Good Friendship Quotes, Wishes, Greetings & Text Messages Life should be firm but not stubborn; tolerant but not weak; lively but not frivolous; cautious but not timid; brave but not reckless; confident but not conceited; calm but not indecisive. Sometimes the world is so big that we have never had a chance to meet in our lifetime. Sometimes, this world is very small, so small that when I look up, I see your smiley face.

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Short Friendship Quotes

Life needs to have a tune, to be low-key in life, to work in a tune, to move in a healthy pace, to hum the joyful small key, to maintain a high-level happiness, to bless the most style, and to wish happiness not to leave the key!

A career doesn’t have to be earth-shattering and successful; money doesn’t have to be inexhaustible, just enough to spend; friends don’t have to be inseparable, just think; life doesn’t need to be more than a hundred years old, healthy.

If there is such a person in this world, she doesn’t quite understand what you are going to do, but knows that what you are doing is not a bad thing, she has been silently supporting you. This person is your mother!

Don’t be more arrogant than arrogant people, just like eating shit than dogs. Some people treat you as a person, and he treats you as a dog. If you treat him as a dog, he will wag his pity!

Fortunate, lucky; blessing, blessing; happiness = luck + blessing; feeling, feeling; affection, affection; affection = feeling + affection. Love is very lucky, blessed feeling, I wish to have a good love.

The roof says: building a tall house with a long-term vision; the clock says: success must be against time; the mirror says: you must recognize yourself; the window says: look at the world; the calendar says: the journey of a thousand miles begins at the present!

The wind is ruthless, the rain is ruthless, there is true love everywhere; mountains are no guarantee, water is surplus, and cooperation will not stop; send colorful clouds, welcome dusk, say blessings, and hope that our cooperation will continue smoothly.

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The most boring and romantic time five things:

  • Waiting in line.
  • Watch the Spring Festival Gala.
  • Join a tour group.
  • Watch the blind date show.
  • Watch the hit TV series. Have you done the above idiot behavior?

Work is always busy, roads are always bumpy, body and mind are always exhausted, and sorrow is always too much. Although I often forget to contact, my friendship is still cherished. I often pay attention to rest and take care of myself.

Stubborn persistence may miss the most beautiful scenery. The furthest glance may obscure the recent happiness. The thing chased may be around, and the life going backwards will be farther and farther away from happiness.

The moon shines thousands of miles, text messages to send blessings. Friends send thoughts, and friendship is more concerned. Happiness and happiness are packaged for you. Happiness and friendship are treasured in my heart. I wish my friends good health and good luck.

In the spring, I will turn blessings into spring rain to nourish all things and send you green trees, grasses and flowers. When you enjoy the beautiful spring, the beautiful blessings have been given to you. May your life be happy and happy!

The mind is a pocket. Nothing is called the mind, nothing is called the mind, more is called the mind, more is called the mind, and too much is called the mind. In fact, letting go a little bit makes life easier and happier!

See the world with your eyes and see clearly; treat others with your heart and be sincere; work with hard work and forge ahead; achieve your contentment with life; setbacks with calmness and calmness; success with humility and humbleness; future with dreams, Beautiful.

Friendship Quotes and Sayings

In the distance, the top of the seashore, the distance changes, and friendship remains the same. Maybe he was busy without contact, or bumpy and sad. On the road of life, go and stop, friends from afar, we go all the way.

The cloud is in the sky, the smile is on the face, the friend should remember it in the heart; the frost is on the window, the fallen leaves are on the ground, and your happiness is above me; My heart is warm!
Friendship Quotes and Sayings

Go to work, do n’t sleep lazily; be spiritual, don’t be lazy again; make money, you ca n’t run out of good fortune; pay attention, friends care: Happy Dragon Stars, happy to wrap you around, all pressure is gone Good mood!

The spring is bright and the spring newspaper is full, and the garden is full of spring. Spring thunder called the spring, spring flowers bloomed and spring troubled. Spring breeze is so proud, spring heart is not old. Spring is spring, spring is good, and life is happy every spring!

Heavenly spirit, earthly spirit, miss you, send friendship, wish good luck, go with you, prosperous fortune, win business, love tree, evergreen, family laugh, enjoy peace. Old friends, true feelings, blessings, never stop!

