The holiday of Ivan Kupala is celebrated annually on the night of July 6-7. It has different names in each country: Midsommar in Scandinavia, Sobotka in Poland, Saint Jeans in France, Janovden in Bulgaria, and Kresu den in Slovenia, but everywhere it symbolizes the summer solstice, which, according to the old style, was celebrated June 24. In ancient times, people believed that it was on this night that evil spirits appeared, which could be driven away by fire and water. Many signs are associated with the holiday, girls traditionally conduct fortune-telling, and people congratulate each other by sending sincere words and thematic postcards. You can also congratulate your relatives and friends on the birth of the summer sun by choosing our beautiful postcards, which we have prepared especially for Ivan Kupala!

 Ivan Kupala Postcards and Traditions

Folk customs

On this mystical night, young people usually kindle a large fire, around which many people gather to sing, dance, and dance. An important attribute of the holiday is a wheel on a long club, symbolizing the sun. Also, lovers, holding hands, jump over the fires. If they successfully jumped over the fire, then their love will be long and happy. Some believe that by throwing the clothes of a sick person into the fire, he will be able to recover faster.

Kupala wreaths are an essential accessory for girls on a festive night. Each wildflower woven into them gives the wreath more magical power. For this, ferns, periwinkles, poppies, blackberries, and branches of river trees are most suitable. One of the main rites for Ivan Kupala is held in reservoirs. At night, girls and boys walk barefoot, swim in lakes and rivers, pour water on each other or go to the bathhouse. These customs are considered to be magical, as well as strengthening health and bestowing longevity.

Important signs

On a holiday, weather and natural phenomena play an important role, namely:

  • A person who finds a mythical fern flower will receive great happiness for life;
  • If it started to rain on Ivan Kupala, then the summer will be dry, but getting caught in the rain means money;
  • To see a rainbow means great luck in the near future;
  • Sunny weather promises a lot of fruits and vegetables;
  • The starry night announces that there will be a lot of mushrooms.


Rituals performed on Ivan Kupala:

  • Girls weave wreaths, light candles in them, and let them float along the river. As usual, where he swims, the betrothed lives in that direction. If the wreath stays on the water for a long time and the candle burns, it means that the girl will quickly find her beloved, and if she drowns or remains in place, she will have to wait for her fiancé for some more time.
  • A plantain leaf is placed under the pillow, they think about the betrothed, and then they will dream.
  • Wreaths are also thrown into the fire, and whoever burns out first, will be the first to marry.
  • Before going to bed, they put a few coins in a glass of clean water, and in the morning they take them out and hide them somewhere in the house so that money is always in it.
  • The most daring guess on the mirror: they light a candle, sit in front of the mirror and peer into it. According to the stories, the girl will see the image of the groom behind her, but in no case should she turn around or take her eyes off the mirror.

Divination Ivan Kupala

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Congratulations from Ivan Kupala

  • On the festive night of Ivan Kupala, let a fern flower meet on your way, which will bring you happiness and peace forever!
  • Kupala Night! Magic night! May all your dreams come true and you meet your true love!
  • Kindle fire on the night of Ivan Kupala and leave all your hardships on the other side of the fire. He will cleanse you, free you from trouble and give you happiness and peace!
  • My congratulations to Ivan Kupala! I wish you a long life, bright hopes, and good in the house! May you be lucky every day!
  • The magical night of Ivan Kupala is a celebration of fun, loud festivities, and fun! Believe today in a miracle and find a fern flower so that your heart sings and never knows sadness and loneliness!

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