Everyone understands that music is an important part of life. It can help you relax, tune in to a working mood, and cheer you up on a long tiring journey. However, all this concerns more adults, but should children listen to music?

Parents have probably noticed that some melodies have a great impact on their children. For example, it could be a little milk song, a lullaby, or some other melody. How exactly do musical compositions affect a child?

Listening to music: do children need it

Music for children: what should it be?

Musical art has long penetrated into all areas related to upbringing, education, development of children, it is difficult to exaggerate its role. Without melodies, it will not be possible to present either a large performance or a short cartoon; often, it is they that form the atmosphere of the work, make it more dramatic, tense, or, conversely, calm and relaxing.

Of course, not all music is useful to a little person. There are situations when it can harm, the task of parents is to prevent such a negative development of events.

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How to introduce your kid to the world of music?

Experts recommend following a few tips:

  • Better to focus on the classics. Experimentally, it was possible to understand that the compositions of Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart have a calming effect on children, help them to relax, fall asleep
  • You should choose melodic, light compositions without accents on percussion instruments;
  • Low frequencies should be kept to a minimum. Psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that low-frequency sounds do not have the best effect on the mental state of any person, especially a child;
  • The volume is unacceptable! This is a very important rule! If you ignore it, the baby will become nervous, irritable, his sleep will worsen, and his appetite will disappear. The emerging nervous system is extremely delicate and vulnerable, noise can cause serious damage to it, which can continue to manifest itself;
  • You need to stop using headphones. The design of the hearing aid is such that the sound vibrations generated by the emitters of the headphones act directly on the brain, sometimes provoking micro-shocks. Sound shock is dangerous even for an adult listener, let alone a child;
  • Hard rock and all its variations are contraindicated for children. It is dangerous for the psyche. The same can be said about trance, club music, and other styles with similar stylistics;
  • When choosing the tracks to listen to, you need to take into account all the subtleties, for example, the time of day. In the morning, incendiary, invigorating melodies are permissible, but in the evening they must be abandoned in favor of slower, calm, pacifying melodies. At the very end of the day, lullabies are optimal;
  • Children under the age of three do not need to listen to music for more than an hour a day. This value can be gradually increased. Music is an excellent accompaniment for active games or charging, the main thing is to choose the right melody correctly.

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Development assistance

Many parents send their children to music schools. Is this justified? There are no universal recommendations, this is a purely individual question. It is not uncommon for a child to be sent to such an educational institution against his will. It will not bring anything good, on the contrary, such “violence” will completely discourage the child from striving for development, learning something new.

You can push the child to a passion, gently ask him if he wants to go to a concert, listen to an interesting disc, but if he frankly does not like music, then it is better to refuse school, prefer a sports or other section.

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