As a child, I often regretted that I was born a girl and not a boy. Each restriction under the slogan “You’re a girl” was not easy for me. I wanted, like the boys, to climb trees, play football, fight with sticks, and practice karate. And, if I still managed to include trees, sticks, and football in my games in the yard, then both Mom and Dad spoke out against karate. So instead of a white kimono, I put on a tennis uniform and mastered a completely different sport. It’s also cool in its own way, also about getting your body, about reaction speed, about endurance, and the ability to lose, but still not karate. Because karate was a “male” sport, and “you’re a girl” – this is how dialogues with parents ended.

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In the modern world, I increasingly see how the line between “male” and “female” is becoming less clear. Boys wear bright and colorful clothes, while girls dress in monochrome clothes. Men are more involved in childcare and household chores, women hold positions in IT and pilot aircraft. I can do boxing – and not listen to “you’re a girl, better go to the dance.” I can do a lot, but, most importantly, now I’m an adult – and I can choose. How to look, what to wear, what to do, and how to express yourself. And, I confess, now I do not regret a bit that I was not born a boy.

I am sure that it is easier to be a man, but it is better to be a woman because the world of women looks more saturated to me.

And that’s why:

  • You can wear tutu skirts, high heels and lace underwear or jeans, rough boots, and shirts – and feel at your best,
  • You can do makeup or not do it – and see your beauty in any case,
  • You can have a short haircut or wear long hair, you can dye it in different colors – and change your image as you like,
  • You can love champagne and Meladze’s songs or beer and Russian rock – and arrange funny bachelorette parties with or without reason,
  • You can improve your mood by simply painting your lips with red lipstick or buying new underwear at Intimissimi,
  • You can spend money on beautiful notebooks, pens, stickers,
  • You can cry and not be ashamed of it,
  • You can look endlessly at Colin Firth, Ryan Gosling, and Mario Casas or Australian firefighters posing with animals for a calendar (if you haven’t watched this video, read the article to the end and find it),
  • You can sometimes turn on the mode: “I’m a girl, I don’t want to decide anything, I want to be on my hands” – and watch tearful melodramas while eating chocolate in pajamas,
  • But you can be strong and courageous, achieve what you want, celebrate your successes and achievements,

successes and achievements,

  • When making a decision, you can rely not only on logic and facts but also on intuition,
  • You can create comfort and beauty in any lair thanks to a sense of beauty,
  • You can do several things at the same time, and do them well,
  • Men look after us and make compliments, for us, they perform beautiful deeds,
  • We do not need to propose marriage and be afraid of rejection,
  • No need to serve in the army or look for ways to avoid it,
  • No need to shave!
  • And you can not worry about baldness or erection, but you can experience multiple orgasms,
  • You can bring a child into this world, give life through your body, feed and raise a new person and see how he becomes an adult.

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The last item on this list is like the icing on the cake for me. This is the best reality show in which I am not just a spectator, but a direct participant in it. Yes, it’s not easy, yes, sometimes I feel insecure and incompetent, and yes, sometimes I get exhausted, but I know for sure that such a range of emotions and feelings was not available to me before I became a mother. I became the mother of a girl, which means I have a chance to see how a girl becomes a woman – and I look forward to it with pleasure.