How to remove Caries On The Front Teeth? One of the most unpleasant dental diseases is a carious formation on the incisors. It develops much faster than on the “sixes” or “sevens”, and getting rid of it is more unpleasant. Appearance also leaves much to be desired – the smile becomes ugly. We offer to figure out how caries is treated between the front teeth and learn about preventing its occurrence.

Caries On The Front Teeth

Description of the pathological process

Its occurrence is provoked by cariogenic microorganisms, streptococci, and lactobacilli (some of their species), which appear due to insufficient oral hygiene. Usually, bacteria begin to multiply in plaque, which is poorly cleaned with a brush (most often on the back surface of the incisors). The carious area is difficult to notice on its own, especially in the early stages, since darkening only begins to appear when the area is already very widespread. Therefore, a regular check-up with a dentist is so necessary – only he can carefully examine the entire oral cavity with a small mirror or take an x-ray.

Sometimes people wonder: “can there be caries on the front teeth in children.” Unfortunately, yes, it is also called “bottle” or “carob”.

It occurs in a small child if he often eats sweets (baby formula, cotton candy, sweets, etc.). Such products contain a large number of carbohydrates, which rapidly destroy fragile tissues.

With breast and cow’s milk, you also need to be careful. Often it sticks to the teeth in the upper jaw when children accidentally fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth. Such a product also has sugar (albeit natural), and it quickly oxidizes and destroys the enamel. During sleep, this is especially dangerous due to the fact that the intensity of salivation, which is created for self-cleaning of the oral cavity, decreases. You can see the result of the defeat in the photo.

Caries on the front teeth: what to do and why it occurs

In fact, there can be many reasons for its appearance:

  1. Hereditary predisposition. Our genes determine the thickness of the enamel. The thinner this tissue from birth, the higher the likelihood of the disease. But often the defense is weakened through the fault of a person when he abuses hard, spicy, sour foods, carbonated drinks, and sweets.
  2. Lack of hygiene procedures. Sometimes we are too lazy to carry them out carefully, so we either brush superficially, forgetting about hard-to-reach places, or completely neglect such a process. Because of this, plaque accumulates, and this is “fertile soil” for microbes.
  3. Inadequate nutrition. Vitamins and microelements are important for healthy teeth; without them, the enamel becomes thinner and changes its structure.
  4. Deformed jaw. It can be so from birth or change during life from injuries or improper growth of the incisors. Most often, caries affect curved units: they are more difficult to clean, so plaque often accumulates on them. People with a narrow interdental gap or too wide fissures (grooves on the chewing surface) are also at risk.
  5. If a person works in a hazardous enterprise, he often unknowingly inhales air with chemicals that corrode the enamel through his mouth.
  6. Artificial injury. This applies most of all to seed lovers and seamstresses who bite the threads instead of using scissors.
  7. Bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine not only thin the tooth tissue, but also change its color, which makes their appearance unpleasant.


It must be understood that the enamel on the incisors is very thin, so the disease develops on them much faster. Many do not know what caries look like on the front teeth initially. It begins with the appearance of a small spot of white or yellowish color. Further, the enamel becomes thinner and sensitivity increases: it becomes difficult to drink cold drinks or eat ice cream. Later, periodic pains of an aching or throbbing character appear. In the last stages, pulpitis develops (inflammation on the bundle of nerves and blood vessels) or periodontitis (damage to tissues around the root).

It is best to go to the doctor at the first stage, so the treatment process will pass, easier, faster, and more comfortably. But usually, they do not pay attention to a minor education – then the lesion begins to spread at a high speed.

Types of damage caries teeth

Is it possible to determine the appearance of the disease yourself

In most cases, it is not possible to notice the problem at an early stage of its development. Most often, caries occur in hard-to-reach places (between the teeth or on the back surface).

But sometimes they show specific signals that trouble has occurred with the incisors:

  • With a sharp temperature drop, short-term pain occurs;
  • Sometimes the uneven edges of the carious cavity can be felt tactilely, with the help of the tongue;
  • There is a specific smell from the mouth, especially in the morning before meals;
  • A dark spot becomes visible.

