A long-awaited weekend is ahead – a time of relaxation and fun. How to spend them joyfully and interestingly in the family circle? You can plan a picnic in the woods, help your grandmother in the garden, or go to the cinema with the whole family. Or you can try a new popular entertainment – a family or children’s challenge. What kind of fun is this, and how to organize it with your family – read on.

Challenges for families

What are the challenges?

From English, the word Challenge is translated as a challenge, but not in the sense of “phone call” or “doctor’s call”, but in the context of “challenge”, that is, to invite someone to do something interesting or even crazy. Today, the concept of “challenge” most often means some kind of difficult task that must be completed so as not to fall face down in the dirt. We all remember the famous Ice Bucket Challenge when people poured ice water over themselves from a bucket or basin. Doing it on camera, they were like saying, “I’m cool, I was able to do it. Are you weak?”

Challenges for families

When coming up with tasks for a family challenge, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it will be performed not only by adults but also by children. Therefore, everything that can be dangerous or unhealthy is not immediately suitable. The family challenge should, of course, be playful and interesting for children and for those who will look at it. Most often, these entertainments are associated with food or unusual children’s toys. There are many options on the network, and you can get acquainted with them on YouTube, Instagram, or any other resource. We have chosen for you the most interesting and real scenarios in our opinion.

Family Burger Challenges

For such entertainment, you will need various burger ingredients: buns, sauces, meat or fish, vegetables, and herbs. There should be as many varieties of each component as there are people taking part in the challenge. And for the fun to come out funny, get ingredients that are not quite suitable for making a burger. For example, among the sauces, there may be jam or condensed milk, and instead of a cucumber, you can prepare an apple or a pear. The names of products are written on separate pieces of paper, which are then sorted into groups and placed in different containers.

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The game starts with choosing a bun. Participants take turns pulling a piece of paper and choosing this ingredient for themselves. The same is done with all other ingredients until the burgers are finished. As a result, you may end up with a sandwich in which: a rye bun, condensed milk, a fish cake, and an apple). The main condition is to try your culinary recipe at the end! And the one who gets delicious food gets a prize, which is thought out at the beginning of the entertainment. If you want others to watch your efforts, capture everything on camera, and then send it to your friends or post it on any social network.

Similar entertainment can be arranged with other dishes, for example, organizing a salad challenge. You can also buy exotic vegetables and fruits, cut them into pieces, and try blindfolding them.

24 hours challenges

The essence of entertainment is that you leave home for exactly 24 hours and spend this time elsewhere. For example, you can go camping in the forest or go to another city. All your adventures must be recorded on video. Your kids will surely enjoy this pastime. However, do not forget to take care of amenities and quality food in advance.

Whispers Challenges

An interesting game that can be played by anyone. All you need are large earmuffs that will fit snugly on your head and cover your ears. One person puts on headphones (for the reliability of the experiment, you can turn on the music loudly), and the other stands opposite and says a word aloud. The task of the one in the headphones is to guess what the opponent said. In fact, the challenge turns out funny and cheerful, so a good mood is guaranteed for absolutely everyone!

The challenges with a toy

If you want to have a toy challenge, the choice here is very large. With almost every game, you can arrange such entertainment in the family circle. For example, the slime challenge. There is such a children’s play mass, which is called slime. It is sold in jars and resembles … mucus. But no matter how disgusting these slimes look, they are very pleasant to the touch.

The idea of ​​the challenges is as follows. The contents of the jar are poured onto the table (you will need as many jars as there are people taking part in the celebration). Each participant is given a cocktail tube, one end of which must be taken into the mouth and the other lowered into the slippery mass. Further, bubbles are inflated from the slimes. The player with the biggest ball wins! At first glance – well, what’s so surprising? It is extremely difficult to inflate this strange substance, and you have to try very hard to get at least a small bubble. In addition, laughter and good humor are simply provided not only for the performers but also for those who will watch this competition.

