Brides Quotes, About Love For Your Wedding Day Relatives or friends, get married, and many people have the habit of giving cups because the homophony of the cup is “a lifetime”. Sending a pair of cups to a friend also means blessing that they can live together forever. Of course, to participate in a friend’s marriage, In addition to preparing the right gift, you must also prepare a heartfelt blessing. So, what should you say when you give a cup to get a wedding? Here, the editor will explain this issue to everyone.

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Now that I have given the couple a pair of cups, I can give my blessings around the topic of “cups”. For example, I can say: I hope your love can be combined into one like this pair of cups, and bless your marriage. For a long time, the two loved each other for a lifetime. Such blessings are not only sincere but also complement each other’s gifts.

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The happy color ushered in a new residence. The moon is like a hook. Fuqing laughed warmly today. Love is constant, love is not chaotic, is the same! It’s a blessing, and I wish the newcomer Lee concentric!

jack has since added wings, even now there is a branch. Lee live together, and they are always linked together. Day and night are accompanied by form and shadow, the fairy is envious of a good partner! Bless you: happy new marriage, sweet love, Happy marriage Quotes.

Look at the groom and the bride horizontally. Reveal the true face of happiness, only in the blessing. I wish you a happy wedding and always happy!

Bring sincere blessings and send your new Wedding Wishes. My dear, even if your love is gone, I will guard our past, let the memory blossom and bear fruit in my heart, remember your beauty, remember your goodness.

Wedding ceremony does not give gifts, send a Bride Text Message to bless you, health and happiness are always with you, good luck and you are not separated, the God of Wealth has followed you, the source of wealth rolling into the bag, all the benefits are given to you, the knot is tied tonight!

It is said that you are talented, have a good-looking woman, have a passion for, and have a good intention. Today, the flowers are good, and the moon is full. Today, we have to settle for three lives. Congratulations: Good fortune, Jack made an appointment!

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May your love be more beautiful than the beautiful sprinkle; more fragrant than the ointment; sweeter than the honey dripping from the hive; and more precious than the extremely expensive treasure!

When the bell of happiness rings, a couple of new people face a bright future, and offer my most sincere blessings, I wish you both a happy wedding! To tie the knot! Beautiful moments last forever, love until the days are old!

The red lotus is opened and decorated with flowers, Lee welcomes the door, celebrates the wedding with a full house, red candles and high marriages, a hundred-year-old ensemble, strong wind and song, and Wishes for Bride, Love is a princely body, a happy wedding.

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The firecrackers sang a festive song, the wine was overflowing with sweet blessings, the red candles reflected the high hall red, and the golden bottles drank acacia wine. The male and female are beautiful and harmonious, and the good fortune of a lifetime is a family member. On the wedding day, my blessing is accompanied by snowflakes, falling beside you, I wish love and sweetness, and we will always have the same heart forever.

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The Bride must be beautiful, the groom must be cool, the cigarettes must be pouring, the champagne beer must be flying, the salute roses must be blooming, the banquet must make me look red, and happiness and happiness must always be forever!

Congratulations on finding a soul mate who has spent your life together. Marriage is a life event. I believe what you will make is the wisest decision. With the crystallization of love, you have a lovely baby. Don’t forget to invite me to eat rice!

Plum blossoms to welcome the newcomers, snowflakes and dances to celebrate their wedding, Lang is talented, has a bright future, females are beautiful and attractive, blind dates and loving partners, concentric marriage with the same heart, candlesticks and winged birds, the house is open and plum blossoms. I wish each other every year, every year!

May the fire of your sincere love, like the rising sun, grow longer and stronger; let the waters not extinguish, and the floods cannot be drowned!

Love each other by knowing each other, and more by each other. People often say that the gods are yours! I wish each other every year, every year!

Optimistic magic transforms difficulties, the commitment of piety makes life great, the frustrated solitude evaporates from the world, the bumpy enchantment becomes the world of brave people, the stubborn obsessive music spectrum is more prosperous, the wings of struggle create a happy home!

