Problems with teeth always negatively affect the confidence and behavior of a person, the possibility of free communication, and laughter without embarrassment is limited. In this article, we will look at such a topic as halitosis or bad breath in adults: we will analyze the reasons, how to treat symptoms, and why it is important to consult a dentist promptly.

causes of bad breath

The oral cavity is the very beginning of the gastrointestinal tract. A large number of bacteria are concentrated here, and there are a lot of enzymes in saliva, the main task of which is the breakdown of incoming carbohydrates. This explains the specific aroma in the morning. It is not a pathology and is easily eliminated by regular cleaning of the dentition, tongue, cheeks, and palate. If the morning ritual does not help, it becomes a problem and is accompanied by a wide list of inconveniences.

Etiology of occurrence

There are a lot of factors for this, from food with fragrances or a characteristic “smell” to all sorts of diseases. In the second situation, it is possible to eliminate the symptoms only by treating the underlying ailment. It is important to remember that halitosis is a consequence, not the root cause.

When it appears

Before considering the question of how to eliminate bad breath, we will analyze the ailments that lead to its appearance. We note right away that the best solution is to use qualified medical care, since attempts to self-diagnose in the majority of cases do not bring positive results.


For people with such a diagnosis, the “aroma” of acetone from the oral cavity is characteristic. If detected, it is recommended to immediately contact an endocrinologist and undergo an examination. As a rule, patients require additional diagnostics and testing. If ketone bodies are found in the conclusion, the diagnosis is confirmed. In pathology, all organs and structures of the body do not receive glucose in the required amount, as a result, it enters the bloodstream. As a result, tissues experience energy hunger, to eliminate which the digestive system actively begins to digest proteins, which explains the increase in acetone synthesis.

Gallbladder and liver problems

One of the possible answers to the question of why people have bad breath is cholecystitis, stones, and bile stasis. As a rule, the stench itself is not strong, the patient’s attention is attracted by a characteristic constant bitter aftertaste and pain in the hypochondrium on the right, which often spread to the back.

The “aroma” has a sweetish tint, if it turns into a putrid one, this may indicate cirrhosis. Therefore, it is necessary to contact specialists for high-quality diagnostics.

Thyroid problems

Malfunctions in the functioning of this organ can provoke the appearance in the oral cavity of a “flavor” that resembles iodine. Today, 3% of the world’s population has a decrease or increase in thyroid function. For diagnosis and treatment, be sure to contact an endocrinologist.

kidney disease

Next, we will look at what to do if bad breath comes from the mouth, and now we will get acquainted with another reason. In kidney diseases, the stench resembles urine, which indicates improper protein breakdown and synthesis. After the consultation, the doctor will determine the cause of the violation and give recommendations for its elimination.

Problems of the digestive system

Gastrointestinal ailments lead to a bad sour “aroma”, which is accompanied by epigastric pain, periodic heartburn, and frequent belching. As a rule, this is a signal about the development of gastric ulcers, dysbacteriosis, gastritis, and so on.

Respiratory system disorders

In this situation, the putrid stench is the result of such pathologies as tonsillitis, bronchitis, inflammation of the adenoids, sinusitis, pneumonia, etc. In these and other possible situations, the greatest danger is inflammation, it is this that dictates the need for an immediate appeal to a specialized specialist.

Dental causes of halitosis

How to quickly remove bad breath at home – this question is of interest to many. The correct way is to identify the source and then eliminate it. Most often, the answer lies in eliminating all the “dental” problems.

We must not forget about the production of saliva. In several diseases, it becomes less liquid, which leads to dryness, while violating the self-cleaning of the oral cavity. As a result, the rate of reproduction and development of bacterial colonies increases.

Microbial plaque on teeth, food residue

The smallest pieces of food are excellent conditions for the active activity of pathogenic microorganisms. If you ignore regular cleaning or do it incorrectly, the bacterial layer only accumulates. Subsequently, the process of decay begins, which leads to the development of a stench. If a person continues to neglect hygiene, a stone forms and it becomes impossible to remove bad breath at home, qualified specialist assistance is needed.