Challenges “Thoughts are one for two”

The game helps to understand how well people know each other. Two participants and one leader are selected. It is best if Mom and Dad take part because they have been together for so long, and this challenge for two will help you find out how strong the mutual understanding is between you.

Challenge Thoughts are one for two

From the props, you will need two felt-tip pens or markers, several blank sheets of paper, and something as a partition. Players sit at the table, a partition is installed between them so that they do not peep at each other. Then the facilitator, who may be the eldest son or daughter, says a word, and the participants must write on paper the first association that came to their mind. And although there will be no winners and losers in this challenge for two, you will certainly have a good time with your loved ones and, perhaps, learn something interesting about them.

Challenges for kids

In addition to fun games for the whole family, you can also come up with challenges for children. You can play the famous game among teenagers “Don’t laugh.” And you can combine business with pleasure and come up with a sports challenge for children. Pick up age-appropriate tasks that are feasible in advance, and children will no longer say that morning exercises are boring. After all, they have already accepted your challenge!

“Don’t laugh” challenges

A very fun game that will appeal to students. Her rules are simple: don’t laugh while watching a funny video. By the way, the more children play at the same time, the more interesting the process will be. You can pick up a lot of videos: from slightly funny to very funny, to play several rounds and at the end choose the winner with the strongest willpower and endurance.

Yoga Challenges

Everyone knows how important physical activity is for the health of adults and children. And yoga perfectly develops the body, making it stronger and more flexible. To instill in children a desire to train, you can add an element of the game to the classes – the challenges will not seem boring to them! If you do it yourself, come up with a yoga challenge for your children. Choose paired or individual exercises that are allowed for children and are suitable for their age, and turn joint activities into interesting games.

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Sports challenges for children

Another way to instill in children a love of physical activity is through sports children’s challenges. It can be any sport: swimming, cycling, running, or even simple exercises in the morning. The rules are simple: you need to start small (for example, a 10-minute run), stick to the schedule drawn up by adults, and be sure to record the results. It is also good to combine playing sports with proper nutrition, a mode of activity, and rest – all this must be prescribed in the rules of the challenge.

The child will not even notice how a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit for him – this is the main goal of the sports challenge. The results can be shared on social networks, and then the child will have even more motivation to complete tasks. After all, friends are watching the process!

As you can see, family and children’s challenges are interesting and fun for the whole family. And even the same trip to the forest or help from a grandmother in the country can also be a good challenge. We wish that your imagination has no limits. Spend fun and exciting time with your family, arrange games and challenges – and you will certainly have something to remember in the future!


1. How can parents handle money problems?

Sometimes parents face difficulties managing their money. To handle money problems, parents can make a plan for spending and saving. They can also look for ways to spend less money, like buying things on sale or using coupons. It’s important for parents to talk to each other about money and work together to make smart choices.

2. What can families do to talk to and understand each other better?

Good communication is important in families. To talk and understand each other better, families can take turns listening to each other without interrupting. They can use kind words and share their feelings. Families can also spend quality time together, like eating meals as a family or playing games, to build strong relationships.

3. How can parents take care of themselves and feel less stressed?

Parents have a lot of responsibilities and it’s important for them to take care of themselves too. To feel less stressed, parents can take breaks when they need them and do things they enjoy, like reading a book or going for a walk. They can also ask for help from family or friends and talk about their feelings.

4. How can children stay safe when using the internet?

The internet can be fun, but it’s important for children to stay safe online. Children should always ask their parents for permission before using the internet and never share personal information, like their address or phone number, with strangers. It’s also a good idea to use strong passwords and tell a trusted adult if something makes them uncomfortable online.

5. Where can families find help if they are facing challenges?

If families are facing challenges, there are places they can go for help. They can talk to their school counselor, who can provide guidance and support. Families can also visit community centers or local organizations that offer resources and programs for families. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to ask for help when needed.