Many people associate this holiday with the arrival of spring and the first flowers. Every family has its own tradition of celebrating it. But if this year you want something new, but there are no options, we have prepared for you some exciting ideas on how to celebrate 8 March.

 Women Day 8 March

Theme-Based Celebrations

Head to the spa for treatments: massage, sauna, manicure, or styling. If there is no desire to visit such establishments, then arrange a spa at home! Very often, women do not have enough time for themselves, so a day off is a great opportunity to spend it on beauty and a good idea for celebrating 8 March.

Do what you refuse every day: hair mask, face, manicure, and pedicure, and take a long bubble bath. Now the choice of skin care cosmetics is so huge that almost all salon procedures can be done at home: from peeling to masks with hyaluronic acid.

Activities and Ideas

You can celebrate not only within the walls of the house – try a new sport or arrange a weekend outside the apartment. What to try:

  • Urban entertainment: skating rink, roller drome, climbing wall;
  • Dance and sports: master the basic rumba steps or hold a tennis racket;
  • Quest rooms and open quests in the city;
  • Walking tour of sights and favorite places;
  • Offsite one-day excursion to another city for new experiences;
  • Camping.

If you have other ideas for celebrating 8 March, feel free to implement them. The main thing is that you feel a surge of energy and start up a little from the routine of weekdays and weekends.

Organizing community events

If you cannot choose where to celebrate 8 March from year to year, we offer an unexpected solution: arrange a celebration at home. Yes, we have long lost the habit of cleaning and cooking for guests, preferring to sit in a restaurant. But trust me, a house party is different.

celebrate 8 March

In order not to bother cooking, you can limit yourself to snacks, order food with delivery, or arrange with guests that each one will bring one dish for a common table. Then the home holiday will pass without unnecessary stress for the hostess.

Personal celebrations and self-care

Be lazy enough

International Women’s Day is the perfect time to finally get some real rest. Delegate household duties to a boyfriend, husband, or family members and be lazy for at least a day. Perhaps you miss just such a vacation by watching your favorite TV shows, reading books, or playing computer games.

This opportunity is especially valuable for mothers who are on maternity leave. On their shoulders is the daily irregular work of caring for a child. They will really need a lazy day that can be spent without flinching. So feel free to send your husband and child for a day out for a walk or visit.

Have a bachelorette party

Another original way to celebrate 8 March is to have a bachelorette party. Call your friends and spend the day (evening) the way you have long wanted. It can be a pajama party at home, a stroll through the bars, or a trip to your favorite cafe. Or maybe you have been planning to sit in a restaurant for a long time or go out of town for a day. In a women’s company, you can discuss everything that you would not like to say in front of men and choose the leisure that suits you. So feel free to add this idea to your piggy bank of ideas for celebrating 8 March.

Go shopping

There is a version: nothing pleases women as much as new purchases. There is some truth in this, so if you love shopping, then you can devote a holiday weekend to it. For girls, comfort, cute trinkets, and decor, which men often underestimate, are very important.

When shopping with friends, no one will say to your arm, “And why do we need another flower vase?” or “Curtains for the kitchen again?” And there will certainly be holiday discounts, so on this day you can update your wardrobe without hitting the budget.

8 March with her daughter

Why not spend this day with loved ones? We offer to celebrate the holiday with your daughter, sister, mother, or grandmother. Even if your children are already adults, it will be a great time.

We also invite you to congratulate other women dear to you: give sweets for tea to your favorite teacher, congratulate a colleague or godfather. Women’s holiday is not only about congratulations to mothers and grandmothers but also about women’s work in general.

Gift ideas for 8 March

In addition to flowers or sweets, there are many other nice gifts. It doesn’t have to be limited to something material. Now there are gift experiences, among which you can choose anything: from massage certificates to a flight in a hot air balloon.

Gift ideas for 8 March

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A gift can be symbolic: it all depends on who you present it to. Do not forget to inadvertently find out from the woman whom you are preparing a surprise for, what she would like. Take a look at gift shops selling original products – T-shirts with any pattern, exclusive tableware, decor, and more. Remember that attention is important, not the value of the gift.


  • Handmade cosmetics sets;
  • Unusual sweets (for example, from the USA or Japan);
  • Chest of drawers/organizer for cosmetics and related accessories (for example, a mirror with light);
  • A bouquet of sweets or fruits;
  • Personalized notepad with photo.

This list can be supplemented endlessly. So feel free to fantasize and prepare pleasant surprises for your loved ones, do not be afraid to experiment and spend 8 March unforgettable!