It’s cold and people are busy, and they want to stay in bed all day long; no money, no room, but they dare not rob the bank; autumn wind blows, autumn leaves yellow, remembering friends in the distance; long thoughts, itchy hands, one sms warms the atrium.

Open the dusty memories and turn to the page of friendship; in my friend’s file, write my sincere wishes; wish happiness always with you, health with you forever, happiness with your wishes, and friendship forever!

The pen stroke stunned the wind and rain, and a song sang. In a word, rejuvenating the country and breaking through thousands of ice, pointing the country to the sky and mountains. No appearance, no wealth, no background, all his life only dreamed of spring and autumn. Wen seems to be disappointed when looking at the mountains.

Day after day, year after year, the dream can’t be finished early in the morning! Every time when joy and excitement, the alarm clock sounded a dream. If you make a mistake, get up and wait for the Ming Dynasty to return! I hope my friends won’t get up early, and every day will fulfill their dreams.

Look at the blessings with your heart, express my affection everywhere, miss you in acacia, I want to chase you without hesitation, I love you until the end, I have the courage to say I love you, tell you plainly, I love you and you .

According to unreliable statistics, this greeting will defeat 99, 99% of your friends. This is mainly because I often think about clearing memory, using happy startup speed, clearing the way with sincerity, and consolidating friendship with blessings.

You are the thunder, I am the rain, thunderstorm is always with you; thunderstorm travels with Momo, you and I are sweet; thunder is accompanied by raindrops, dances with thunder; thunderstorm comes out in summer, you and I will live forever not separated.

Missing is a holy snowflake, dancing with the wind; caring is a pile of snowmen, looking into the distance; friendship is a standing ice sculpture, crystal clear; greetings are the warm sun in winter, warm and intimate: friends, happy winter!

True Friendship Quotes

The left girl is actually a “holy” girl. If you do n’t have money, please stand aside. The relationship is not true and you cannot connect with it. Please remember this truth. The “holy” girl is sacred and inviolable. It is best to be calm. , The peace of mind!

Let the happy bullets fly in the rain of new year’s guns! The magazine is not a bullet, but a blessing; the sight is not an enemy, but a friend; what makes you willing to be shot is not a gun but happiness!

short friendship quotes

There is no ink in the Lee Mountains, but it is an eternally unchanged painting; flowing water without a piano is the most pristine music in the world; there is no trace of friendship, but it can always comprehend it. Friends, don’t forget to take care of yourself in busy days!

Face to face to help you distinguish between true and false: Praise to you in the face is praise, and praise to the back is truth; criticize you face to face as a friend, criticize you as a villain behind you; scold you face to face is really cool, and scold you behind it to be hypocritical.

The separation of two people does not necessarily mean that love is no longer, maybe they have their own helplessness. Everyone has the right to decide their own future. I still believe in the existence of love, love each other, life can be more exciting!

It can be depressed occasionally, but it can’t be; it can be busy every day, but it can’t be toiled. Happy can’t hurt! Health can’t even hurt! Sincere greetings, I only wish you health and comfort. Remember, treat yourself!

Step on time and step into the work area hurriedly; turn on the computer to get the job ready; connect with feelings and let the care be with you; pack your mood and wait for the coming of work. May your work be fulfilled.

In recent years, there are too many sorrowful things: when the official is worried about the “bit”, while the workman is worried about the “salary” thing, the man is worried about the “public” thing, the woman is worried about the “beauty” thing, the post-70s worry about the “child” matter, After worrying about “room”. I wish you all the best.

The fragrance of flowers will attract bees and butterflies, and the phoenix will be able to regenerate after jack. The ugly appearance has to work honestly, the face is beautiful and relaxed, and the smile is sweet and sweet, and the language is rigid.

Friends are holding hands and confidants are in heart. Without words, all I know is the turn of the year. Friends, I do n’t need you to say anything, I will send you my blessings. May your career be smooth, love goes well, and affection goes!

The sun is warm and warm, spreading out leisurely; the breeze is blowing slowly, happiness is swinging with the wind; the days are bittersweet, the taste of life is wonderful; grasp now that happiness is always there. Enjoy life and be happy every day!

Friendship Quotes Funny

The richest peony flower is the most glorious and glorious. The most elegant is the plum blossom, which everyone is proud of. This is the most delicate flower on the other side, awaiting him (her) for the next several generations. Beauty is endless!

