Apathy is one of the steps in our response to stress. The psyche gets tired of being in constant tension and mobilization of forces. There is a feeling of “I don’t want anything, nothing pleases”. It starts to feel like all you can do is lie on the bed, wrapped in a blanket. Motivational videos, phrases like “Get together and do it!”, and mobilization of willpower in this state are not effective. I will say more, they often backfire, because they become an additional element of stress.

What is Apathy

Therefore, I propose to take a closer look at the factors that push you into the arms of apathy and try to find the best ways to summon a Patronus in order to prevent the evil Dementors from completely depriving you of your strength.

Symptoms and causes of apathy

Apathy is a condition-effect, it always has a cause. Or even a whole chain of days, tasks, and attempts to ignore your fatigue, nervousness, and lack of desire to do anything. You are trying until the very end to attribute everything to a bad mood, retrograde Mercury, and magnetic storms, but it does not get better.

Spoiler: to overcome apathy, you have to unhook yourself for a while. Allow yourself to stop being the “happy mom of the best babies,” the “perfect wife of the man you love,” and the “super successful self-made woman.” Switch from the outside world to your inner feelings.

Common reasons that drive you into apathy from stress :

  • Struggle with what has no influence;
  • Monotonous, uninteresting tasks;
  • Cases from the category “I do it because I have to”;
  • Regular neglect of their own needs;
  • Insufficient sleep, water, and food.

Apathy should not be taken as a condition requiring immediate medical treatment. Especially if you’re used to being your own doctor instead of going to a specialist. To overcome apathy, you should learn to consciously pay attention to your inner state. Do not suppress emotions, because they will still manifest themselves in psychosomatics. It’s like stretching. If you pull through force, there is a high probability of getting only additional injuries. If you learn to focus on your feelings, relax in a controlled manner, progress becomes significant and noticeable.

Symptoms and causes of apathy

It is good if there is an opportunity to contact a psychologist to work out a personal plan of action. But if not, then I offer TOP ideas that will help you take the first steps towards getting out of apathy and alleviating its symptoms.

How to get rid of apathy

A striking symptom of apathy is a lack of interest and strength to do something. Therefore, it is a good idea not to wait until it floods you completely, but to practice tracking this evil saboteur even on the approach. And find your own way to update the resource in time.

Makeup Magic

“I meditate, I watch good movies. I read fairy tales with my son in which good triumphs over evil. For example, we liked the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, which consists of 13 books. And, of course, I do makeup for myself – it has a calming effect on me.”

Daily habits

“I try to eliminate the causes of stress. If this is not possible, then I rethink my perception of it, it helps to cope with emotions. Internally I accept the situation beyond my control as it is.

Like all people, sometimes I also feel powerless and unwilling to do something. Help them overcome sound sleep and delicious coffee, which I drink 1-2 cups a day. Chocolate also helps. This is due not only to its taste properties but also to its proven health benefits. It has an antioxidant effect, relieves stress, and regulates blood pressure. And then your impotence and stress will disappear, you will feel good, and generally breathe deeply.”

Regular training

“In my case, the workouts that I do online almost every day help a lot.

At first, it was difficult to force myself to do at least something, but in the process of training, I felt a great resource of energy and inspiration. So I started sharing it with others.

How to get rid of apathy

The phrase of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl is known in social networks: “The first to break were those who believed that everything would end soon. Then – those who did not believe that it would ever end. The ones that survived were those who focused on what they were doing, not waiting for what else might happen.” Concentration in one’s business and the ability to be useful help. Therefore, I restored the weight loss marathon, transforming it into today’s realities, and made access for Ukrainians in distress for donations. Invited a coach-psychologist for psychological support. Each person is important in his place and contributes to the victory.

Bodywork, rehabilitating habits, routine, daily/monthly plans help to stay mentally and maintain health.”

I will try to summarize the ideas on how to deal with apathy in men and women. To begin with, it is worth reducing the burden on yourself, both physically and emotionally. Let your nerves cool down a bit. And then move on to the focus on awareness. What exactly do I mean?

Interesting on the topic Ambiverts is a Golden Mean or a Concept Invented by Scientists

  • Focus not on the result, but on your feelings from the process.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • What emotion am I feeling right now?
  • How does it manifest itself in breathing?
  • How does it affect my body movements?
  • What words can I use to express it?
  • Am I satisfied with my response to it?
  • What can I do to help myself?
  • How can I please myself?

Try to lower expectations from yourself, and move towards changes in gradual, small steps. Don’t forget to celebrate small pleasures and say “No” to things that push you deeper into stress. Remember: it is not willpower that overcomes apathy, but care and attention to yourself!


1. Can apathy be caused by stress?

Anxiety. While apathy and anxiety may appear to be separate, and different, states of being, there are many ways that severe anxiety can cause apathy. First, the emotional fatigue that so often accompanies severe anxiety leads to one’s emotions being worn out, thus leading to apathy.

2. What triggers apathy?

Sometimes, apathetic feelings are a result of things we can recognize and change—for example, we’re feeling bored at work or we’re no longer attracted to someone we once felt attracted to. But sometimes apathy is a symptom of a larger issue we’re facing, like trauma, grief, or an underlying mental health condition.

3. How do you fix apathy from anxiety?

Staying busy creates new memories and, perhaps most importantly, distracts your mind from your anxiety. Staying busy is actually an important part of coping with anxiety. Exercise Even though it doesn’t seem apathy-related, exercise has several qualities that appear to make it improve mood and reduce apathy.

4. What are the common symptoms of apathy?

The common symptoms of apathy include a lack of motivation or interest, emotional numbness, avoidance of social interactions, loss of pleasure in previously enjoyed activities, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

5. Can apathy be a symptom of depression?

Yes, apathy can be a symptom of depression. However, it can also occur independently or as a side effect of medications.