On March 8, many countries around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. This is an unofficial holiday, but it is a special occasion to congratulate relatives and friends of the girls. On this day, it is customary to give flowers, sweets, and warm wishes to express your feelings. We, as always, made sure that you have beautiful postcards and congratulations at hand for the most important people to you. But first, let’s talk a little about the importance of the holiday itself and its traditions, don’t you mind?

International Women's Day celebrated

Your special day

All girls love attention. So we need our own special day when we will bathe in pleasant congratulations and gifts. This is exactly what March 8 provides for – a holiday when you can lie in bed longer, allocate more time for care, meet with girlfriends, and exchange presents. In any case, whatever you plan, it should give you pleasure. Even if you have a working day, just allow yourself more than on ordinary weekdays. But remember about yourself and do not forget to arrange a holiday for your closest girls – grandmother, mommy, sister, and girlfriend. Let it just be a morning call or a cool postcard in the messenger, anyway, it’s nice. After all, the main thing is your love and attention.

How March 8 is celebrated around the world

As such, there are no special traditions of celebrating March 8 in the world. However, this day is not without pleasant surprises. For example, in Iceland, men always greet their beloved wives with a cup of morning coffee and do it very romantically. They bring breakfast to bed and spend a little more time together, enjoying a strong-flavored drink. In Bulgaria, it is customary to congratulate not only close women but also teachers and colleagues. The most popular gift is, of course, flowers – small bouquets of fresh tulips and mimosa. In Germany and France, girls do not wait for presents, because they have special things on the agenda. They participate in mass events dedicated to the struggle for the rights of women, which are perhaps the most important tradition of this holiday.

But you need to learn how to truly celebrate Women’s Day from Italians. They do not miss the opportunity to have fun to the fullest! To do this, Italian girls gather in large companies, walk around the city, visit coffee houses, and spend evenings in bars with glasses of wine, gossiping and discussing men.

We suggest that you also do not lose heart, but make yourself a small cozy holiday or vice versa, a noisy party in the company of girlfriends. Why not, do you agree? In the meantime, if you are planning your “ special day ” and have some free time, look at what pretty postcards in Ukrainian and a lot of sincere words we have prepared for congratulations.

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Congratulations to the dearest women

  1. On this beautiful spring day, I wish you to find your thoughts and dreams in silence, the strength and beauty of creation in your loved ones, the joy of being in the world around you, and the greatness of inspiration in colors, tastes, and aromas, and love in yourself. Since March 8, dear!
  2. You are tender and beautiful, like this March day. I want to pick you up in my arms and spin you in a passionate dance, like a light spring wind circling the weightless petals of the first flowers. Congratulations on March 8, my love!
  3. March received a silver coin. Now she will be useful to him. March ran to the florist to buy a bouquet for Women’s Day. Anytime, anywhere, may you have a good life. May good luck give you everything your heart desires. On this day, the March wind swept the whole city in a festive mood. He popped into a flower shop and bought a bouquet of a thousand tulips. And at the bus stop, the wind stopped and gave each woman a flower! Spring holiday!
  4. Dear colleague, I congratulate you on International Women’s Day! Stay as incredibly funny, witty, and happy as always. I will hug you tightly at the meeting and give you thousands of kind, sincere, and joyful words that you deserve more than anyone!
  5. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we wish each of you that life is rich and interesting, like a coloring book that needs to be painted. So that every day is accompanied by the singing of birds, singing for women, as for newly blossomed flowers. Let a smile appear on your face with every ray of sunshine! Meet the new day with joy, give your love, and be mutually loved!
  6. Do you hear the sonorous singing of birds, or feel the fresh warm breeze? Spring has come and brought with it a great holiday on March 8! I congratulate you on Women’s Day, I wish you happiness, inspiration, and a thirst for new achievements. May your every day be as joyful and warm as today.
  7. Dear Mom, since March 8! All my life you give me the light of joy, tenderness, and tranquility. May the spring sunshine on you clearly and warm your every day. Be healthy, strong, and always smiling. I love you and hug you tight!
  8. My precious grandmother! I congratulate you on the holiday of spring! I want to thank you for your big heart, and the attentiveness with which you always treat me. I wish you great health, a good mood, and great joy so that these feelings fill you every day!
  9. Dear sister, I love you in all Universes and congratulate you on Women’s Day! Smile, be happy, live life to the fullest, and always remember how important you are to me. My strongest hugs and passionate kisses to you on this beautiful spring holiday!
  10. Dear friend, you know how much I appreciate our friendship and the memories that have been linking us for so many years that you can’t even count. What would I do without you? You are the sun in my window, which illuminates me with your smile even on the most cloudy days. You are my reliable support and I hope that this is mutual. Since March 8 you, my dear girl!

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Q: When is International Women’s Day celebrated?

A: International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year.

Q: What is the theme for International Women’s Day 2023?

A: The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 has not been announced yet. Each year, a new theme is chosen to highlight a specific issue related to women’s rights and gender equality.

Q: What is the significance of International Women’s Day?

A: International Women’s Day is a global day of recognition and celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements, as well as a call to action for gender equality and women’s rights.

Q: Who started International Women’s Day?

A: International Women’s Day was first observed in 1909 in the United States, and it became an international event in 1911 when it was recognized by the United Nations.

Q: What are some ways to celebrate International Women’s Day?

A: There are many ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, including attending events, supporting women-owned businesses, donating to organizations that promote gender equality, sharing messages of empowerment on social media, and honoring the women in your life.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges facing women today?

A: Some of the biggest challenges facing women today include gender-based violence, unequal pay and opportunities in the workforce, limited access to education and healthcare, and underrepresentation in leadership positions.

Q: How can I support women’s rights and gender equality?

A: You can support women’s rights and gender equality by educating yourself on the issues, advocating for policies that promote equality, supporting women-owned businesses and organizations, and being an ally to women in your personal and professional life.