time, all the good blessings are buried in the hearts of everyone, joy, peace, and harmony around you, at this time, only because You are enjoying the sleepiness of your dreams.

Beautiful Good Night Quotes

Sweet Good Night Quotes

I want to have a long way to go with you.

Wait to sleep in your arms, I don’t have to stay up late, Good night.

My sweetness, my softness is only visible to you alone. Good night.

You are the person I want to chat most before going to bed at night. It is the first person in the morning to say that good morning is a person who doesn’t want to see every day. What is new? I want to be the first person to share. Favorite person Good Night.

I miss you very much, just like the supreme treasure misses Olivia saying that dreams will call your name 784 times.

Most want to see is that you smile in my eyes you are the best. Good Night.

After the storm, or you, I love you for the rest of your life. Good night.Want to go through the mountains and sea to see you in your arms spoiled to tell you how much I like you Good night.

I want to tell the world, I am my favorite person, give a hundred sugar, tell a thousand stories, say 10,000 words do not change the baby.

I will not say love words but will accompany you for a lifetime of big pig hooves Good Night.

Others are opportunistic, I am not the same, I want to marry you good night.

 You are my world, living in my heart.

Until one day, we no longer say good night to each other, but sleep next to each other.

You are the person I most want to see in my dreams.

I really love you from the south to the north.

I love you seriously and from beginning to end.

You are the person I want to chat most before going to bed at night. I love this feeling Good Night.

This life with you is called the future. Good night.

Whether I am lucky enough to meet you sooner or later.

I like you the most in the scenery of all personnel.

The direction of your station is blowing warm.

Swaying for a lifetime, love one person, breeze, only want you.

 Wise Good Night Wishes

The best happy is to hold you up before going to bed, you can kiss you after waking up.

The warmest words in the world are good nights spoken from your mouth.

If I can, I will accompany you from the early morning to the dusk from the teenager to accompany you to the whitehead.

 Wise Good Night Wishes

Good feelings are not touching you at once, but in the days and nights, pets you love you to care for you.

Two rooms and two halls are you and you have no neighbors in my heart.

My name and your name together is called a match.

I hope that one day, you will use my name to reject people who like you.

You love the world, I love you.

If one day I can dream of laughing, then 80% is dreaming of you.

Good night with you is the last sweet night of this night.

A thousand words in the world are not enough to be warm to you.

Newton discovered the gravitation and I found your attraction to me.

The quilt is covered, don’t catch a cold, I will feel bad, Good Night.

I did not particularly think that you just missed you by the day and night.

I wrote your first half of life on paper and wrote it in your life for the rest of your life. 365 days a year, I only like you 4 days spring, summer, winter, autumn, Good Night. The happiness of peace of mind is nothing more than three things: Someone believes that someone is with you, someone waiting for you to be a good night. Do not want to be a cute person, just want to be the person you love. I want to tell the world that you are my favorite person. No matter how the world changes, I will always stand by your side, even if I am a woman, I love you.

Cute Good Night Quotes

Send you a little happy, I hope you sleep in peace, send you a little happiness, I wish you a good dream again and again, send you a little blessing, I hope you are happy to accompany,I send you Good Night Text Message, my friends wish you good night.

Best Good Night Quote

Friends, I heard that you have not been sleeping well recently, I have found a good solution for you to solve the problem, All daily Routine problem to by and relax your mind OK, go to bed early. Oh, don’t be angry, want to sleep well, mentality is the most important, good attitude, good sleep, Good Night.

Before going to bed, the mood is very easy to lick, soft music to report, troubles do not bother, sleep before the bubble feet, Shunning live bones exhausted, my greetings come, your mood will be good, the mood is calm and pottery The pressure can be thrown at will, and the dreams will be happy.

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Sleep is forgetting the grass, wake up, troubles disappear; sleep is Ashen soup, take it every day, heart and mind; sleep is relieved, tired, sleep, energetic; sleep is jack pills, dreams companion, sleep also Sweet; friends, late at night, sleep well, wake up tomorrow, wish you a refreshing, refreshing.

Who is holding the burden, who is holding the horse, sending away the sunrise, sending off the sunset, stepping on the sleepy feelings, in order to start the dream, the dream is still her favorite, go to bed early, have a good dream ,Good Night!

Soak a foot before going to bed, troubles all run away; drink milk before going to bed, peace of mind is good; sleep before the heart is relaxed, can also laugh at sleep; take a bath before going to bed, refreshing fatigue; sleep before sitting, fairy Happy. Tonight, your sleep, you are the master, Good Night, friend.

Make money during the day, let it go, sleep at night, energetic, relaxed, full of dreams, free and calm, happy, I wish you good night, easy to sleep, I wish you happy every day.

I am willing to be the star of the sky, accompanying you on a quiet night, feeling good, I am willing to be the moon in the sky, shining on you in the dark night, carefree, I will be the seven fairies in the sky, weaving thousands of Star, wrapped in you; sleep, have a sweet dream, Good Night.

Spray a little humor perfume, apply a little optimistic lubrication powder, click on a naughty table lamp, pull a curtain of gentle curtains, a good night and a good dream Good night.

Draw a happy circle, circle the hustle and bustle of your life; set a colorful cloud, bring the wish of peace tonight; hold a sincere heart, may you sleep peacefully tonight; welcome a beautiful tomorrow, I wish you a good dream.

The night is so beautiful, the pressure of life is too annoying, forget all the troubles, An heart to sleep, happy with you often, the dream is connected with you, my wishes are received, I hope you are happy, I wish you a Good Night Greetings.

Smashed a night of starlight to do the credit, grind a window moonlight to make a soft bed, put on a beautiful memory, cover the dazzling sly, you are the princess tonight, everything is more shiny, I wish you a good night dream.

Good Night For Friends

I don’t know what you are doing, such a late night, maybe only I am so sad to miss you, over and over again. I don’t want to bother you, I hope that you sleep peacefully, like a worry-free pig. Dear, Good Night.

Good Night For Friends

When you see my text message, the words are your good mood. When you turn off your phone, your fingertips leave me with the warmth of my blessing. When you fall asleep, the sweet smell is the sweet dream that I send you Good Night Wishes, my friend!

When the sun illuminates the earth, my thoughts will be brighter; when the breeze passes over my face, my greetings will float; when the stars are dotted with the night sky, my blessing will be embarrassing. Good Night!

I just had a phone call with the moon, want it to sprinkle with you to sleep; sent an e-mail to the stars, want it to embellish the night sky with your dreams. They promised, I wish you good night, good dreams!

Send me a cordial blessing every night, I wish you peace of mind in the heart! Every dawn comes, I will send you a good hope, and I will miss your day! Good night! Good dreams!


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