It is important to understand that such signs are not always present, and only a doctor can determine the onset of the disease. It has all the necessary tools and devices for high-quality diagnostics. Therefore, do not neglect a visit to the doctor and check-in time if everything is in order.

Types of damage

Before you know how caries is treated on the front teeth, you need to understand to what extent he managed to develop. There are several varieties of the disease according to the scale of distribution:

  1. Superficial (shallow damage to tooth enamel). Usually, at this stage, the patient does not yet experience discomfort.
  2. Average. Slightly affecting contacts and causing aching pain when sugar enters.
  3. Deep. At this stage, the dentin (the main part of the incisor) is damaged.
  4. Radical. Here, various formation is already difficult to eliminate without complete removal.
  5. Atypical. It first affects the cutting edge as a result of heredity, smoking, or poor nutrition.

Before understanding how to treat cervical caries on the front teeth and whether it hurts, the doctor needs to determine at what stage the disease is.

If the dentist does not do this and only does superficial work, not completely cleaning the channels, then in the future, a cyst may form in the jaw. And it will already be necessary to remove it with the help of surgical intervention until the pathology has grown to the brain. The sooner treatment is started, the less pain the patient will feel, so it is better not to postpone going to the doctor until tomorrow.

Possible Complications

There are those who want to know how to get rid of caries on the front teeth or hide them on their own. But we must understand that a simple disguise will please you for a while. Soon, a person will feel strong pain, which will mean that the problem has reached a severe stage. If the patient is not provided with timely medical care, pulpitis may form, which develops in just a few hours. In such cases, the patient is called an ambulance. He feels a growing throbbing pain that gets worse when he lies down.

When the carious formation reaches the root, it is useless to treat it, you need to remove the unit completely. If this is not done, inflammation may begin, which will soon affect the soft tissues of the face and cause osteomyelitis, abscess (damage to the root zone), or phlegmon (swelling of the jaw and impaired mobility).

Front teeth – how caries is removed if it has spread deeply

In this case, very careful treatment must be carried out. X-rays are needed to determine the exact depth of the damage. If you make a mistake during processing, you can touch the pulp (neurovascular bundle), and it will begin to die. Typically, the dentist uses a drill and then seals the drilled area. Sometimes special tabs are used that are more resistant to external influences and are comfortable for chewing. At the same time, it is not necessary to drill the fabric heavily to insert them, and the preliminary heat treatment makes the material as durable as possible.

Features of the restoration

It is important not only to correct the appearance of the tooth but also to cure the disease. At an early stage, when white or brownish spots appear on the surface, grinding or bleaching can be carried out. But you do not need to do this at home, the doctor will make the procedure much more effective and protect against complications. He can use professional grinding discs and polishers. Severe cases require the use of a drill.

Air-abrasive – a more gentle processing method. It involves the spraying of a special substance that acts on the dental tissue. But this technique is not effective in all cases and is very expensive. Some clinics use a laser, this is an easier way, but it requires more investment. Moreover, its effectiveness has not been proven one hundred percent, among experts, there are still disputes about it.

Elimination of the disease

There are several options for the treatment of caries, the choice of one or another depends on the stage of its development and the financial capabilities of the patient.

How to remove caries on the front teeth in adults

Installation of veneers

Recently, this method has become very popular, especially among the stars of show business. It is good because, with the help of special ceramic or polymer crowns, you can hide all defects (shape, shade, etc.). But in order to install the plates, it is required to grind off the dental tissue by about half and drill out all the affected areas. The custom-made veneer is then fixed using a non-toxic substance.

With a quality installation, it can remain unchanged for up to 10-15 years.

The price of such a procedure in Dentik is about 30,000 rubles per 1 tooth.


They are used when the disease flows into a deep stage and covers both sides of the incisor. Usually, they are made of metal and ceramics: these materials are very durable and are relatively cheap: 20 thousand rubles. But they also have a drawback: it is very difficult to choose a shade that will not stand out in the dentition. So that there are no big differences, it is necessary to choose crowns made entirely of ceramic or zirconium.