May your descendants be godly! May your teachings to your descendants follow the teachings and warnings of the Lord; so do yourselves and do the will of the Lord!

Double Happiness is posted near the door, smiles are full of mouth corners, tenderness and sweetness are in the heart, happy and beautiful are around, on the day of wedding, toast to the newcomers together, I hope you will have endless joy and happiness for 100 years. Happy Wedding!

It is not easy to walk from yesterday to today. The road is winding and bumpy, and there have been sadness, joy, and clutches. It is not easy to walk from today to tomorrow. The road is thorny and stumbling. Spend time together and move forward. Wish a happy wedding and stay with you all your life.

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Victoria is so beautiful and beautiful. The guests of the Quartet rejoiced, and their parents were happy. Hold up the love cup together, and cross the river of love with Germany. Lifetime and lifetime are taken away. I wish you a great wedding.

The trust of friends is the greatest blessing; the spark of love adds color to life; friends on this day of great joy, I wish you a sweet and happy love, a happy life.

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The rose symbolizes happiness and sweetness, the peony implies richness and magnificence, the lily contains a century of harmony, and the rose represents the four seasons. Wedding Day, all for you. Four flowers accompany you, marriage is so comfortable!

Lee this love, such as Lee the treasure, gently walk into this emotional temple, and feel the wonderful moment of each moment.

The float was set off, the bridegroom hugged the bride tightly, and the red hilariously grinned. The two newcomers were the protagonists and they sang a song of  jack. The tears of the friends and relatives became more intoxicated. The bride and groom were more intoxicated.

Entrust Robert with a sincere blessing, and let Lee express his sincere affection; tonight and evening, the air is full of intoxicating sweetness. I wish my dearest friend, from the future, love bath forever!

Lee, wearing wedding dresses, the whole family and young people rejoice; salute the salute, welcome the bride, happy and beautiful waves; happy couple, good fortune, deep love and sweetness; congratulations, sms, I wish you happiness forever ; May you love each other for 10,000 years, good fortune together.

Willow green peach red warbler swallows, good days and good days, full of fireworks and rain; noisy drums and lively songs, friends and relatives, congratulations congratulate in unison; two wings fly away to open Robert, Lee and the gods. Happy Wedding Wishes!

The fate of the millennium is holding hands today, and the bright sunshine is extremely warm. The red thread pulled by Lee tied the two hearts and got our heartfelt blessing: I wish my sister a good fortune in this beautiful scenery and live together forever!

Falling in love is a blessing, marrying a marriage is a happiness, and this blessed happiness is a responsibility! I wish you all mutual respect and love forever, sweet and happy!

Happy gongs and drums wedding. The Rolls-Royce red carpet, the salute of the salute is very exciting.

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Friends getting married is a joyous event, so I can only watch it on the side. You and I meet on the Internet, and the next paragraph refers to customer feelings, but the meeting has not met, but the affection is better than Lee. Love forever!

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Get married and send a flower basket: there are roses, paired in pairs; there is magnolia, everything is not difficult; there are jasmine, everything goes well; there are autumn chrysanthemums, more than every year; there are flamingos, booming; there are peony, a peaceful life.

Bless you and laugh for you, because today, my heart is as jubilant and happy as you are! I wish you all a hundred years! grow old together!

It is clearly a fate of a thousand years ago; countless accidental accumulation of inevitable, how can it not be the result of careful carving on the Stone? Take care of this fate with all your heart, and bless you, forever unite, true love forever.

How often do lovers ask their friends? But it’s only been a long time since the wedding has arrived! I am now sending a text message. I hope you are as bright as a moon, never settle in the heights, a happy marriage and happiness in the world! Congratulations!

The gongs and drums are ringing happily, marrying the beautiful bride’s home; be blessed for you, only wish happiness forever; text messages to help you, and the words of blessing are uninterrupted: happy wedding moments, happiness and eternal happiness!

