April greets us with the first spring warmth, gentle sun, and a bright, family holiday Easter.  Every year we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with joy, congratulating relatives and friends with pleasant words, messages with beautiful postcards, and treating them with traditional goodies. We know a lot about the history of this event, and we are well acquainted with its customs, yet we are confused about dates and calendars.
Among the religious holidays of the Christian world, Easter is the most popular and revered. On this day, Catholic and Orthodox believers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But they celebrate the holiday on different dates. Why did it happen? Let’s briefly talk about this.

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When to celebrate Easter?

In 2023, Orthodox Easter falls on April 16, at a time when the Catholic holiday will take place a week earlier, namely April 9. Why don’t the dates match? Back in the 16th century, the Catholic Church switched to the Gregorian calendar, according to which the calculus for it was changed. In turn, the Orthodox continued to use Julian. So there was a celebration according to the old and new calendars, hence the discrepancies in dates.

Easter traditions

Orthodox and Catholic traditions for Easter are in many ways similar, but there are some differences. For the former, everything begins with the observance of Great Lent lasting 48 days, when believers significantly limit themselves in nutrition and pay more attention to spiritual development. At this time, they read prayers, and try neither to argue nor quarrel, but on the contrary, to improve relations with relatives, friends, or colleagues. Thus, people honor Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself for their salvation. Catholics have a less rigid fast and it lasts 40 days. They abstain from meat on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Sundays, they are allowed to eat everything.

It is also a common tradition to visit temples and has an Easter dinner in the family circle. On the holiday, fasting ends, so delicious dishes, including meat ones, appear on the table. The main decoration of the Orthodox feast is Kulichi – a sweet muffin with raisins, nuts, and other fillings, decorated with icing and sprinkles. Catholic families bake Easter bread. Most countries use different names and recipes, for example:

  • in Poland, a Mazurek shortcake is prepared with nuts or fruits;
  • English housewives bake Cross buns ;
  • in Italy, the Catalan Easter cake with almond crumbs and apricot jam is considered traditional ;
  • The most beautiful holiday dessert can be safely called the American Cruffin – a mix of muffin and croissant;
  • An Italian delicacy called Mona de Pasqua is a round sweet bread with orange zest.

In addition to Easter cakes, painted boiled eggs are added to the Orthodox Easter basket. Distinguish Krashanki, painted in one color, and Pysanky, painted with authentic patterns. According to modern Catholic traditions, ordinary eggs were replaced with chocolate ones, which are brought by the Easter Bunny – also a well-known symbol of the holiday.

Easter traditions

Easter is a family holiday that occurs surrounded by relatives and loved ones. It is this custom that unites two such similar, however, different branches of Christianity. Family and friends gather for a feast, and fun, and do not forget about the congratulations of those who could not join them.

Congratulations on Orthodox and Catholic Easter

Happy Easter, my dear parents! I want to thank you for the love and care that you give me every day. You, like my guardian angels, always protect me in all my ways. Be healthy and happy! Christ is risen!

I wish you a warm, sunny, and joyful Easter! May the Lord help you in all matters, and give peace and harmony to every family. Hug your loved ones, forgive insults, and open your heart to kindness and understanding.

May your dreams soar into the clear blue sky on the wings of white doves on the bright Easter holiday. Everything will come true, you just have to want it! Today, every happy thought, a warm word, and sincere desire will be heard, because Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter! I wish you strong faith, hope for the best, and great love for family and friends. All bad things will surely pass, and all the good things that are in the world will come and fill the soul of everyone who has settled under the roof of God.

Christ is risen! So that prosperity always reigns in your home, and the family can find mutual understanding in any situation. Merry holiday and a generous table! May the Lord help you!

Today is a great occasion for joy – Christ is Risen! I wish everyone delicious Easter cakes, fun fun, sincere smiles, and good deeds!

Congratulations on the Resurrection of Christ! May the generous Easter Bunny bring you what you dream and hope for. This will definitely happen if a spark of faith flickers in your soul!

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May your heart be filled with bright joy, and fragrant Easter cakes, bright Easter eggs, and cheerful Easter bells will bring peace, happiness, and health to your home! Happy and delicious Easter!

I cannot find so many beautiful words to express my thoughts on this incredible holiday. But I’ll still try. So, may the Lord protect you from small and large adversities, the heart is filled with happiness, the dwelling is warm, and thoughts are filled with pure radiance. I wish you well, Christ is Risen!

Dear reader, we also congratulate you on the upcoming Easter! We hope you found it useful and interesting to read, leave your wishes in the comments and see you in new articles!

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