Microbial plaque on the tongue

It is a mistake to think that microbes can only accumulate on the surface of the teeth. To eliminate them, you need to clean not only the dentition but also treat the cheeks, tongue, and palate. If hygiene is not observed, you will face not only the problems of a bad “aroma” from the oral cavity but also dental diseases. The solution can be professional hygiene every 6-7 months, as well as competent daily care.

Inflammatory gum disease

Also a good environment for pathogenic microflora – inflammation of the gums and pulp. In adult patients with this diagnosis, there are complaints of bad breath, but the reasons do not end there.

With inflammation of the gums near the wisdom tooth

A kind of soft tissue hood is formed, where food debris, bacteria, and microbes are collected. Education complicates the process of cleaning and care, as a result, rotting of the dentition begins, which leads to the development of stench. The solution is thorough regular hygiene using a brush, rinse aid, and other means. If that doesn’t help, make an appointment with your dentist.

Caries and decay under crowns

It is the most common dental disease. With it, cavities are formed where pathogenic microorganisms are deposited and collected. In such areas, rotting begins, and as a result, a “flavor” develops and the patient wonders how to get rid of bad breath quickly and permanently. Putrefactive processes can also develop under crowns. To eliminate them, you must urgently contact a specialist and eliminate the process.


Installed removable and non-removable dental structures need careful regular maintenance, as a large number of food pieces accumulate in the area around them, as well as microbial plaque. Lack of attention to care procedures can lead not only to the appearance of bad breath but also to damage to the prosthesis itself. You can learn about all the intricacies of care from your doctor or at a consultation with Dentiki specialists.

bad breath in adults

What do varieties say?

So, we looked at the causes and treatment for very strong bad breath in adult men and women. Another important point – it is necessary to take into account the type of “aroma”. First, you need to do a breath freshness test, and then evaluate what resembles a stench. Let’s take a look at the main types.


It develops as a result of the vital activity of bacteria that accumulate in the oral cavity itself or the organs of the digestive system. Microorganisms release sulfur compounds during their metabolism, which causes a sharp “ambre”.

rotten eggs

In 90% of all cases, this is a sure sign of advanced, untreated periodontitis or cavities affected by caries. In the remaining 10%, the reason lies in problems with the gastrointestinal tract: an excess of protein products that break down and actively release hydrogen sulfide.


Acid notes speak of a wide range of diseases: gastritis, poor functioning of the esophagus, and the presence of ulcers. If in addition, the patient complains of heartburn and belching, it is necessary to perform a complete gastroenterological examination.


As mentioned above, this is a sure sign of diabetes. In addition, such a “flavor” indicates malfunctions in the functioning of the thyroid gland and complications from a cold or SARS.


In the predominant number of cases, such breathing is due to the intake of drugs with an increased concentration of amino acids or vitamins. An alternative that experts often point to is a carbohydrate-free diet, which leads to high stress on the kidneys and liver. Increased fluid intake allows you to normalize the situation, it is better to give preference to water. If this measure does not help, a comprehensive examination of the whole organism is necessary.


Before considering the causes and treatment of bad breath with folk remedies, we will mention another type. Fecal stench may be due to the consumption of certain foods, such as the same onion or garlic. If you have not eaten them, or 3-4 days have already passed since the last meal with their content, measures must be taken promptly. This is a signal and a sign of ailments in the respiratory tract and nasopharynx, problems with the functioning of the salivary glands, or progressive pulmonary tuberculosis. It is better to play it safe – sign up for a consultation with a doctor and undergo a diagnosis.

In the morning

When we sleep, the body and its processes slow down, saliva production is reduced. Gums and teeth are not adequately protected from pathogenic microorganisms that begin to develop at an active pace. As a result, the concentration of bacteria and microbes increases, and the products of their vital activity cause bad breath.