Lang rides a white horse to welcome the newcomers, and one phoenix and one phoenix make a wedding. girl brewed new tea, and embroidered new flowers. One day, heaven and earth go down to heaven, and two days, is humane. Couples and worship can be a win-win situation, and happy families have love. In the romantic candlelight night, Jun needs to work hard to be a father. Happy wedding!

You were born to make a pair, and now you have a pair. You need to be tolerant and care for each other in the future. Bless you!

The same boat crossing was completed in ten years. Finding her in the boundless sea of people is clearly a fate of a thousand years ago. I wish you both happiness and happiness, and will be in harmony.

The red and red palaces, the red and red “Lee” word, are overwhelming. Today is your day of great joy. On behalf of all the friends who have received your help, I wish you good luck and happiness forever in your life.

A tree of green branches spit out fragrance, and a pool of spring water exhibited a new look. A pair of new people stood down, a pair of parents happy. Love one cup at a time, love one’s life. From now on, I love you and dance together. Congratulations on your new wedding and love forever.

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Love is like flowers, with openings and knots; the road of life is like a mountain road, there are flat and concave; people are the happiest and most memorable on the wedding day, let’s bless this couple together! Wish: Happy wedding and early birth of Jack!

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May you two entangle each other with love, consider and care for each other, and share the future suffering and joy together. Best wishes for a hundred years and a long history of unity.

No token is more representative of love than a ring, no vow is more eternal than a phrase, no day is happier than today, friend, I wish you a Happy wedding.

Hand holding flowers before the next moon, the wind and the snow are blooming, the tenderness of the eyes is deep, and the kiss is deep; the red carpet is concentric, the love is like water, and the love is more than butterflies; , Live forever fish and water.

Marriage is a warmer light than the sun. Marriage is a joyful singing than birds. Marriage is a refreshing bath than spring water. Marriage is a surging surge than the sea. Marriage is the beginning of happiness together. bless you!

The bird on the branch is full of spring, and peter comes to lee heart. The wind and rain went by together, and the old man and the old man were all white. Spend a full moon and a long day. Happy wedding until old!

Blind date and love partner, with Germany and concentric marriage. jack smiled to welcome the lovebirds, and the cave house opened and plum blossomed.

All the Oliver songs sound for you, all the flowers bloom for you, all the blessings and laughter come for you, all the lights tonight are bright for you, the moonlight tonight sends my wishes: the knot, Playing in the water, old-fashioned!

The magpie is in trouble, and the good news comes again. The newlyweds are now, and the guests are here. The salute entered the sky, and the singing continued. The bride looks pretty, and the groom is happy. The knots are tied together, and in this life I only want to be with my junior companion. I wish a happy wedding, sweet!

The drums and drums greet the newcomers, the firecrackers Lee and jack, the sycamore branches dwell on the double phoenixes, and the flowers stand side by side. There is a joy from now on, a lifetime of love and love, a hundred years of love and a double heart, true feelings Cut it out. I sincerely wish a Happy wedding Greetings.

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New bed and new house, welcoming new couples. The house was full of joy and joy, and the bride and groom were happy. Relatives and friends make a noise in the cave. Jujube lotus seeds and peanuts herald the next year’s baby Tim. I wish you all to be old and to have a precious son!

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Congratulations! Bid farewell to bachelor, it also means that you really found true love, and as your friend, you are really happy, and wish you sweet and happy!

When Cupid’s arrow shoots out, love will hold your hand. Happiness at this time, walk on the red carpet covered with your brocade, every day and every night in the future. I wish you all a happy marriage!

Today is your day of good fortune. On behalf of my family, I congratulate you and wish you both happiness and longevity!

I want to send you roses, the auditorium is already full; I want to send you jewelry, but there is no match with you; I want to send you clothing, how is your wedding dress; I want to send you wine, his love has been You’re drunk; I have to send you a sentence: Old-fashioned and old-fashioned, forever concentric!

I wish to send it with the wind. When you encounter the wind, remember to listen to it. Your response should follow the wind. I am waiting for your happiness and joy! May you love each other, forever and forever!