Ordinary life, nourishing friendship and happiness; ordinary days, immersion in friendship and happiness in the offers double happiness; usual greetings, emotional interaction and warmth. Friends, may you be happy and always be healthy!

Sayings on Friendship

Life is limited, do not forget to take care of yourself; do things steadily and do not rush into greed; don’t complain, a smile often hangs on your face; do not lose heart, fall and do not forget to stand up; Be passionate, do not forget to contact your friends! I wish you all the best!

My love is a hot flame that warms you; these are crystal raindrops that warm you; it is a fragrant flower that intoxicates you; this bright sun surrounds you; this is a sincere expression that loves you: I love you, sorry, all my life!

Happiness is a cup of tea that will melt frost in winter; friendship is a bowl of soup that warms snow and winter; blessing – a pot of wine intoxicating the winter sun; May my blessings be with you all winter, I wish you to be safe and healthy!

​​Ask a friend: there are so many beauties in your department, why not find a girl? Friends said: Rabbits do not eat grass! Me: This is all old age, and yet pay attention to it! A friend said bitterly: “These are bunnies, I am grass!

During the gathering, I often recall that your mood, your achievements; at the end of a busy six months, let the hard heart stop and value yourself. I wish my dear friends persistent efforts in the second half of the year and great achievements!

You are omnipotent, omniscient, and responsive. When someone scares me, you take the initiative and turn when I encounter difficulties. I’m glad to have a friend like you. Robot cat, I can’t live without you!

The secret to eliminating the summer heat: be happy because you are not thinking about “summer”; Do not blow fans, because “Summer” wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop; stay away from rice because the old “summer” loves rice; Because there is so much “Summer.”

The blessing reveals a happy treasure map for you, leads you along the happy road of no return, a favorable and happy life to serve you, friendship is the only bet you need to make, friends are your treasure! I wish you happiness forever!

Short And Sweet Friendship Quotes

Friend, let yourself go and be bold in love. I say nothing but blessings. Even if on a certain day of the year or month you are injured, tired and tired, except that you lend yourself a shoulder, I will not say anything.

Short And Sweet Friendship Quotes

If you have tears, restrain them and warm your eyes; if you are tired, hold it and hold on; if you have love, let it go and fly. Accidental contact does not mean oblivion, and a blessing in my heart: friend, I wish you happiness!

A friend fell in love, he persuaded enthusiastically, but returned unsuccessfully and went home: instead, I will not hang on a tree. Seeing that his wife’s face was wrong, he quickly added: Of course, I cannot easily get off the tree.

The taste of young people is similar to yogurt, sweet and sour; the taste of young people is like white wine, strong and soft; the taste of middle-aged people is similar to strong tea, fragrant and exciting; the taste of old age is like coffee, bitter but sober. What do you smell my friend?

Once upon a time, the future is the future, and the present is the present. Why confuse the past. The future is looking forward. And now, this is what you can control. I wish you all rewards!

Yesterday was a little busy. Today is still busy. Still busy tomorrow. The future is busy. Things are endless. From now on, find a little peace of mind, a little joy and a little more happiness. Let your life be more comfortable!

“Happy Heart”: I don’t always feel that something is missing in my life, I don’t always accumulate problems with others, I keep a contented heart and learn to meet life. As long as you are happy, nothing else is a problem. Good luck!

Get up with the same mood as dates, dress with the same spirit as the first love, eat with the same attitude as the emperor, run at the same speed as the trapeze, and surround you with my blessing: I wish to you every day, good health and good spirit!

The soft wind plays a heartfelt song of spring; dry pen depicts subtle feelings; lingering rain, how many cherries are sprinkled; words of blessing, break your bright smile. Light congratulations, I wish you all the best!

This is not a drop of rain, this is sadness; it overwhelms the earth; it is not a whisper, it is a whisper passing in the wind; life does not necessarily understand you, the meaning of your employment,

Flowers cover the bottom, the sun shines in my heart, warm spring, colorful friendship, and sending my thoughts away, I wish happiness to play with you wish spring breeze, good luck like spring water with you, mood like flowers Blooming beautiful!

Years change, dreams set sail, seasons change, vicissitudes of the ocean, mellow friendship, the smile of heart, always warm, caring with one another, increasing, greetings go, surround you, send blessings, happiness is unlimited!

