If you are planning to move from an apartment to a country house, then expect to do it all at once. Otherwise, if you stretch the transportation of things over several flights, you will be tormented and tired so that your rest will no longer be a joy, and disorder and clutter will clearly form in the country house.

packing tips for moving in a hurry

Let the trip to the country be a joyful event! To do this, you need to prepare for it wisely, spend the day of moving wisely, and then you will have a barbecue on the very first summer evening. How to make just such a move – read our article.

List of useful and effective life hacks for country house moving

1. They ordered a dacha move, dacha inventory too, but dacha rubbish – no!

Moving is a great opportunity to audit your country and garden equipment, tools, and accessories and get rid of excess rubbish. Why bring something to the dacha that will interfere and annoy? As Marie Kondo says, a thing should cause sparks of joy inside you! It is unlikely that a holey old sweater or broken country equipment sparkles inside you with joyful glee. Let go of all broken, old, and simply uninspiring things. Even if it seems that “someday” it will come in handy. It is better to buy and bring later than to pack and carry frank rubbish to the dacha.

2. Don’t skimp on the quality and quantity of packaging materials

Packaging materials are a guarantee that things will arrive at the cottage safe and sound. Especially considering that the roads in the dacha are most likely not as smooth as in the city, which means that the truck will pretty much shake along the way. Buy high-quality bubble wrap (bubble wrap) for everything fragile, buy stretch film, and thick cardboard boxes, and do not spare scotch tape.

3. Do not overload boxes

All boxes should be filled no more than ¾, so that, firstly, nothing falls out of them during the loading process, and secondly, so that you definitely do not overload yourself. Country moving will take a lot of effort, so every kilogram is important! It’s better that you once again reach the elevator, go down and carry the extra box than you will drag the weight. The box should ideally not exceed a weight of 5-6 kg. And for additional protection, the bottom of the box can be glued inside and out with tape.

4. Be sure to mark all boxes with things, tools, inventory, and accessories

Take a thick marker for this and write directly on the box or use bright stickers. Markings should be on both sides (so that you do not have to twist the box for a long time in search of an inscription). Markings help to immediately determine when unloading where to carry the thing – to the veranda, to the kitchen, to the closet, to the attic, to the shed, etc.

5. When disassembling furniture, we fasten all small parts, fittings, and connecting elements directly to the furniture in bags

If you are transporting furniture to the dacha, it is better to transport it unassembled. Believe me, so, firstly, it will be easier, and secondly, safer. A stack of boards is less likely to fall along the way or catch on a door frame than a huge cabinet assembly. And the life hack is not to lose all the small parts when disassembling – for this, take a ziplock bag and put all the little things there. After everything is dismantled, securely fasten the package directly to the boards with tape. So nothing gets lost or mixed up. Thus, moving even large and heavy furniture to the country house in the disassembled form will be easier, more compact, and more convenient.

List of useful and effective life hacks for country house moving

6. Garden and country tools, inventory, and equipment are best transported in their original packaging

If the equipment or garden tools do not have store packaging, build these yourself from adhesive tape and cardboard, and lay a seal inside (soft rags, foam rubber). In addition, during the off-season, summer things are not needed at home (but you transport them so that they are stored in a safe environment), so by investing in packing things, you are also investing in their safe storage.

7. Garden and country tools, inventory, and equipment must be cleaned beforehand

We have already talked about the packaging of garden tools. Like many other things, it is also better to transport them in their pure form in order to immediately use them. Another important reason not to pack dirty inventory is that dust and dirt damage things under the packaging (especially when stored for a long time).

8. Immediately before the move, it is worth watering the seedlings and seedlings, because. later it will be possible to do it soon

Think, after all, when you arrive with a bunch of things in your country house, watering seedlings will be the last thing you want to do. It is better to moisten the soil in advance. In the car, seedlings should be placed in boxes (preferably with an open top for air access).

9. When loading onto a truck, heavy and bulky items should be loaded first, and fragile light items, seedlings, and seedlings should be loaded last.

This principle allows you to safely transport things and unload them as quickly as possible. Refrigerators, furniture, large items, heavy tools, and garden tools are the first thing, and boxes of clothes, dishes, fragile items, and plants are the last to be loaded into the machine.

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10. Don’t skimp on transport – it’s important to find a truck in the good technical condition

To avoid incidents on the road, which can be quite long, use only new vehicles. This is easy to check with the carrier company when you order a car for moving – it is best if the car is not older than 3-5 years from the date of issue. Be sure to tell the manager who takes the order about how many things you have, so that a car with the appropriate body will come to you and everything fits. If you have very large or tall things (for example, a refrigerator) – indicate the dimensions just in case.

how to unpack and organize after moving

11. If pets are involved in a country move, then it is better to transport them to the owner or hostess

No self-respecting shipping company will agree to transport a cage with an animal. We hope that no pet owner in the world will even offer this because it is completely unsafe. Animals must be transported in a carrier accompanied by the owner in a separate passenger car.

12. It is better to move early in the morning on weekends to avoid traffic jams at the entrance or exit from the city

This is an obvious life hack, but many people forget about traffic jams on weekdays. So that your dacha moving from Moscow to the countryside or returning from the dacha does not turn into an endless and not the most pleasant journey – order a car for moving in the early morning – for 7-8 hours, and even better for 5-6!