Other reasons

Before analyzing how and how to treat halitosis in an adult, we list the remaining factors:

  1. Unbalanced nutrition. If the diet is dominated by dairy and meat products, the balance of acids and alkalis is disturbed, which creates favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic microflora. To normalize, you need to increase the number of carbohydrates.
  2. Hormonal disorders. As a result of such “swings”, saliva loses oxygen and becomes viscous, which leads to a specific “aroma”.
  3. Bad habits. Smoking and frequent drinking of alcohol dry out the mucous membranes.
  4. Insufficient or improper care. Everyone knows that the first thing after sleeping and before going to bed at night is to thoroughly brush your teeth. It is also recommended to clean after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other meals.

How to improve your oral health

We come to the most important point – what to do with the causes of bad breath in adults and what treatment is needed. First of all, it is important to eliminate dental problems: to install fillings, to cure foci of caries, to remove damaged teeth, to excise a pocket during the germination of eights. After that, it is important to follow the rules for caring for the oral cavity and go to preventive examinations on time.

Reducing the amount of plaque

A thin layer can be removed by yourself during daily cleaning. It is important to consider: if a stone has formed on the teeth, it is impossible to remove it on your own, you must contact a specialist and undergo a professional cleaning procedure.

The Impact of Malocclusion on Your Oral & Overall Health

Proper hygiene

In order not to ask the question, what is halitosis, what are the signs and treatment of this disease, one must not ignore the cleaning and perform it in a timely and correct manner. If possible, the procedure will have to be repeated after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other meals.

It is important to choose the right brush and paste for your individual needs. Medium hardness options are considered optimal, they do a good job of cleansing, and do not injure gum tissue and mucous membranes. To achieve the best result, it is necessary to purchase and use a tongue brush daily, as well as a rinse, floss, and irrigator.

bad breath treatment


If you’re wondering how to treat bad breath in a teenager or adult, it’s important to consider that hiding the stench doesn’t make you healthier. As masking agents, you can use lollipops, sprays, chewing gum, and dental floss with aromatic impregnation. But all this gives a temporary effect. It is much more effective to identify the cause and eliminate it.

Popular remedies

  1. Scrapers. This is a tool for cleaning the surface of the tongue.
  2. Toothpicks. Get rid of pieces of food between the teeth.
  3. Gels and pastes. Choosing them correctly based on the problems and features available is a 50% success rate.
  4. Floss. These are threads for cleaning interdental spaces.
  5. Rinsers. They can be used as a final cleansing step or in place of chewing gum throughout the day.

Folk remedies

We have already analyzed the causes of halitosis and found that home treatment is currently the most pressing issue. First of all, it is necessary to rinse with a warm solution of chamomile, lemon balm, or clean water at a comfortable temperature with the addition of a few drops of propolis. Also, the infusion of strawberries, dried apricots, and peppermint does a good job.

It is effective to eat anise seeds every day on an empty stomach. If it is not possible to find anise seeds, they can be replaced with 2 apples. Please note that before this you need to rinse your mouth.

After eating, it is useful to consume 0.5 teaspoons of grated ginger. BUT! If there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to refuse this recipe. An alternative is basil leaves, which can be chewed.

Experts do not advise getting involved in folk remedies: the recipe may contain a component that causes allergic reactions, and not all formulations are equally good at coping with the problems of different people. Therefore, it is more effective to seek help from specialists.


In order not to study the causes of bad breath in adults and how to eliminate it, it is necessary to follow preventive recommendations. Once again, we emphasize the importance of cleaning and daily care. It is the foundation upon which oral health is maintained. Besides:

  • Do not neglect the need to visit the dentist at least once every six months.
  • Don’t forget to clean the spaces between your teeth.
  • Buy dental floss, some manufacturers make them flavored.

Do not save on yourself when choosing the listed accessories and products, since health directly depends on them: it is much more profitable to invest in their purchase than to undergo expensive treatment later. Control your diet and do not run your body.

Summing up

We examined what halitosis is and how a person can get rid of bad breath forever: the listed reasons will help to identify ailments promptly and eliminate them. However, prevention is much better than cure.