The firecrackers are emotional and sprinkle the broken red ground; the fireworks are intoxicating, filled with happiness and sweetness; the singing is around the ears, performing auspicious wishes; Blessings, good luck! Happy spring, I wish you a lifetime!

Don’t resist, don’t scream, put you down. Pump your troubles, peel your difficult skin, palm your disappointed mouth, squeeze your unpleasant oil, and pinch your bad luck. Well, the atrocities are done, and your happiness is going to be born again!

This is often the priority, the endless thoughts of the Yangtze River; this is often the loneliness, the endless sorrow of the sea; space, which doesn’t extend the space of friendship; Wishing lingering wishes to you who miss you day and night!

Best Friendship Quotes Forever

Regardless of how far the road is, as long as you go, bravely stop the thorns, you’ll reach your destination; regardless of how difficult it is, just cherish it, even the baptism of your time. Friends are the memories of a lifetime, Always contact me if there’s something, my blessing has always been in my heart!

Best Friendship Quotes Forever

Hold a lover ’s hand and have a drink once you meet; hold your wife ’s hand with no energy in your heart; hold your lover ’s hand with tons of money; hold your hand and tell me to travel wherever you would like, and who ’s calling you It’s my loyal friend, little pug.

Attend work to sound the rally number, friends wish to report. Happy bullets swept densely, happy atoms jumped alive. oliver came to seek out, peter to assist count money. Happiness Building features a solid foundation, and Health Express will never break down!

The flowers after the rain are all red, the blue is obvious, and therefore the years come and enter a rush. the emotions are firmly in my heart. When you’re busy, you’ll relax, bloom a cheerful smile, be happy and warm, and obtain full success. Take care!

Adapt first, then be independent; roll in the hay first, then roll in the hay skillfully. Be smart before you get confused! Follow the gang first, then stand out; the first complex, then simple. Love yourself first, then others; love your loved ones first, then your friends. I wish you a cheerful work.

The green grass sprouts and reproduces the priority within the heart; delicate flowers, the splendor of friendship; butterflies flying, happy and enterprising steps; spring and drunk, beautiful delivery of blessings; wish you a sweet smile, happiness just precisely!

The wind blows gently and wipes away the dust; the drizzle splatters, and there’s slight of leisure; some thoughts stretch call at the wind; greetings jump, warming the guts and happiness. Bless friends, always happy and safe!

Friendship is that the wind, bringing comfort and relaxation; friendship is that the flower, exuding a sweet fragrance; friendship is that the tea, and therefore the fragrance is long; friendship is that the wine, and it’s memorable and unforgettable. Dear friend, it’s so nice to possess you, I wish you peace and health, happiness and happiness!

Belief may be a force that transforms the standard energy of thought into their spiritual equivalent. Faith is additionally the sole thanks to transforming infinite wisdom into personal use. Strengthen your beliefs and you’ll not be distant from success!

Be better off, less worried, do n’t worry about what proportion money you create, just be happy a day, sleep once you are sleepy, and smile once you awaken, what’s life like, add more spices, receive my text message, hope You laughed!

There’s a sort of thought, usually without losing taste; a sort of concern, blandness but warmth; a sort of friendship, which can not fade forever; a sort of greeting, simplicity but warmth; a sort of blessing, sincere from the guts. I wish Jun a cheerful, healthy and happy!

A short-lived failure is to succeed again, and a short-lived loss is to win forever. Failure is that the inevitable result of doing one thing, but it’s definitely not a negative excuse, so no matter any failure, you want to face it with a positive attitude.

Your thoughts are as strong as wine; life with you is wonderful; friendship with you lasts forever; send your greetings to warm your heart; send your blessings to accompany you. Dear friend, I miss you. May you’re taking care of yourself and be happy!

The timepiece 1 rings, dreaming; the timepiece 2 rings, farewell to the dream; the timepiece 3 rings, the dream returns to today; the timepiece 4 rings, and therefore the “dream” is turned off. The alarm didn’t explode, quickly got up, washed and brushed teeth, ate breakfast, and visited work happily. Ha, bless you, “go up a day .”

Such a life: Look, this person always likes to be naughty, always likes to play pranks, children like to play love games, middle-aged hobbies, and fame, and adulthood will surely sweep the road, only to twiddle mobile phones, and switch messages from time to time. Woohoo, how bad!


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