Early summer is a great time for picnics. With the onset of warm weather, I especially want to spend more time in nature, away from the bustle of the city. The easing of quarantine restrictions is also encouraging: now you can relax in parks, but without forgetting about security measures. We offer a checklist of necessary things and some interesting ideas on how to spend a day with your family in nature.

Going on a Picnic with Family

What to take on a picnic: a complete checklist

Getting ready for a picnic correctly is 50% of success. If you have a mini-panic every time and the feeling that something important is left at home, check out our list. There are only necessary and useful things for outdoor recreation with the family.

Delicious and healthy lunch

The fresh air always wakes up a wolfish appetite! The prospect of taking chips is very tempting, but it is better to choose more nutritious and healthy foods.

Seasonal must-have:

  • Sandwiches with your favorite meat, lettuce, and fresh cucumbers;
  • Hard cheese, diced, with a sweet sauce (for example, lingonberry);
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers (if you take a knife, you can make a salad);
  • First strawberry;
  • Fruits: apples, bananas, pears.

Put stocks of provisions in special food boxes – nothing will leak out, will not deteriorate, and will not lose its attractive appearance. If you do not plan to light a fire, it is better to wrap hot dishes in foil.

Don’t forget drinks. Pour hot tea into a thermos, then the drink will remain pleasantly warm and fragrant. By the way, the thermos also keeps you cool, so you can make homemade lemonade and take it with you.

Warm clothes

You can not do this in nature without rugs or a warm bedspread. At the beginning of summer, it is better to take bedding made of dense fabric that will protect from the cold ground. If you like outdoor activities, purchase special travel rugs.

For the evening, always take warm clothes: a jacket, a windbreaker, warm pants, and tights for children. Remember that several layers of clothing keep you warmer than one. It gets especially cold near the water. If you have a car, take some blankets: they will keep you warm even on a cold and windy evening.


There are many people here, but it’s better to take more. Especially if you have children with you, whose mood changes at lightning speed. Suitable for outdoor activities:

  • Badminton;
  • Frisbee;
  • Inflatable or volleyball;
  • Small towns.

Lying on the bedspread, you can play different card games. For example, UNO is great entertainment for both adults and children. Install applications for Elias, Crocodile, and other games in advance. Another fun game is “Who am I?” and it only needs a few pieces of paper and a pen. You can also play the familiar game “Cities”.

Insect repellents

Outdoor recreation in spring and summer is dangerous because of the insidious neighbors – insects. Mosquito bites can ruin your picnic experience, so always bring mosquito repellent with you. Treat the skin every 2 hours.

Insect repellents for picnic

But if mosquitoes are just annoying, then tick bites cause dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is worth considering a combined action aerosol against mosquitoes and ticks. Spray it on your skin and clothes – and relax in peace! After the picnic, be sure to inspect the skin for mites. If you find an insect, immediately go to the hospital. If you removed the tick yourself, place it in a jar and take it to the laboratory for analysis.


Yes, these funds are indispensable. We recommend the deliciously smelling and gentle hand sanitizer from Mr. Scrubber. If you don’t like the smell of mango, use a neutral disinfectant with aloe. In addition to protecting against viruses, antiseptics cope with germs and bacteria, which is especially important in nature.

Light dirt can be handled with antibacterial wet wipes. This is a real salvation on vacation: they treat surfaces, wipe their hands, and even remove stains from clothes or shoes. The packaging of dry wipes will not be superfluous.

Take a mask in case you need to go to a store or get on transport. Choose a place to rest, keeping a distance from other people.

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First aid kit

It’s good if the family picnic goes off without incident, but situations are different. Therefore, be sure to find a place in your first-aid kit bag with a minimum set: a bandage, cotton wool, plaster, peroxide, painkillers, antipyretics, and antiallergic drugs. The last point is very important! If you have an unexpected reaction to pollen or food, antihistamines can buy you time to call an ambulance or get to the hospital.

What can you play with your kids?

Organizing outdoor activities is easy. We have already mentioned active games that will appeal to children of any age. We also offer to remember your childhood and resurrect “Salki”, “Edible/inedible”, “Cossacks-robbers”, and “The sea worries once …”. These activities will appeal to kids and schoolchildren.

play with your kids

With teenagers, you can play ball and board games. It is quite convenient to play several games of UNO, “Crocodile” or guessing words on the bedspread. Some dodgers even manage to play Jenga!

But often children are very passionate about the surrounding nature, so they find entertainment for themselves. Keep an eye on kids and schoolchildren, especially if you are relaxing near a pond. Invite them to make boats or a raft while watching them launch them into the water.

Family holidays in nature are a great way to spend time. So stock up on everything you need from this checklist and go on a picnic. Believe me, such simple leisure will give you positive emotions and warm memories.