The branches of red apricots are full of spring, and peter from lee Bridge is wearing a white wedding dress and beautiful flowers on their heads. Today you are the most beautiful bride. I wish you a happy wedding and a sweet and permanent one!

Buddy, meet with Victoria, you have no chance in this life; you go through difficulties; want to meet the four beautiful women? Come to my wedding, my wife is beautiful! Oh, I must not miss my marriage!

The petals fly, colorful butterflies chase, and jubilant celebrations are fluttering; blue sky blue, white clouds and white, thousands of purple and red dreams go along; a new couple; spring light, soft wind, thousands of miles The fragrance is around.

The bride is so beautiful, attracting countless heroes. Pity the pursuers, lose the groom, neighbors and admirers, admiration, relatives and friends, blessings and joy; Haha, congratulations, newly married!

May love flow into your sweet life, and let every day in the future be as brilliant and joyful as today!

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Congratulations on finding a soul mate who has spent your life together. Marriage is a big event in life. I also believe that what you make will be the most sensible decision. At that time, you will have a crystal of love and have a lovely baby. Oh!

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Strong love, a cup of good fate, lifelong traction! Love, love, love! Spring is new, and her face is red with a smile on her face! I wish you a long-lasting mountain alliance and a long lasting oath!

The red and white plum blossoms joyfully, the main guests and newcomers come, opens up, the concentric partner loves to fly, and has a long history of good relationships and the same place. Happy Wedding Wishes.

The magpie cries, and the happy event finally comes. The newcomers worshiped the heavens and their parents smiled. I hope that my children will grow into adulthood, and that we will have a child and a family. Wish the newcomer a strong will, united with one’s minds, and daring to break with the king!

May you obey the Bible throughout your life, honor your seniors, and love your neighbors; so that you will be blessed a hundredfold in the world and greatly rewarded in the future!

In your days of good fortune, I wish you a happy wedding! Let good luck and blessings associate, wealth and auspiciousness go together, pair dreams with health, and greetings and blessings. I wish a couple new love sincerely, happy and happy forever!

The highest state of mutual affection is relative innocence. Bless a couple of lovers sincerely, and meet to congratulate the wedding anniversary forever!

May the joyful singing accompany you forever, and may your life after marriage be full of joy and joy, so that every day in the future will be as joyous as today!

Happy wedding, early birth of your son! I wish you all forever in one heart and a hundred years! Happy wedding, sweet! Husband and wife love forever!

In the days when the spring is blooming and Olivia is gorgeous, you two will always be close to each other. It is the so-called natural pair and the natural pair! I wish you both kindness and love, old age!

Groom’s love, bride’s love, and new couple’s love. I hope it lasts forever! Happy Wedding Greetings.

The newcomers stepped on the red carpet and crossed the Happy Garden. peter is generous and chic, and the female has just fallen. The holy temple made two vows and exchanged tokens to show their love. Hold the candlesticks in four palms, and the road to love is brighter. I wish the newcomers a long world and a new century of road ahead.

Happiness is a white wedding dress dancing in the wind; happiness is a bright smile standing on the face; happiness is the way of holding hands and the old age; happiness is a step toward sweetness together today. Blessings for centuries to be together, to last forever!

See you overflowing with joy in heaven, dressed in glittering stars, I just want to sincerely bless you, happy marriage, happy love forever!

Hundred years of repairing the same boat, thousands of years of true love, cherishing this love, such as treasures, holding hands into the marriage temple, to feel the romantic and wonderful time. I wish you love forever and live a beautiful life together!

May the lovers of the world finally become dependentsHappy weddingA hundred years together!

Let the two of you confuse each other with lovebe attentive and caring with each otherand share future suffering and joy togetherBest wishes for a century and a long history of unity.

Take care of this lovefor examplevalue treasurescarefully enter this emotional temple, and feel the wonderful moment of every moment.

Let the two of you confuse each other with lovetake care and care for each otherand also share future suffering and joy togetherBest wishes for a century and a long history of unity.

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