555+ Best Sorrowful Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, & Sayings Best Sorrowful Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, & Sayings You can be strong, but don’t be stubborn. You can be sad but never lose your dream. If you want to fly, raise your wings first. Loving you is a kind of sweet torture. Thinking of you, a little bit of sorrow. I don’t understand why I always feel inexplicable sadness and don’t want to say anything. People use silence to conceal the emptiness of their thoughts, to describe confusion and confusion, and to express their inner anger and sorrow. 

Best Sorrowful Quotes

Life Sorrowful Quotes

The melodic melody is sometimes a sad monologue.

But the thought of those leaves are falling. Those yellowed leaves seemed to be telling a sad past.

To look down on everything, with me, there are only countless sorrows.

Sadness is a process that everyone must meet at a certain time, and it is the emotion that some people encounter at some time.

Life can be complicated to be simple, we do not always live in sorrow and pain, love ourselves more.

This summer, sadness is still (spread).

The feeling of waiting, a little bit of hatred and a little sadness. But in short, it’s definitely not a bad feeling.

Listen, how moving, the sad sound of rain this season.

Don’t plunge into the beautiful sorrow, cry hard for help while digging in.

The hands of memory always pick up those bright sadness.

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You said that you have no intention to love me, you said that your soul has been entangled with sorrow.

Listen to the sad sound of rain this season … Look at the shadow of this season’s residual flowers …

Jack messed up my floating heart, and the empty heart was trembling with sadness.

 Sorrowful Quotes About Love

They all said, I am a woman who is charming outside and sad inside. It would be nice if sorrow turned into darkness.

Quotes of Sorrow and Despair

I won’t be lonely, sad or lonely anymore.

Endless thoughts, like a boat that has not been untethered, are moving sadly in my heart.

Clean up the messy mood, those sad memories are taken away from me one by one.

Candlestick notes, record yourself, write the next sad letter.

Some people, living in the story, are sad and rainy, and their pupils are full of melancholy.

A person who sees the evening without sorrow or sorrow is nothing but flowers and clouds.

Write my heartache as a nice note. The good concubine has the same pain and the same sadness.

People who can write are the loveliest. They know how to swallow sadness, filter through blood vessels, and then leave it at their fingertips.

There is a kind of sorrow, hidden only in your eyes, you can’t understand, I don’t blame you, because I love you.

There is a long road. Sadness ends. I just want someone. Tolerate my vulnerability. Take care of my vulnerability.

I like your smile, it is so bright, and your sorrow is melted by you.

I am sad, and I can’t stop my life and craving for your life.

Saying that I’m not sad for you, but how can I feel good.

Lee has no confidant on his way. No one in the world knows the king. Stop wasting new tears for old sadness.

I hang my love and sorrow on the wall, display it and sell it.

Quotes of Sorrow and Despair

Put away the sorrow in your heart, put aside today’s depression, and add strength, you must wash away that sadness today.

Quotes of Sorrow and Despair

The mood of sub-zero temperature, with the heart in the water, I want to freeze and grieve. The sun is not shining, but sorrow is like a river.

The boy’s playfulness is a woman’s arrogance, and the woman’s playfulness is a man’s willingness. I can only laugh and laugh, and sadness will not be seen through.

There are two me in this world, one is happy in disguise, the other is really sad.

The slight sound of the sea breeze was bitterly sad.

Because loneliness likes to listen to that sad music, because loneliness and security is a kind of nothingness.

In those times, you can forget all your sorrows, all your falsehood, just a ray of light in your eyes.

Night made me learn to cover up sorrow, and made me understand silence.

At the age of seventeen or eighteen, girls begin to like sadness.

In the chasing picture, your sad smile, happiness walked away.

Passing sorrow, saying goodbye to the past, and now, from now on, we will start a future in which we will not participate.

The sad season is set off by the sad melody.

In the face of my sorrow, understanding what is helpless is only a compromise.

We are all young, but we have sadness that is not of our own age.

Forget the sorrow, the dust settles and the wind is light.

Forgetting is a kind of vulnerability. Sometimes, what I really want to disappear without a trace is nothing more than a loss and sorrow.

Drowning in Sorrow Quotes

Does anyone know my sorrow, who understands my pain, the world, I only have myself.

Drowning in Sorrow Quotes

The left eye is gorgeous and lonely, and the right eye is delicate and sad. Whoever touches the corner of his eyebrows and who has the eyebrows, whoever offends the palm print for redemption.

I want to know how many people have seen Lee, can we not be sad. How many people are blinded by tears because of this book.

Fool, meeting you is my sweetest sadness in this life. Fool, watching you is my happiest burden in this life.

I am gentle except for desolation; I am gentle except for sadness; I am gentle except for

With the advent of autumn, a kind of sorrow pervaded my heart, and the lingering memories always opened

It is to leave the memory of others, or to leave the memory with others, to be sad and numb.

The writing is finished. My sadness buried this season’s loneliness.

When jack was young, we have all loved it, so painful and sad.

The night is too beautiful, the lights are swaying, as if there is nothing, lingering, where is the people, my heart is sad.

Maybe I miss it as if the paint was poured on a white canvas and passed over the blue sea, named sad.

Quotes on Sorrow Behind Smile

Please don’t be sad for me, I have my own beauty, and it is about to begin.

The night cannot escape the lonely baptism, dim sadness.

Quotes on Sorrow Behind Smile

Youth is a stream of bright and sad.

I bury my sad thoughts in my heart, not letting it appear, or letting you discover it.

There should be more vigorous melody and less sad notes. Life is like a painting, it should have more bright colors.

The happiness that should have been remembered has long been forgotten; the sadness that should end is still continuing.

The sorrow and grief in the drizzle in the early summer, I recorded this stranded life.

I’m afraid you turn and run, so I hid my sorrow.

Sad songs float, sad souls are looking for lost love.

The most memorable growth memories, the saddest tears of youth, the most moving praise of struggle, the most beautiful elementary school career.

Sadness and beauty, reincarnation forever, the red rose is the sin of the previous life.

Gorgeous beauty, how can I hide all the sadness in my heart.

As long as it used to be, sadness won’t frequent us.

The grip of the eye socket was as painful as tearing, tears rolled down, forming a sea of sadness.

Tell the sorrow deep in your heart, don’t let it follow you, just let it stay here and let you relax your life.

You are always the deepest sorrow I’ve buried in my heart. I don’t want to mention it, and I won’t forget it.

It is said to be neglected by someone who cares about it. What is sadder is that you have to pretend you don’t care.

Men pretend to be strong and are afraid to expose weakness; women pretend to be happy only to cover up sorrow.

People who step into the sunset don’t have to be sad and show your infinite beauty.

Write youth and sorrow, build a spiritual harbor.

Crazy people are most afraid to see sad people because that is the shadow behind them.

Life is not James, and you won’t be amazed by your sadnessso we should learn to be silent in sadness.

Fingertipspainfulunable to wipe away that sadness.

I always disdain to cover up my sorrowIn factI am not a very strong person.

I drew the corner of my mouth with a daggerwhich intense pain I wanted to cover a little sadnessthat’s all.

Whose sorrow can bear whose tearswhose corners touch who’s eyebrows?

The sorrow of Naihe Bridgethe sadness of the worldthe samsara has forgotten everything.

It was darksad like a kittencrossed the threshold of happinessand came to me.

Listening to the sad songI sing all the emotions I can’t tell.

One day we will learn and realize that we will no longer be sadjust because we have completed the set reunion like a butterfly.


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