School love is the most sincere and honest. At such a young age, fortunately, we have not yet learned how to deceive others, and most importantly ourselves. What we experience and feel comes from our heart, these feelings are not subject to the mind. That is why the first school love remains in the memory for life, sometimes becoming an important lesson.

How to Get a Boy to Like You in High School

How do you get a guy to like you at school? This question often arises in girls 12-16 years old. It is at this time that we begin to experience the first, real feelings for the opposite sex. We dream that everything is like in a fairy tale: cute and touching, but in life, it doesn’t always happen that way. Most often you have to face a wall of misunderstanding and a lack of mutual feelings.

Any girl can fall in love with a classmate, there is nothing shameful and surprising in this. It all starts not only with banal communication but also with the simple presence of this person nearby.

Handsome Or Not So

Any student can become the object of your sympathy. It is possible to single out the main types of schoolchildren, with which girls most often fall in love.

An example to follow. Surely there is a guy in your school who always sets an example for everyone. He studies well, is handsome, has a neat appearance, goes in for sports, and knows how to speak politely and beautifully with girls. It’s hard not to fall in love with such a prince.

There is an opposite type of guy. He is the first to be criticized and scolded, considered the main punishment that has fallen on the school. He is the number one bully and if there is a fight somewhere, he will definitely participate in it. This guy has a tough temper, can stand up for himself and his friends, and is not afraid to joke and mock teachers.

Often classmates suffer because of him, and perhaps he offends you too. But that doesn’t make the bad guys any less interesting.

The third type of guy who wins the hearts of classmates is just a friend. You probably did homework with him more than once, figured out how to escape from classes, and covered each other from parents and teachers. You just communicate and spend a lot of time together, but one day the understanding comes that there is no more friendship between you, but there is something more.

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How to understand that you are in love?

Love at school age

It is not so difficult. Here are the main signs that you fell in love with a guy at school:

  • You want to see him every minute;
  • You fall asleep with the thought of him;
  • His gaze makes you feel good and uncomfortable;
  • You blush when he talks to you;
  • You take the blame on yourself;
  • Constantly go to his page on social. networks;
  • You can’t bind words in his presence.

If at least two items from this list are present in your life, then you really fell in love with a guy.

How do we conquer a high school student?

It’s easier to fall in love with a classmate, after all, you spend a lot of time together and this probably makes you happy. But what if you fell in love with a guy at school who is in a different class or even older than you? We will advise.

To win the heart of a guy from the senior class, you will have to develop a small plan of action or strategy. The option that you will help him with his studies will not work, so you need to use other options.

The older boy in the school may like the younger girl.

Only for this, she must be pretty, because, for teenage guys, the opinion of friends is important. If he meets with a horror story, then his friends will laugh. It’s cruel, but such is the world.

Therefore, you must change your appearance, only without fanaticism. Healthy hair and a good haircut, not bright but stylish makeup, cool manicures, fashionable clothes, and a chiseled figure will win the heart of not only a high school student but also all your classmates.

Now good appearance must be supplemented with character.

In no case do not turn into his fan, do not pursue the guy. It’s time to learn to show your pride and inaccessibility when everything in your soul is torn from the desire to be with him. Constantly be in the field of view of a high school student, but at the same time do not fit into his company. Walk past him in beautiful clothes, in heels, straightening your back and smiling pleasantly, and then he will notice you.

Don’t overdo it with pride.

Your task is to attract his attention (be sure to let in the looks) and wait for him to be the first to make contact. After that, talk to him nicely and calmly. You have to show that you are not only beautiful but also smart.

school age relationship

You can be smart.

Find out what the guy you like is into. Well, for example, he organizes concerts at school. It’s time to discover the talent of a star in yourself. It is not necessary to be able to sing, extra hands will not interfere with concert activities. You can help make costumes or draw posters. The main thing is to be close to him and show that you are not a dummy and you also know how to do something in this life.

It is important not to show your stupidity at the first contact.

Talk to him as if this is not the most important event for you. You can blush a little, but you definitely don’t need to stutter. Prepare yourself mentally in advance.

Relationship Expert’s Recommended Tips

In principle, it is advisable to use the same advice with classmates as with high school students. Winning the heart of a guy in class is even a little easier. Because you see each other all the time.

Help him study.

Just do not be the first to offer him to write off homework. Even at such a young age, guys like proud girls. Let him ask you to write it off.  And of course, with a smile on your face and as if nothing had happened, help him. You’ll see, he’ll appreciate it.

Be interesting to him.

To do this, it is important to be bright and noticeable. Chat with other girls, be the leader in the class and be friendly with everyone. No need to be too correct, simplicity can conquer anyone.

In each class, there are not the brightest personalities.

They are also called “white crows”. Such people are rarely noticed, or worse, constantly mocked at them. A modest girl in the last row, who does not have the chicest clothes and listens to alternative music, also has the right to the attention of a classmate.

How can she win the heart of a classmate?

You just have to be yourself. Of course, you can get rid of menacing elements of appearance: spikes on bracelets, bright hair, and a terrible sweater. But at the same time, it is important not to adapt to others. Go in for sports, take care of yourself, and ignore the attacks of classmates. If it doesn’t work, then answer.

Just do it strongly, calmly, and with dignity. For example, on the forehead ask the offenders a question, because of why they treat you like that. If insults come at you, just turn around and throw the offender in the face. No wonder you play sports. If the guy keeps bullying you, then just forget him. He doesn’t deserve a person like you.

Now you know how to please a guy from school. We hope you manage to win his heart.

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