When caries destroy tissue down to the root, more serious measures must be taken. The diseased area is removed, and an implant is implanted into the jaw in its place. It is a strong rod that will hold the crown. Now it is made very naturally and aesthetically. The cost of “Dentik” starts from 30,000 rubles.


There are cases when the installation of an implant becomes impossible, for example, when there is a risk that it will not take root, or the gum is not thick enough. Then special zirconia or ceramic prostheses are created, which are attached to neighboring units.

How to Handle a Loose Filling When the Gums Have Fallen Away from the Tooth

Treatment of caries between the front teeth with pinning

If only the root remains intact in the affected incisor, then a pin is inserted into it, having carefully processed it before. It is then masked with a temporary crown for about a week while it heals. Next, set a constant.


Only a dentist can correctly determine the nature and stage of the development of the disease.

Therefore, do not neglect to go to the doctor at least once a year. Currently, clinics use various methods of examination:

  1. Vital staining. A solution of 1% methylene blue is mixed with 0.5% red and applied to the tooth surface, after which the lesion acquires a different color. This is a very economical option, but not the most efficient: it will not be possible to determine the depth of distribution.
  2. Fluorescent testing. If a carious process is born in any area, it will not glow.
  3. Electroodontometry. When exposed to electric current, the state of the pulp is revealed. This method is absolutely safe for all ages.

How to remove caries on the front teeth in adults

If the disease overtakes children, then nothing terrible will happen, although it must be treated in the early stages so that the infection does not penetrate the jaw. Over time, the milk-affected incisor will simply fall out, and a new strong one will begin to grow. In a mature person, the situation is more complicated: it is necessary to cure and preserve it, otherwise, the element will be lost forever. We have given the main methods of treatment above, but it is worth adding a few more important nuances:

  1. When the doctor completes the procedures, he must prescribe preventive measures. If this is not done, the problem will reappear.
  2. Once a filling has been placed, it must be sanded and polished, otherwise, it may injure the lips, cheeks, or tongue.
  3. The material for it should be selected so that the patient’s smile looks natural.

How to avoid getting sick

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the teeth regularly and not only from the outside but also from the inside. It is no coincidence that doctors advise cleaning them 2 times a day – this is required to prevent infections. But do not forget about the observance of the diet, you need to eat enough:

  • Hard vegetables and fruits (apples, carrots, cucumbers, beets, etc.);
  • Greens (parsley, lettuce, dill, celery);
  • Berries (currants, grapes, strawberries, cranberries);
  • Nuts (almonds, cedar, cashews);
  • Dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, natural yogurt without additives);
  • Citrus fruits (grapefruit, lime, orange);
  • Seafood (fish, shrimp);
  • Eggs (chicken, quail);
  • Honey;
  • Water and tea without dyes (green and black).

Do not forget about the correct brushing technique: each unit must be brushed from the gum to the cutting edge so that the dirt does not remain in the cracks and does not oxidize. To do this, it is convenient to use dental floss.

How to avoid getting sick caries teeth

About the cost of treatment

Most often, a paradoxical situation occurs: a person wants to save money on a dentist and waits until the tooth collapses. But you need to understand that the later you go to the doctor, the more expensive his services will cost. If the problem has already appeared, it will need to be addressed, and the sooner, the cheaper. The usual preparation of a carious cavity in the early stages costs only about 4,000 rubles. If you wish to put ceramic fillings, then the amount will increase to 10 thousand rubles. But some patients wait for complete destruction, then they have to pay 30-50 thousand for one incisor.

We have described in detail how caries of the anterior teeth in adults are treated. In order for the process to go well, it is better to choose a good private clinic. You can contact the center “Dentika”: there, work with clients is carried out at a high level, and they feel comfortable physically and psychologically. In addition, the clinic received the title of one of the best in Russia in the StartSmile rating. And on the site often there are many special offers and promotions that will significantly reduce the cost of services. Hurry up to book a consultation!